All Identifiers

Name Unit Description
AbsoluteFileUri CastleUriUtils

Does URI contain only an absolute filename.

AbsoluteUri CastleUriUtils

Make sure that the URI is absolute (always has a protocol).

acFullRange CastleImages


acSimpleYesNo CastleImages


ActivityConfidenceToStr CastleActivityRecognition

Convert between lowercase activity confidence name and TUserActivityConfidence type.

ActivityToStr CastleActivityRecognition

Convert between lowercase activity name and TUserActivity type.

AddExeExtension CastleFilesUtils

Add an exe file extension, searching for an existing file starting with ExePath.

AddImageExtensions CastleImages

Add all image extensions (with leading dots) (unless they are already there).

AddImageMimeTypes CastleImages

Add all image MIME types to the list (unless they are already there).

AddLoadImageListener CastleImages

All image URLs are processed by this event before loading.

AddStrArrayToStrings CastleClassUtils

Add all strings from string array to TStrings instance.

AddTranslatedCharacters CastleLocalizationGetText

Extract from MO file all unique characters in translated strings, add them to Characters.

AddTranslatedCharacters CastleLocalizationGetText


AdjustViewAngleDegToAspectRatio CastleProjection

Calculate second viewing angle for perspective projection.

AdjustViewAngleRadToAspectRatio CastleProjection


AfterPackImage CastleGLImages


AfterUnpackImage CastleGLImages


AllAccessTypes X3DNodes


AllChars CastleStringUtils


AllColorChannels CastleRenderOptions


AllPlatforms CastleUtils


AlphaMaxVar CastleImages

Maximum alpha channel type.

AlphaToString CastleImages


AngleLerp CastleUtils

Linear interpolation between 2 angle values, in radians.

AngleRadBetweenNormals CastleVectors


AngleRadBetweenVectors CastleVectors

Angle between two vectors, in radians.

AngleRadPointToPoint CastleUtils

Angle between a 2D line segments and OX axis.

AntiAliasingNames CastleWindow


AnyNodeDestructionNotifications X3DNodes

Functions registered here will be called when any TX3DNode descendant will be destroyed.

AnyOrthogonalVector CastleVectors


AnyOrthogonalVector CastleVectors

Return, deterministically, some vector orthogonal to V.

AppendToFilename CastleUtils

Add Suffix to the filename, right before extension.

Application CastleWindow

Single global instance of TCastleApplication.

ApplicationConfig CastleFilesUtils

URL where we should read and write configuration files.

ApplicationConfigOverride CastleFilesUtils

URL used as a prefix of all ApplicationConfig returned URLs.

ApplicationData CastleFilesUtils


ApplicationDataOverride CastleFilesUtils

URL used as the base application data directory.

ApplicationProperties CastleApplicationProperties


Approximate2DScale CastleVectors


Approximate2DScale CastleVectors


Approximate3DScale CastleVectors


Approximate3DScale CastleVectors


Approximate3DScale CastleVectors

When you really, really must approximate a 3D or 2D scale by a single float.

Aqua CastleColors


ArcCot CastleUtils


AreParallelVectorsSameDirection CastleVectors

Assuming that Vector1 and Vector2 are parallel, check do they point in the same direction.

ArrayContainsString CastleUtils


ArrayPosStr CastleUtils

Search the array for a given value.

ArrayPosText CastleUtils


BackCharsPos CastleStringUtils


BackPos CastleStringUtils


BackPos CastleStringUtils

Find last occurrence of SubString within S.

BacktraceOnLog CastleLog

Dump backtrace (call stack) with each log.

BakedAnimationSmoothness X3DLoad

A smoothness value for "baked" animations loaded from castle-anim-frames files.

Barycentric CastleTriangles


BeforePackImage CastleGLImages


BeforeUnpackImage CastleGLImages

Save / restore OpenGL pixel store for unpacking / packing given TCastleImage.

BEtoN CastleUtils


BEtoN CastleUtils


BEtoN CastleVectors


BEtoN CastleVectors


BEtoN CastleVectors

Endianess conversion for vectors (big endian to native).

Between CastleUtils


Between CastleUtils


Between CastleUtils


Between CastleUtils


Between CastleUtils


Biggest2Exponent CastleUtils

Exponent of the largest power of 2 that it's still <= Value.

BiggestPowerOf2 CastleUtils

Largest power of 2 still <= Value.


Constants for TMaterialBindingNode_1.FdValue.Value and TNormalBindingNode_1.FdValue.Value.















Black CastleColors


Black3Single CastleColors

Deprecated, use BlackRGB.

BlackRGB CastleColors


BlendingDestinationFactorNames CastleRenderOptions

Names for TBlendingDestinationFactor used by TBlendModeNode when it is read/written in X3D file.

BlendingSourceFactorNames CastleRenderOptions

Names for TBlendingSourceFactor used by TBlendModeNode when it is read/written in X3D file.

Blue CastleColors


Blue3Single CastleColors

Deprecated, use BlueRGB.

BlueRGB CastleColors


BoolRepeatToBoundaryMode X3DNodes

Convert Boolean meaning "repeat" into TBoundaryMode.

BoundingBox3DFromSphere CastleBoxes

Smallest possible box enclosing a sphere with Center, Radius.

Box3D CastleBoxes

Construct TBox3D value from a minimum and maximum 3D point.

Box3DAroundPoint CastleBoxes


Box3DAroundPoint CastleBoxes

Construct TBox3D value from a center and size.

BreakLine CastleStringUtils


BreakLine CastleStringUtils

Insert newline characters into string S, such that each line has at most MaxCol chars.

bs2D CastleRenderOptions


bs3D CastleRenderOptions


bs3DGround CastleRenderOptions


bs3DOrigin CastleRenderOptions


bsNone CastleRenderOptions


BumpMappingNames CastleRenderOptions


CalculateBoundingBox CastleBoxes


CalculateBoundingBox CastleBoxes


CalculateBoundingBox CastleBoxes


CalculateBoundingBox CastleBoxes


CalculateBoundingBox CastleBoxes

Calculate bounding box of a set of 3D points.

CalculateBoundingBoxFromIndices CastleBoxes


CalculateBoundingBoxFromIndices CastleBoxes

Calculate bounding box of a set of indexed 3D points.

CalculateTangent CastleTriangles

Calculate tangent (along texture S coordinate, when IsTangent) or bitangent (along texture T coordinate, when IsTangent=false), knowing positions and texture coordinates.

CamDirUp2Orient CastleTransform


CamDirUp2Orient CastleTransform


CamDirUp2OrientQuat CastleTransform


CameraNodeForWholeScene X3DCameraUtils

Make camera node (like MakeCameraNode) that makes the whole box nicely visible (like CameraViewpointForWholeScene).

CameraOrthoViewpointForWholeScene CastleTransform

Calculate suitable camera to see everything using an orthographic projection.

CameraViewpointForWholeScene CastleTransform

Calculate sensible camera configuration to see the whole Box.

CapabilitiesStr CastleGLUtils


CastleApplicationMode CastleUtils

Current application mode, see TCastleApplicationMode for various possible values.

CastleCoTan CastleUtils

Our version of CoTan, to workaround old FPC bug.

CastleDataIgnoreCase CastleUriUtils

On systems where filesystems are usually case-sensitive (Unix; like Linux, FreeBSD, macOS), accept any 'castle-data:/xxx' URLs, even when they have different case than the actual files.

CastleDesignMode CastleUtils

Are we in design-time now.

CastleDivMod CastleUtils

Better DivMod version, in case Dividend may be < 0.

CastleEngineVersion CastleUtils

Castle Game Engine version.

CastleGetTickCount64 CastleTimeUtils

Just like standard GetTickCount64 function, but works on all platforms supported by CGE.

CastleNow CastleTimeUtils

Just like standard Now function, but works on all platforms supported by CGE.

CastleRandomize CastleTimeUtils

Just like standard Randomize function, but works on all platforms supported by CGE.

CastleReadLink CastleUtils

Return the symlink target path.

CastleToday CastleTimeUtils

Just like standard Today function, but works on all platforms supported by CGE.

CastleTomorrow CastleTimeUtils

Just like standard Tomorrow function, but works on all platforms supported by CGE.

CastleTranslateResourceStrings CastleLocalizationGetText

Use this instead of FPC TranslateResourceStrings.

CastleYesterday CastleTimeUtils

Just like standard Yesterday function, but works on all platforms supported by CGE.

CatmullRom CastleCurves

Catmull-Rom spline low-level function.

CatmullRomSpline CastleCurves

Catmull-Rom spline.

CeilDiv CastleUtils


CeilDiv CastleUtils

Returns Ceil(A / B), but calculated faster and more precisely (without floating-point help).

ChangeFilePath CastleUtils

Returns FileName with directory (path) part replaced with given NewPath.

ChangeIntCycle CastleUtils

Increase Value by Change, nicely wrapping in [0..MaxValue], accepting also negative Change.

ChangeUriExt CastleUriUtils

Change extension of the URL.

CharBackSpace CastleStringUtils


CharDelete CastleStringUtils


CharEnter CastleStringUtils


CharEscape CastleStringUtils


CharPos CastleStringUtils


CharSetToStr CastleStringUtils


CharsPos CastleStringUtils

Find first occurrence of any character in Chars in string S.

CharsPosEx CastleStringUtils


CharTab CastleStringUtils


CharToNiceStr CastleKeysMouse

Nice short description of the character.

Check CastleUtils

Check condition.

CheckCopyFile CastleFilesUtils

Copy file from Source to Dest.

CheckDeleteFile CastleFilesUtils

Remove file.

CheckForceDirectories CastleFilesUtils

Make sure directory exists, eventually creating it and all directories along the way.

CheckIsMemCharFilled CastleUtils

Check is memory filled with the given character.

CheckRemoveDir CastleFilesUtils

Remove empty directory.

CheckRenameFile CastleFilesUtils

Move file from Source to Dest.

ci3dMouse CastleCameras


ciGesture CastleCameras


ciMouseDragging CastleCameras


ciNormal CastleCameras


Clamp CastleUtils


Clamp CastleUtils


Clamp CastleUtils


Clamp CastleUtils


Clamp CastleUtils


Clamped CastleUtils


Clamped CastleUtils


Clamped CastleUtils


Clamped CastleUtils


Clamped CastleUtils


Clamped CastleUtils


ClampVar CastleUtils


ClampVar CastleUtils


ClampVar CastleUtils


ClampVar CastleUtils


ClampVar CastleUtils


ClampVar CastleUtils


Clipboard CastleControls

Single global instance of TCastleClipboard.

ColorBlueConvertByte CastleColors


ColorBlueStripByte CastleColors


ColorGrayscaleByte CastleColors

Convert color to grayscale.

ColorGreenConvertByte CastleColors


ColorGreenStripByte CastleColors


ColorOpacity CastleColors

Change color opacity (alpha).

ColorRedConvertByte CastleColors

Place color intensity (calculated like for grayscale) into the given color component.

ColorRedStripByte CastleColors

Set color values for two other channels to 0.

ColorRGBToHex CastleColors

Change color into a hexadecimal notation of it (like in HTML).

ColorSpace CastleRenderOptions

Determines if color calculation is done in linear space (thus performing gamma correction when reading textures and when storing pixel color to screen) or sRGB (thus not performing gamma correction).

ColorToHex CastleColors

Change color into a hexadecimal notation of it (like in HTML).

ColorToVector3 CastleLCLUtils

Convert LCL color values to CGE colors (vectors).

ColorToVector3Byte CastleLCLUtils


CombinePaths CastleFilesUtils

Combines BasePath with RelPath into complete path.

CombineUri CastleUriUtils

Return absolute URI, given base and relative URI.

CompareMethods CastleUtils

Compare two methods.

ComponentClone CastleComponentSerialize

Create a clone ("deep copy") of given component.

ComponentLoad CastleComponentSerialize


ComponentSave CastleComponentSerialize

Save / load TComponent (or any descendant) to a .castle-component, .castle-user-interface or .castle-transform file.

ComponentToString CastleComponentSerialize

Save / load TComponent (or descendant) to a string.




Constants for TConeNode.FdParts.Flags.

Config CastleConfig


CopyDirectory CastleFilesUtils

Copies the contents from SourceDir to DestinationDir.

CopyPos CastleStringUtils

Return S[StartPosition..EndPosition].

CorrectPreferredHeight CastleCameras

See TCastleWalkNavigation.CorrectPreferredHeight.

CosAngleBetweenNormals CastleVectors


CosAngleBetweenVectors CastleVectors

Cosinus of angle between two vectors.

CountTokens CastleStringUtils

Count the amount of tokens in the string

CreateIfNeeded CastleClassUtils

Create Component instance, if it's Nil.

CreateReadFileStream CastleDownload

Open a proper stream to read a file, fast (with buffering) and with seeking.

CreateTokens CastleStringUtils

Returns TCastleStringList with tokens extracted from S.

CreateValueIfNeeded CastleScript

Make sure Value is assigned and of NeededClass.

CtrlA CastleStringUtils


CtrlB CastleStringUtils


CtrlC CastleStringUtils


CtrlD CastleStringUtils


CtrlE CastleStringUtils


CtrlF CastleStringUtils


CtrlG CastleStringUtils


CtrlH CastleStringUtils


CtrlI CastleStringUtils


CtrlJ CastleStringUtils


CtrlK CastleStringUtils


CtrlL CastleStringUtils


CtrlM CastleStringUtils


CtrlN CastleStringUtils


CtrlO CastleStringUtils


CtrlP CastleStringUtils


CtrlQ CastleStringUtils


CtrlR CastleStringUtils


CtrlS CastleStringUtils


CtrlT CastleStringUtils


CtrlU CastleStringUtils


CtrlV CastleStringUtils


CtrlW CastleStringUtils


CtrlX CastleStringUtils


CtrlY CastleStringUtils


CtrlZ CastleStringUtils


CubicBezier1D CastleCurves

Cubic (4 control points) Bezier curve (with all weights equal) in 1D.

CubicBezier2D CastleCurves

Cubic (4 control points) Bezier curve (with all weights equal) in 2D.

CubicBezier3D CastleCurves

Cubic (4 control points) Bezier curve (with all weights equal) in 3D.

CurrentProgram CastleGLShaders

Currently enabled GLSL program.

CursorFromCastle CastleLCLUtils

Convert CGE to LCL cursor type.




Constants for TCylinderNode.FdParts.Flags.



DataFormatToStr CastleSoundBase


DateTimeToAtStr CastleTimeUtils

Convert DateTime to string in the form "date at time".

DecodeX3DColor X3DFields


DecodeX3DColor X3DFields


DecodeX3DColor X3DFields


DecodeX3DColor X3DFields


DecodeX3DColor X3DFields


DecodeX3DColor X3DFields


DecodeX3DColor X3DFields


DecodeX3DColor X3DFields

Decode color from integer value, following VRML/X3D SFImage specification.

DecompressTexture CastleImages

Assign here texture decompression function that is available.

Default2DCameraZ CastleTransform


Default2DProjectionFar CastleTransform


Default2DProjectionNear CastleTransform


DefaultAlign CastleMessages


DefaultAlphaCutoff X3DNodes

Default value of TAppearanceNode.AlphaCutoff.

DefaultAlphaTolerance CastleImages

Default parameters for TEncodedImage.AlphaChannel, decide how to detect textures alpha channel.

DefaultAnimationPrefix X3DNodes

Standard prefix name for a time sensor to be recognized as a "named animation" for TCastleSceneCore.PlayAnimation and friends.

DefaultAntiAliasing CastleWindow


DefaultBakedAnimationSmoothness X3DLoad


DefaultCameraDirection CastleTransform

Default camera direction and up vectors, used to define the meaning of "camera orientation" for OrientationFromDirectionUp, OrientationToDirection, OrientationToUp.

DefaultCameraRadius CastleTransform

Default Radius, determining also (with RadiusToProjectionNear) default TCastleCamera.EffectiveProjectionNear.

DefaultCameraUp CastleTransform


DefaultCircleSlices CastleGLUtils


DefaultColorSpace CastleRenderOptions


DefaultDepthBits CastleWindow


DefaultDpi CastleUIControls

Default value for container's Dpi, as is usually set on desktops.

DefaultFontData X3DNodes

Default fonts used by Text and FontStyle nodes.

DefaultFpsCaptionUpdateDelay CastleWindow


DefaultFramesPerSecond CastleVideos


DefaultHeightMapScale X3DNodes


DefaultLimitFPS CastleWindow


DefaultMaterialAmbientIntensity X3DNodes


DefaultMaterialDiffuseColor X3DNodes


DefaultMaterialEmissiveColor X3DNodes


DefaultMaterialMirror X3DNodes


DefaultMaterialReflSpecularExp X3DNodes


DefaultMaterialShininess X3DNodes


DefaultMaterialSpecularColor X3DNodes


DefaultMaterialTransparency X3DNodes


DefaultMaterialTransSpecularExp X3DNodes


DefaultMaterial_1AmbientColor X3DNodes

Copyright 2002-2023 Michalis Kamburelis.

DefaultNavigationInfoHeadlight X3DNodes


DefaultReadBufferSize CastleClassUtils


DefaultRenderedTextureHeight X3DNodes


DefaultRenderedTextureWidth X3DNodes


DefaultSpriteSheetFramesPerSecond CastleTextureImages

Default frame per second for Sprite Sheet animations like Starling and Cocos2d.

DefaultStencilBits CastleRenderOptions

Default for TCastleWindow.StencilBits and TCastleControl.StencilBits.

DefaultTooltipDelay CastleUIControls


DefaultTooltipDistance CastleUIControls


DefaultTriangulationSlices X3DNodes

How much to subdivide various objects (like sphere, cylinder) into triangles.

DefaultTriangulationStacks X3DNodes

How much to subdivide various objects (like sphere, cylinder) into triangles.

DefaultViewpointFieldOfView X3DNodes


DefaultVRML1CreaseAngle X3DNodes


DefaultWordBorders CastleStringUtils


DefaultX3DCameraDirection X3DCameraUtils


DefaultX3DCameraPosition X3DCameraUtils

Standard camera settings given by VRML/X3D specifications.

DefaultX3DCameraUp X3DCameraUtils


DefaultX3DCameraView X3DCameraUtils

Default camera position, direction, view in X3D.

DefaultX3DGravityUp X3DCameraUtils


DefLocalTriangleOctreeLeafCapacity CastleShapes

Default octree leaf capacity for TShape.OctreeTriangles.

DefLocalTriangleOctreeLimits CastleShapes


DefLocalTriangleOctreeMaxDepth CastleShapes


DeFormat CastleStringUtils

Parse a string according to the given format, returning the values corresponding to placeholders %x in format string.

Deg CastleUtils

Convert degrees to radians, consistent with CastleScript deg() function and display of rotations in CGE editor.

DeleteFileExt CastleUtils

Remove from the FileName the last extension (including the dot).

DeletePos CastleStringUtils

Delete from S range of characters [StartPosition..EndPosition].

DeleteUriExt CastleUriUtils

Delete extension of the URL.

DepthBitsFallback CastleWindow


DigitAsByte CastleStringUtils

Convert digit character (like '0') to a number (like 0).

DigitAsChar CastleStringUtils

Convert digit (like number 0) to character (like '0').

DirectorySize CastleFilesUtils

Calculate size of all files in this dir.

DisableAutoDynamicGeometry CastleShapes

If nonzero, disables automatic TShape.DynamicGeometry detection on every node modification.

DivRoundUp CastleUtils


DivRoundUp CastleUtils


DivUnsignedMod CastleUtils

Like DivMod (return result of Integer division and a remainder), but always return Remainder >= 0.

dmInverse CastleSoundEngine


dmLinear CastleSoundEngine


DOMGetAttribute CastleXmlUtils

Retrieves from Element attribute Value and returns True, or (if there is no such attribute) returns False and does not modify Value.

DOMGetBooleanAttribute CastleXmlUtils

Like DOMGetAttribute, but reads Boolean value.

DOMGetCardinalAttribute CastleXmlUtils

Like DOMGetAttribute, but reads Cardinal value.

DOMGetFloatAttribute CastleXmlUtils

Like DOMGetAttribute, but reads Float value.

DOMGetIntegerAttribute CastleXmlUtils

Like DOMGetAttribute, but reads Integer value.

DOMGetSingleAttribute CastleXmlUtils

Like DOMGetAttribute, but reads Single value.

DOMGetTextChild CastleXmlUtils

Gets a child of Element named ChildName, and gets text data within this child.

DOMGetTextData CastleXmlUtils


DoubleEpsilon CastleVectors

Epsilon used by default when compating Double (Double-precision float values).

DoubleEqualityEpsilon CastleVectors


Download CastleDownload


Download CastleDownload

Return a stream to read given URL.

DrawCircle CastleGLUtils


DrawCircle CastleGLUtils

Draw a circle.

DrawCircleOutline CastleGLUtils


DrawCircleOutline CastleGLUtils

Draw a circle outline.

DrawPrimitive2D CastleGLUtils


DrawPrimitive2D CastleGLUtils

Draw primitive, using a stipple (pattern) for line rendering.

DrawPrimitive2D CastleGLUtils

Draw a simple 2D primitive with a given color.

DrawRectangle CastleGLUtils


DrawRectangle CastleGLUtils

Draw a rectangle filled with a color.

DrawRectangleOutline CastleGLUtils


DrawRectangleOutline CastleGLUtils

Draw a rectangle frame.

DumpExceptionBackTraceToString CastleClassUtils


DumpStackToString CastleClassUtils


DynamicBatching CastleScene


EBox3DEmpty CastleBoxes


ECannotAddToAnotherWorld CastleTransform


ECannotDecompressTexture CastleImages


ECannotLoadCompressedTexture CastleGLImages


ECannotOpenFirstVideoFrame CastleVideos


ECannotSaveTextureContents CastleGLImages

Raised by SaveTextureContents when we cannot get texture contents.

ECasScriptAnyMathError CastleScript


ECasScriptAssignError CastleScript


ECasScriptError CastleScript


ECasScriptFunctionArgumentsError CastleScript


ECasScriptFunctionNoHandler CastleScript


ECasScriptLexerError CastleScriptLexer


ECasScriptMissingFunction CastleScript


ECasScriptParserError CastleScriptLexer


ECasScriptSyntaxError CastleScriptLexer

A common class for ECasScriptLexerError and ECasScriptParserError

ECasScriptSyntaxError CastleScriptParser

Error when parsing CastleScript expression.

ECheckFailed CastleUtils


EComponentNotFound CastleComponentSerialize


EConnectedSameAsParent CastleTransform


ECurveFileInvalid CastleCurves


EDeformatError CastleStringUtils


EDOMAttributeMissing CastleXmlUtils


EDOMChildElementError CastleXmlUtils


EDownloadError CastleDownload


EDynLibError CastleDynLib


EExcessiveOptionArgument CastleParameters


EExeNameNotAvailable CastleFilesUtils


EFramebufferError CastleGLImages

type - don't add this Delphi can't parse it correctly

EFramebufferInvalid CastleGLImages


EFramebufferSizeTooLow CastleGLImages


EFreeTypeLibraryNotFound CastleFonts

Raised by TTextureFontData.Create or TCastleFont.Load when the freetype library cannot be found, and thus font files cannot be read.

EFreeTypeLibraryNotFound CastleTextureFontData

Raised by TTextureFontData.Create or TCastleFont.Load when the freetype library cannot be found, and thus font files cannot be read.

EGLContextNotPossible CastleWindow


EGLSLAttributeNotFound CastleGLShaders


EGLSLError CastleGLShaders

Common class for exceptions related to GLSL programs.

EGLSLProgramLinkError CastleGLShaders


EGLSLShaderCompileError CastleGLShaders


EGLSLTransformFeedbackError CastleGLShaders


EGzipCompressed X3DNodes

Raised by classic X3D loading routines when the stream is compressed with gzip.

EImageAssignmentError CastleImages


EImageCannotConvertFpImage CastleImages


EImageClassNotSupportedForOpenGL CastleGLImages


EImageDrawError CastleImages


EImageFormatNotSupported CastleImages


EImageLerpDifferentSizes CastleImages


EImageLerpError CastleImages


EImageLerpInvalidClasses CastleImages


EImageLoadError CastleImages


EImagePosOutOfRange CastleImages

Raised by TCastleImage.MakeExtracted when coordinates on image are wrong.

EImageSaveError CastleImages

Raised by SaveImage when it's not possible to save image.

EInternalError CastleUtils

Internal error (bug) in the program.

EInvalidChar CastleStringUtils


EInvalidComponentFile CastleComponentSerialize


EInvalidFadeFrames CastleVideos


EInvalidGeometryIndex X3DNodes


EInvalidImageFormat CastleImages


EInvalidImageForOpenGLTexture CastleGLImages


EInvalidLongOption CastleParameters


EInvalidNurbs X3DFields


EInvalidParams CastleParameters


EInvalidShortOption CastleParameters


EInvalidSoundBufferFree CastleSoundEngine


EInvalidSoundRepositoryXml CastleSoundEngine


EKamAssignValueError CastleScript

Deprecated name for ECasScriptAssignError.

ELinearInterpolationImpossible CastleUtils


ELinesParallel CastleVectors


EListsDifferentCount CastleUtils

Raised by various AssignLerp implementations on lists, like TStructList.AssignLerp, when the arguments have different length.

EMaximumDesignDepth CastleControls

Copyright 2018-2023 Michalis Kamburelis.

EMaximumTransformDesignDepth CastleTransform


EMissingAttribute CastleXMLConfig


EMissingOptionArgument CastleParameters


EmptyBox3D CastleBoxes

Special TBox3D value meaning "bounding box is empty".

EmptySeparateArgs CastleParameters


EMultipleReferencesInWorld CastleTransform


EnableBlockingDownloads CastleDownload

Does Download (synchronous downloading routine) support http and https protocol.

EnableJoysticks CastleJoysticks

Detect connected joysticks.

EnableNetwork CastleDownload


ENatural CastleUtils


ENodeClassRegisterError X3DNodes


ENodesManagerError X3DNodes


ENoMoreOpenALSources CastleSoundEngine


ENoMoreSources CastleSoundBase


ENoMoreSources CastleSoundEngine

Copyright 2010-2023 Michalis Kamburelis.

ENotAddedToWorld CastleTransform


ENotCoordinateBasedNode X3DNodes


EPhysicsError CastleTransform


EPlanesParallel CastleVectors


EProtocolAlreadyRegistered CastleDownload


EqualRGB CastleImages

Check if the two RGB colors are equal, ignoring small differences.

ERemoveFailed CastleFilesUtils


ErrorWrite CastleUtils


ErrorWrite CastleUtils

Write using a dialog box or console.

ESaveError CastleDownload


ESectorNotInitialized CastleSectors


EShortErrorMessage CastleUtils

Descend from this to mark exceptions that should be shown in more concise way by ExceptMessage function.

ESoundBufferNotLoaded CastleSoundEngine


ESoundFileError CastleSoundBase


ESoundFileError CastleSoundEngine


EStreamNotImplemented CastleClassUtils


EStreamNotImplementedSeek CastleClassUtils


EStreamNotImplementedSetSize CastleClassUtils


EStreamNotImplementedWrite CastleClassUtils


ETextureLoadError CastleGLImages


ETransformedResultInvalid CastleUtils


ETransformParentUndefined CastleTransform


ETranslationEmptyId CastleLocalizationGetText


EUnableToLoadImage CastleImages


EUnknownPercentFormat CastleStringUtils


EVectorInvalidOp CastleUtils


EViewportNotAssigned CastleCameras


EWaypointNotInitialized CastleSectors


EWithHiddenClassName CastleUtils


EWrongOptionArgument CastleParameters


EX3DError X3DFields

Any error related to VRML/X3D.

EX3DFieldAssign X3DFields


EX3DFieldAssignInvalidClass X3DFields


EX3DNotFound X3DFields

Raised by various X3D methods searching for X3D items (nodes, fields, events and such) when given item cannot be found.

EX3DPrototypeInstantiateError X3DNodes

Raised when there's a problem instantiating X3D prototype, see TX3DPrototypeNode.Instantiate.

ExceptMessage CastleUtils

Nice exception description.

ExclPathDelim CastleUtils


ExeExtension CastleUtils


ExeName CastleFilesUtils

Full (absolute) FileName to executable file of this program.

ExpandHomePath CastleFilesUtils

Expand tilde (~) in path, just like shell.

ExtendedEqualityEpsilon CastleVectors


ExtractFileDoubleExt CastleUtils

Extracts two last extensions from the filename, if it has two extensions.

ExtractOnlyFilename CastleUtils

Extracts from FileName the name of file, without directory, without last extension and without any Windows drive letter.

ExtractUriName CastleUriUtils

Extract filename (last part after slash) from URL.

ExtractUriPath CastleUriUtils

Extract path (everything before last part), including final slash, from URL.




Constants for TShapeHintsNode_1.FdFaceType.Value.

FadeColor CastleColors


FadeDarkColor CastleColors


FallbackFont CastleControls

The default font, used throughout the engine as a fallback.

FallbackTheme CastleUIControls

Fallback (do not change this, ever) theme.

FastLookDirMatrix CastleVectors

Calculate LookDirMatrix (or it's inverse), fast.

FfmpegExecutable CastleVideos

Returns full path to ffmpeg-compatible executable.

FfmpegExecute CastleVideos

Execute ffmpeg.

FfmpegVideoMimeType CastleVideos

Does given MIME type looks like a video file extension that can be handled (encoded or decoded) by ffmpeg.

FileFiltersToDialog CastleFmxUtils


FileFiltersToDialog CastleFmxUtils

Convert file filters into FMX Dialog.Filter, Dialog.FilterIndex.

FileFiltersToDialog CastleLCLUtils


FileFiltersToDialog CastleLCLUtils


FileFiltersToDialog CastleLCLUtils


FileFiltersToDialog CastleLCLUtils


FileFiltersToDialog CastleLCLUtils

Convert file filters into LCL Dialog.Filter, Dialog.FilterIndex.

FileFiltersToOpenDialog CastleLCLUtils


FileFiltersToOpenDialog CastleLCLUtils


FileFiltersToOpenDialog CastleLCLUtils

Deprecated names, use the identifiers without "Open" in new code.

FileNameAutoInc CastleFilesUtils


FileNameAutoInc CastleFilesUtils

Substitute %d in given URL (UrlPattern) with successive numbers, until the resulting URL (which can be just a filename) doesn't exist.

FilenameToUriSafe CastleUriUtils

Convert filename to URI.

FilenameToUriSafeUTF8 CastleLCLUtils

Not necessary.

FileToString CastleFilesUtils


FileToString CastleFilesUtils

Read file or URL contents to a string.

FindExe CastleFilesUtils

Find program on $PATH.

FindFiles CastleFindFiles


FindFiles CastleFindFiles


FindFiles CastleFindFiles


FindFiles CastleFindFiles

Find all files matching the given mask, and call FileProc for them.

FindFilesList CastleFindFiles

Like FindFiles, but return found files as a list.

FindFirstFile CastleFindFiles

Find first file matching given Mask inside Path.

FindFirstFileIgnoreCase CastleFindFiles

Find first file matching given Mask inside Path, always ignores case (regardless of OS conventions).

FindPos CastleStringUtils

Find substring SubText within Text.

FirstDelimiter CastleStringUtils

Find first occurrence of character in Delimiters.

Float CastleUtils

Floating-point type with best precision.

FloatDivMod CastleUtils

Calculate Integer division and modulo on two Float arguments.

FloatModulo CastleUtils

Calculate Float modulo of division on two Float arguments.

FloatOutputFormat X3DFields

Float output precision, for outputting 3D models (X3D text encodings, in the future also glTF - the JSON parts).

FloatRectangle CastleRectangles


FloatRectangle CastleRectangles


FloatRectangle CastleRectangles


FloatsEqual CastleVectors


FloatsEqual CastleVectors

Various compatibility functions (on Single)

FloatToNiceStr CastleVectors


FloatToRawStr CastleVectors


FloatToStrDisplay CastleUtils

Display float as nice concise number to read (but not necessarily with absolute precision): always decimal, no digits after dot if not necessary, show some digits (but not too many - right now 2) after dot if they are meaningful.

FloatToStrDot CastleUtils

Like standard FloatToStr, but always uses dot (.) as a decimal separator for the floating point numbers, regardless of the user's locale settings.

FloatToStrFDot CastleUtils

Like standard FloatToStr, but always uses dot (.) as a decimal separator for the floating point numbers, regardless of the user's locale settings.

FnameAutoInc CastleFilesUtils


ForceFallbackLook CastleControls

Force using FallbackFont (thus, ignore TCastleContainer.DefaultFont) and FallbackTheme (thus, disable any Theme customizations) in this UI.

FormatDot CastleUtils

Like standard Format, but always uses dot (.) as a decimal separator for the floating point numbers, regardless of the user's locale settings.

FormatNameCounter CastleStringUtils


FormatNameCounter CastleStringUtils

Replace sequences @counter(<padding>) in the NamePattern with Index.

FrameProfiler CastleTimeUtils

Single instance of TCastleFrameProfiler that you can use for frame profiling.

FreeChildNodes CastleXmlUtils

If needed, free result of TDOMElement.ChildNodes.

FreeIfUnusedAndNil X3DNodes

Free TX3DNode if it is unused (see TX3DNode.FreeIfUnused), setting reference to Nil.

FreeMemNiling CastleUtils

Safer version of FreeMem, checks is parameter Nil, and sets it to Nil afterwards.

FrustumPointsLinesIndexes CastleFrustum

Useful if you want to draw frustum obtained from TFrustum.CalculatePoints.

FrustumPointsQuadsIndexes CastleFrustum


FrustumProjection CastleRenderContext


FrustumProjectionMatrix CastleProjection


FrustumProjectionMatrix CastleProjection





Constants for TFontStyleNode.FdFamily.Value.




Constants for VRML 1.0 TFontStyleNode_1.FdStyle flags.



ftExp X3DNodes


Fuchsia CastleColors


FunctionHandlers CastleScript


GameServiceStatusToStr CastleGameService


GenerateGetTextPo CastleLocalizationGetText


GenerateGetTextPo CastleLocalizationGetText

Generate GetText PO file contents that can be used as a basis for translators to localize this component.

GetClearMem CastleUtils


GetCurrentProgram CastleGLShaders


GetEnableNetwork CastleDownload


GetTempFileNameCheck CastleFilesUtils

Get temporary FileName, suitable for ApplicationName, checking that it doesn't exist.

GetTempFileNamePrefix CastleFilesUtils

Return a prefix (beginning of an absolute FileName) to save a series of temporary files.

GetTextPoEntry CastleLocalizationGetText

Generate text to insert to POT (PO template) to allow translating given text.

GLBlendFunction CastleGLUtils

Call OpenGL glBlendFunc.

GLBlendRectangle CastleGLUtils


GLBlendRectangle CastleGLUtils

Draw a rectangle with blending.

GLDecompressTexture CastleGLImages

Decompress texture image by loading it to a temporary OpenGL(ES) texture and reading back.

GLFadeRectangle CastleGLUtils


GLFadeRectangle CastleGLUtils


GLFadeRectangleDark CastleGLUtils


GLFadeRectangleDark CastleGLUtils


GLFadeRectangleDark CastleGLUtils

Draw a rectangle that modulates colors underneath, making nice animation to AFadeColor while FadeIntensity changes from 1.0 down to 0.0.

GLFadeRectangleLight CastleGLUtils


GLFadeRectangleLight CastleGLUtils


GLFeatures CastleGLUtils


glFreeTexture CastleGLImages

If Tex <> 0 then it does glDeleteTextures on Tex and sets Tex to 0.

GLInformationInitialize CastleGLUtils

Initialize GLVersion and GLFeatures.

GLInformationString CastleGLUtils

Multiline string describing attributes of current OpenGL(ES) library.

GLInformationStringSummary CastleGLUtils

One-line string summarizing current OpenGL(ES).

glTextureCubeMap CastleGLImages

Comfortably load all six cube map texture images.

glTextureImage3D CastleGLImages

Comfortably load a 3D texture.

GLTextureMinSize CastleGLImages

Constraints the scaling done by GLTextureScale.

GLTextureScale CastleGLImages

Scaling for all textures loaded to OpenGL.

GltfForcePhongMaterials CastleLoadGltf

Makes model loaded from glTF use Phong materials (TMaterialNode) instead of Physically-Based Rendering materials (TPhysicalMaterialNode).

GlueStrings CastleStringUtils


GlueStrings CastleStringUtils


GlueStrings CastleStringUtils


GlueStrings CastleStringUtils

Concatenate the string list with a given Delimiter.

GLVersion CastleGLVersion

OpenGL(ES) version information.

Gray CastleColors


GrayRGB CastleColors


Grayscale CastleColors


Grayscale CastleColors


Grayscale CastleColors


GrayscaleValue CastleColors


GrayscaleValue CastleColors


GrayscaleValue CastleColors


GrayscaleValue CastleColors

Calculate color intensity, for converting color to grayscale.

Green CastleColors


Green3Single CastleColors

Deprecated, use GreenRGB.

GreenRGB CastleColors


HalfPi CastleUtils

Pi / 2.

HasNameCounter CastleStringUtils

Does this NamePattern contain @counter in a format understood by FormatNameCounter.

HelpOptionHelp CastleParameters


HermiteSpline CastleCurves

Hermite spline.

HermiteTenseSpline CastleCurves

Hermite spline with tangents zero (it will be horizontal at control points).

HexToColor CastleColors

Convert hexadecimal color notation (like in HTML) into an RGBA color.

HexToColorRGB CastleColors

Convert hexadecimal color notation (like in HTML) into an RGB color.

HomePath CastleFilesUtils

User's home directory, with trailing PathDelim.

hpLeft CastleUIControls


hpMiddle CastleUIControls


hpRight CastleUIControls


HsvToRgb CastleColors

Converting between RGB and HSV.

HsvToRgba CastleColors


HsvToRgbByte CastleColors


IdentityMatrix2Double CastleVectors


IdentityMatrix2Single CastleVectors


IdentityMatrix3Double CastleVectors


IdentityMatrix3Single CastleVectors


IdentityMatrix4Double CastleVectors


IdentityMatrix4Single CastleVectors


Iff CastleUtils


Iff CastleUtils


Iff CastleUtils


Iff CastleUtils


Iff CastleUtils


ImageClassBestForSavingToFormat CastleImages

Choose TCastleImage descendant best matching for this image file format.

ImageClassesEqual CastleImages

Check if both arrays contain exactly the same classes in the same order.

ImageExtToMimeType CastleImages

Guess MIME type from image extension.

ImageGLFormat CastleGLImages

Return appropriate OpenGL format and type constants for given TCastleImage descendant.

ImageGLInternalFormat CastleGLImages


ImageGLType CastleGLImages


InclPathDelim CastleUtils

Include / exclude the last path delimiter, if necessary.

IndexedConvexPolygonArea CastleTriangles


IndexedConvexPolygonArea CastleTriangles

Surface area of indexed convex polygon.

IndexedConvexPolygonNormal CastleTriangles


IndexedConvexPolygonNormal CastleTriangles

Calculates normalized normal vector for polygon composed from indexed vertices.

IndexedPolygonNormal CastleTriangulate

Calculate normal vector of possibly concave polygon.

IndexedTriangleNormal CastleTriangles

Normal vector of a triangle defined as three indexes intro vertex array.

IndexMax CastleUtils

Index (0, 1 or 2) of maximum / minimum of 3 numbers.

IndexMin CastleUtils


InfoWrite CastleUtils


InfoWrite CastleUtils


InfoWriteParts CastleUtils

Output messages, using console or dialog box.

InImageClasses CastleImages

Check is ImageClass one of the items in the ImageClasses array, or a descendant of one of them.

InImageClasses CastleImages

Check is Image class one of the items in the ImageClasses array, or a descendant of one of them.

InitializeLog CastleLog


InitializeLog CastleLog

Initialize logging.

InputKey CastleKeysMouse

Construct TInputPressRelease corresponding to given event.

InputMotion CastleKeysMouse

Construct TInputMotion.

InputMouseButton CastleKeysMouse


InputMouseWheel CastleKeysMouse


InputsAll CastleInputs

List of all global inputs.

InputsGroup CastleInputs


Input_Interact CastleViewport

Key/mouse combination to interact with clickable things in TCastleViewport.Items.

InternalDisableDynamicLibraries CastleDynLib

Disable all dynamic libraries loading.

InternalEnableAnimation CastleSceneCore


InternalEnableRendering CastleScene


InternalFastTransformUpdate CastleSceneCore

Experimental optimization of Transform animation.

InternalForceWireframe CastleRenderOptions

Force given rendering for all scenes, if not weNormal.

InternalGizmoBoundingBox CastleTransform


InternalProposeName CastleClassUtils


IntSqrt CastleUtils

Floor from Sqrt(Value).

IntToStr16 CastleStringUtils


IntToStr16 CastleStringUtils

Convert integer to hexadecimal (base-16 numeric system).

IntToStr2 CastleStringUtils

Convert integer to binary (base-2 numeral system).

IntToStrBase CastleStringUtils


IntToStrBase CastleStringUtils


IntToStrBase CastleStringUtils


IntToStrBase CastleStringUtils

Convert integer to string, in base-Base (like base-16) numeral system.

IntToStrThousands CastleStringUtils

Convert integer to string, inserting additional Separator to visually delimit thousands, milions etc.

IntToStrThousands CastleStringUtils


IntToStrZPad CastleStringUtils

Convert integer to string, padding string with zeros if needed.

InvalidDynLibHandle CastleDynLib

Invalid TDynLibHandle value (meaning : LoadLibrary failed)

InverseFastLookDirMatrix CastleVectors


IsCenteredBox3DPlaneCollision CastleBoxes

Tests for collision between box3d centered around (0, 0, 0) and a plane.

IsCubeMapTextureSized CastleGLImages

Part of CastleGLImages unit: cubemaps sizing and loading.

IsGLContextOpen CastleUIControls

Is any OpenGL context open.

IsImageMimeType CastleImages

Does this MIME type correspond to image.

IsLineParallelToPlane CastleVectors


IsLineParallelToSimplePlane CastleVectors


IsMemCharFilled CastleUtils

Check is memory filled with the given character.

IsMemDWordFilled CastleUtils

Check is memory filled with the DWord (4 byte sequence).

IsMemWordFilled CastleUtils

Check is memory filled with the Word (2 byte sequence).

IsPathAbsolute CastleUtils

Check is the given Path absolute.

IsPathAbsoluteOnDrive CastleUtils

Just like IsPathAbsolute, but on Windows accepts also paths that specify full directory tree without drive letter.

IsPointOnSegmentLineWithinSegment CastleVectors


IsPointOnSegmentLineWithinSegment CastleVectors


IsPointOnTrianglePlaneWithinTriangle CastleTriangles

Assuming a point lies on a triangle plane, check does it lie inside a triangle.

IsPointWithinTriangle2D CastleTriangles


IsPointWithinTriangle2D CastleTriangles

Check does point lie inside a triangle, in 2D.

IsPolygon2dCCW CastleTriangles


IsPolygon2dCCW CastleTriangles

Are the polygon points ordered CCW (counter-clockwise).

IsPowerOf2 CastleUtils

Check is Value an exact power of 2.

IsPrefix CastleStringUtils


IsSegmentSphereCollision CastleVectors


IsSpheresCollision CastleVectors


IsSuffix CastleStringUtils


IsTextureSized CastleGLImages


IsTextureSized CastleGLImages

Does image have proper size for 2D OpenGL texture.

IsTriangleSegmentCollision CastleTriangles


IsTriangleSegmentCollision CastleTriangles

Check triangle with line segment collision.

IsTriangleSphereCollision CastleTriangles


IsTriangleSphereCollision CastleTriangles


IsTriangleSphereCollision2D CastleTriangles


IsTriangleSphereCollision2D CastleTriangles

Test collision between triangle and sphere in 2D.

IsTunnelSphereCollision CastleVectors


Joysticks CastleJoysticks

Global joystick manager object.

JOY_AXIS_R CastleJoysticks


JOY_AXIS_U CastleJoysticks


JOY_AXIS_V CastleJoysticks


JOY_AXIS_X CastleJoysticks


JOY_AXIS_Y CastleJoysticks


JOY_AXIS_Z CastleJoysticks


JOY_HAS_POV CastleJoysticks


JOY_HAS_R CastleJoysticks


JOY_HAS_U CastleJoysticks


JOY_HAS_V CastleJoysticks


JOY_HAS_Z CastleJoysticks

TODO: Deprecate these constants at some point, in favor of simpler joystick API like TJoystick.Axis.

JOY_POVX CastleJoysticks


JOY_POVY CastleJoysticks


keyDown CastleKeysMouse


KeyFromCastle CastleLCLUtils


KeyFromCastle CastleLCLUtils

Convert TKey and/or character code into Lazarus key code (VK_xxx) and shift state.

keyLeft CastleKeysMouse


KeyRange X3DNodes

Find a range within "key" field corresponding to given Fraction.

keyRight CastleKeysMouse


KeyString CastleWindow


KeyStringToNiceStr CastleKeysMouse

Like CharToNiceStr, but accepts UTF-8 characters expressed as String.

KeyToCastle CastleLCLUtils

Convert Key (Lazarus key code) to Castle Game Engine TKey.

KeyToStr CastleKeysMouse


KeyToString CastleWindow

Describe given key.

keyUp CastleKeysMouse


K_0 CastleKeysMouse


K_1 CastleKeysMouse


K_2 CastleKeysMouse


K_3 CastleKeysMouse


K_4 CastleKeysMouse


K_5 CastleKeysMouse


K_6 CastleKeysMouse


K_7 CastleKeysMouse


K_8 CastleKeysMouse


K_9 CastleKeysMouse


K_A CastleKeysMouse


K_Alt CastleKeysMouse


K_Apostrophe CastleKeysMouse


K_B CastleKeysMouse


K_BackQuote CastleKeysMouse


K_BackSlash CastleKeysMouse


K_BackSpace CastleKeysMouse


K_C CastleKeysMouse


K_CapsLock CastleKeysMouse


K_Comma CastleKeysMouse


K_Ctrl CastleKeysMouse


K_D CastleKeysMouse


K_Delete CastleKeysMouse


K_Down CastleKeysMouse


K_E CastleKeysMouse


K_End CastleKeysMouse


K_Enter CastleKeysMouse


K_Equal CastleKeysMouse


K_Escape CastleKeysMouse


K_F CastleKeysMouse


K_F1 CastleKeysMouse


K_F10 CastleKeysMouse


K_F11 CastleKeysMouse


K_F12 CastleKeysMouse


K_F2 CastleKeysMouse


K_F3 CastleKeysMouse


K_F4 CastleKeysMouse


K_F5 CastleKeysMouse


K_F6 CastleKeysMouse


K_F7 CastleKeysMouse


K_F8 CastleKeysMouse


K_F9 CastleKeysMouse


K_G CastleKeysMouse


K_H CastleKeysMouse


K_Home CastleKeysMouse


K_I CastleKeysMouse


K_Insert CastleKeysMouse


K_J CastleKeysMouse


K_K CastleKeysMouse


K_L CastleKeysMouse


K_Left CastleKeysMouse


K_LeftBracket CastleKeysMouse


K_M CastleKeysMouse


K_Minus CastleKeysMouse


K_N CastleKeysMouse


K_None CastleKeysMouse

Old key names (K_Xxx instead of keyXxx).

K_NumLock CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_0 CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_1 CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_2 CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_3 CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_4 CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_5 CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_6 CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_7 CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_8 CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_9 CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_Begin CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_Delete CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_Divide CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_Down CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_End CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_Enter CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_Home CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_Insert CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_Left CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_Minus CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_Multiply CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_PageDown CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_PageUp CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_Plus CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_Right CastleKeysMouse


K_Numpad_Up CastleKeysMouse


K_O CastleKeysMouse


K_P CastleKeysMouse


K_PageDown CastleKeysMouse


K_PageUp CastleKeysMouse


K_Pause CastleKeysMouse


K_Period CastleKeysMouse


K_Plus CastleKeysMouse


K_PrintScreen CastleKeysMouse


K_Q CastleKeysMouse


K_R CastleKeysMouse


K_Right CastleKeysMouse


K_RightBracket CastleKeysMouse


K_S CastleKeysMouse


K_ScrollLock CastleKeysMouse


K_Semicolon CastleKeysMouse


K_Shift CastleKeysMouse


K_Slash CastleKeysMouse


K_Space CastleKeysMouse


K_T CastleKeysMouse


K_Tab CastleKeysMouse


K_U CastleKeysMouse


K_Up CastleKeysMouse


K_V CastleKeysMouse


K_W CastleKeysMouse


K_X CastleKeysMouse


K_Y CastleKeysMouse


K_Z CastleKeysMouse


LastLog CastleLog

Last log messages.

LastLogCount CastleLog


Lerp CastleUtils


Lerp CastleUtils


Lerp CastleUtils


Lerp CastleUtils


Lerp CastleUtils


Lerp CastleUtils

Linear interpolation between two values.

Lerp CastleVectors


Lerp CastleVectors


Lerp CastleVectors


Lerp CastleVectors


Lerp CastleVectors


Lerp CastleVectors


Lerp CastleVectors


Lerp CastleVectors


Lerp CastleVectors


Lerp CastleVectors


Lerp CastleVectors


Lerp CastleVectors


Lerp CastleVectors


Lerp CastleVectors


Lerp CastleVectors

Linear interpolation between two vector values.

LerpRgbInHsv CastleColors

Given two colors in RGB, interpolate them in HSV space.

LEtoN CastleUtils


LEtoN CastleUtils


LEtoN CastleVectors

Endianess conversion for vectors (little endian to native).

LEtoN CastleVectors


LEtoN CastleVectors


LightBlue CastleColors


LightGreen CastleColors


LightRed CastleColors


Lime CastleColors


Line2DFrom2Points CastleVectors

Coefficients of the 2D line equation (Ax + By + C = 0), given 2 different points lying on the line.

Line2DFromOriginVector CastleVectors

Coefficients of the 2D line equation (Ax + By + C = 0), given 1 point lying on the line, and non-zero line direction.

LineOfTwoDifferentPoints2D CastleVectors


Lines2DIntersection CastleVectors

Intersection of two 2D lines.

ListImageExtsLong CastleImages

List available image file formats.

ListImageExtsShort CastleImages


LoadAnimatedGifs CastleVideos

When True, then we will load animated GIFs using ffmpeg.

LoadEncodedImage CastleImages


LoadEncodedImage CastleImages


LoadEncodedImage CastleImages

Load image to TEncodedImage format.

LoadFont_FileFilters CastleFonts

Supported font file formats.

LoadGetTextMo CastleLocalizationGetText

Load GetText MO file from and URL.

LoadGLGeneratedTexture CastleGLImages

Load OpenGL texture into already reserved texture number.

LoadGLTexture CastleGLImages


LoadGLTexture CastleGLImages

Load new texture to OpenGL.

LoadImage CastleImages


LoadImage CastleImages


LoadImage CastleImages


LoadImage CastleImages

The ultimate procedure to load an image from a file or URL.

LoadImage_FileFilters CastleImages

File filters if you want to choose a file that can be loaded/saved by appropriate functions from Images unit.

LoadNode X3DLoad

Load a scene as X3D node from TStream.

LoadNode X3DLoad

Load a scene as X3D node.

LoadScene_FileFilters X3DLoad

File filters for files loaded by TCastleSceneCore.Load and LoadNode.

LoadSound_FileFilters CastleSoundEngine

Supported sound file formats.

LoadTextureImage CastleTextureImages


LoadTextureImage CastleTextureImages

Load image suitable for a texture.

LoadX3DClassic X3DNodes

Load VRML/X3D file in classic encoding, return it's root node.

LoadX3DClassicFromString X3DNodes

Load VRML/X3D file in classic encoding from a string.

LoadX3DClassic_FileFilters X3DNodes

File filters if you want to open a file and then pass it to LoadX3DClassic.

LoadX3DXml_FileFilters X3DNodes

Global routines for parsing XML X3D encoding.

LoCase CastleStringUtils

Convert uppercase letters to lowercase.

LogAllLoading CastleDownload

Log (through CastleLog) all loading, that is: all calls to Download.

LogChanges CastleSceneCore

Log changes to fields.

LogEnableStandardOutput CastleLog

Enable logging to StdOut, which is used on some platforms (like on Unix) and situations (like when run under CGE editor or CGE build tool).

LogFileName CastleLog

Set this to a filename that should contain log, before calling InitializeLog.

LogGLInformationVerbose CastleGLUtils

Much more verbose logging of current context capabilities in GLInformationInitialize.

LogOutput CastleLog

Where is the log output going.

LogSectors CastleSectors


LogShaders CastleGLShaders


LogShadowVolumes CastleRenderOptions

Log shadow volume information.

LogShapes CastleShapes

Log various information about shapes.

LogTextureCache CastleTextureImages

Log texture cache events.

LogTextureLoading CastleGLImages

Log (through CastleLog) all texture and image loading to GPU.

LogTimePrefix CastleLog

Current log date/time prefix style.

LogTriangulation CastleTriangulate

Write to Log a lot of comments how the triangulation goes.

LogVideosCache CastleVideos

Log video cache events.

LookAtMatrix CastleVectors

Camera matrix to look at the specified point (or along the specified direction).

LookDirMatrix CastleVectors


LookDirMatrix CastleVectors


magDefault CastleTextureImages


magFastest CastleTextureImages


magLinear CastleGLImages


magLinear CastleTextureImages


magNearest CastleGLImages


magNearest CastleTextureImages


magNicest CastleTextureImages


MakeCameraNavNode X3DCameraUtils


MakeCameraNode X3DCameraUtils


MakeCameraNode X3DCameraUtils


MakeCameraStr X3DCameraUtils


MakeVectorOrthogonal CastleVectors

Adjust and return the V1 vector to force V1 and V2 to be orthogonal, but keep the 3D plane determined by V1 and V2 unchanged.

MakeVectorsAngleRadOnTheirPlane CastleVectors

Adjust the V1 vector to force given angle between V1 and V2.

MakeVectorsOrthoOnTheirPlane CastleVectors

Adjust the V1 vector to force V1 and V2 to be orthogonal, but keep the 3D plane determined by V1 and V2 unchanged.

MapRange CastleUtils


MapRange CastleUtils


MapRange CastleUtils


MapRange CastleUtils

Linearly map value from a one range to another.

MapRangeClamped CastleUtils


MapRangeClamped CastleUtils


MapRangeClamped CastleUtils


MapRangeClamped CastleUtils


MapRangeTo01 CastleUtils


Maroon CastleColors

Common color constants, for comfort.

MatricesPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


MatricesPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


MatricesPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


Matrix3 CastleVectors

Convert between Double-precision and Single-precision matrix.

Matrix3Double CastleVectors


Matrix3Single CastleVectors


Matrix4 CastleVectors


Matrix4Double CastleVectors


Matrix4Single CastleVectors


MatrixDecompose CastleVectors

Decompose a matrix that is composition of 3D translation, rotation and scale.

MatrixMult CastleVectors


MatrixMultDirection CastleVectors


MatrixMultDirection CastleVectors


MatrixMultPoint CastleVectors


MatrixMultPoint CastleVectors


MatrixRow CastleVectors


MatrixRow CastleVectors


MatrixRow CastleVectors


MatrixToNiceStr CastleVectors


MatrixToNiceStr CastleVectors


MatrixToNiceStr CastleVectors


MatrixToRawStr CastleVectors


MatrixToRawStr CastleVectors


MatrixToRawStr CastleVectors


MaxAbsVectorCoord CastleVectors


MaxAbsVectorCoord CastleVectors


MaxAbsVectorCoord CastleVectors


MaximumVideoLength CastleVideos

Maximum number of video frames to read, for TVideo.LoadFromFile.

MaxLastLogCount CastleLog

How many last logs to preserve.

MaxVar CastleUtils


MaxVar CastleUtils


MaxVar CastleUtils


MaxVar CastleUtils


MaxVar CastleUtils


MaxVar CastleUtils

Update value of A to be a maximum of A, B.

MaxVectorCoord CastleVectors


MaxVectorCoord CastleVectors


MaxVectorCoord CastleVectors

Which coordinate (0, 1, 2, and eventually 3 for 4D versions) is the largest.

MaybeUseDataProtocol CastleUriUtils

Tries change URI to use castle-data: protocol.

MemoryStreamLoadFromDefaultString CastleClassUtils


MemoryStreamLoadFromDefaultString CastleClassUtils

Set contents of TMemoryStream to given string, in UTF-8 or UTF-16 (matching default String) encoding.

MemoryStreamLoadFromString CastleClassUtils


MemoryStreamLoadFromString CastleClassUtils

Set contents of TMemoryStream to given string, in UTF-8 encoding.

MenuItemFromSmallId CastleWindow

Search for menu item with given SmallId.

MessageChoice CastleMessages


MessageChoice CastleMessages


MessageChoice CastleMessages

Ask user to choose one option from many.

MessageInput CastleMessages


MessageInput CastleMessages

Ask user to input a string.

MessageInputCardinal CastleMessages


MessageInputCardinal CastleMessages

Ask user to input an unsigned integer.

MessageInputQuery CastleMessages


MessageInputQuery CastleMessages


MessageInputQuery CastleMessages

Ask user to input a floating-point number.

MessageInputQuery CastleMessages

Ask user to input a string, or cancel.

MessageInputQueryCardinal CastleMessages


MessageInputQueryCardinalHex CastleMessages

Ask user to input a value in hexadecimal.

MessageInputQueryVector3 CastleMessages


MessageInputQueryVector4 CastleMessages


MessageKey CastleMessages


MessageKey CastleMessages


MessageKey CastleMessages

Ask user to press any key, return this key as Keys.TKey.

MessageKeyMouse CastleMessages


MessageKeyMouse CastleMessages


MessageKeyMouse CastleMessages


MessageKeyMouse CastleMessages

Ask user to press anything (key or mouse button or mouse wheel), and return it.

MessageOK CastleMessages


MessageOK CastleMessages


MessageOK CastleMessages

Ask user for simple confirmation.

MessageOKPushesView CastleMessages

Change MessageOK behavior to create TViewDialogOK and push it (using TCastleContainer.PushView) and immediately return, without waiting for user confirmation.

MessageYesNo CastleMessages


MessageYesNo CastleMessages


MessageYesNo CastleMessages


Messaging CastleMessaging

Auto-created single instance of TMessaging to communicate between native code (Pascal) and other languages (Java on Android, Objective-C on iOS).

MilisecTimesAdd CastleTimeUtils

Simply add and subtract two TMilisecTime values.

MilisecTimesSubtract CastleTimeUtils


MinAbsVectorCoord CastleVectors


MinAbsVectorCoord CastleVectors


MinAbsVectorCoord CastleVectors


MinDateTime CastleTimeUtils


minDefault CastleTextureImages


minFastest CastleTextureImages


minLinear CastleGLImages


minLinear CastleTextureImages


minLinearMipmapLinear CastleGLImages


minLinearMipmapLinear CastleTextureImages


minLinearMipmapNearest CastleGLImages


minLinearMipmapNearest CastleTextureImages


MinMax CastleUtils


MinMax CastleUtils


minNearest CastleGLImages

We recommend using CastleRenderOptions unit to get these constants.

minNearest CastleTextureImages

We recommend using CastleRenderOptions unit to get these constants.

minNearestMipmapLinear CastleGLImages


minNearestMipmapLinear CastleTextureImages


minNearestMipmapNearest CastleGLImages


minNearestMipmapNearest CastleTextureImages


minNicest CastleTextureImages


MinTriangulationSlices X3DNodes

Minimal values for DefaultTriangulationSlices, DefaultTriangulationStacks.

MinTriangulationStacks X3DNodes


MinVar CastleUtils


MinVar CastleUtils


MinVar CastleUtils


MinVar CastleUtils


MinVar CastleUtils


MinVar CastleUtils

Update value of A to be a minimum of A, B.

MinVectorCoord CastleVectors


ModelViewToNormalMatrix CastleVectors

Convert ModelView matrix to a Normal matrix, just like 3D graphic libraries do.

ModifierKeysToNiceStr CastleKeysMouse


ModifierKeyToKey CastleKeysMouse


ModifiersDown CastleKeysMouse


ModifiersDown CastleKeysMouse

Determine pressed modifier keys (ctrl, shift and so on).

MouseButtonStr CastleKeysMouse


MouseButtonToCastle CastleLCLUtils

Convert Lazarus TMouseButton value to Castle Game Engine TCastleMouseButton.

MouseWheelDirection CastleKeysMouse

Determine simple mouse wheel direction from a Scroll and Vertical parameters received from TCastleWindow.OnMouseWheel.

MouseWheelDirectionStr CastleKeysMouse


MultMatricesTranslation CastleVectors


MultMatrixTranslation CastleVectors

Multiply matrix M by translation matrix.

NatNatPower CastleUtils

Calculate power Base to Exponent, knowing both arguments (and so, also the result) are >= 0.

Navy CastleColors


NextToken CastleStringUtils

Find next part in the string S separated by delimiters TokenDelims.

NextTokenOnce CastleStringUtils

NextTokenOnce works just like NextToken, but doesn't advance the SeekPos position.

NL CastleUtils

New line sequence, suitable for current OS.

NLerp CastleQuaternions


NLerp CastleQuaternions

Interpolate between two rotations, along the straightest path on the unit sphere.

NodesManager X3DNodes

Singleton to manage X3D non-abstract node classes, that can be used in X3D files.

NormalFileExists CastleFilesUtils


Normalized CastleVectors


Normalized CastleVectors


NormalizePlaneVar CastleVectors

This normalizes Plane by scaling all four coordinates of Plane so that length of plane vector (taken from 1st three coordinates) is one.

NormalizeVar CastleVectors


NormalizeVar CastleVectors


NoScale CastleVectors


NtoBE CastleUtils


NtoBE CastleUtils


NtoBE CastleVectors


NtoBE CastleVectors

Endianess conversion for vectors (native to big endian).

NtoBE CastleVectors


NtoLE CastleUtils


NtoLE CastleUtils


NtoLE CastleVectors

Endianess conversion for vectors (native to little endian).

NtoLE CastleVectors


NtoLE CastleVectors


oaRequiredSeparateFirst CastleParameters


oaRequiredSeparateLast CastleParameters


OffscreenRendering CastleGLImages

Are we currently doing off-screen rendering.

Offset CastleUtils


OffsetUInt CastleUtils

Calculate shift between A and B addresses (in bytes).

OldestTime CastleTimeUtils


OldestX3DTime X3DTime


Olive CastleColors


OnGLContextClose CastleUIControls

Called when last OpenGL context closes.

OnGLContextOpen CastleUIControls

Called when first OpenGL context opens.

OnlyHelpOptions CastleParameters


OnScreenNotification CastleOpenDocument

Simple on-screen notification using Android "toast" call.

OnScriptMessage CastleScript

Global method to output messages done by CastleScript writeln() function.

OpenApplicationStore CastleOpenDocument

Show the application in the application store (Google Play on Android, AppStore on iOS).

OpenDocument CastleOpenDocument

Open a local file or directory.

OpenUrl CastleOpenDocument

Open URL with the suitable application.

OptimizeExtensiveTransformations CastleSceneCore

Set this to optimize animating transformations for scenes where you have many transformations (many Transform nodes), and many of them are animated at the same time.

OptionArgumentsRequiredSeparate CastleParameters


OptionDescription CastleParameters

Return a multiline command-line option help, containing the option name and description, nicely indented and broken into multiple lines.

Orange CastleColors


OrderUp CastleUtils


OrderUp CastleUtils


OrderUp CastleUtils


OrderUp CastleUtils


OrderUp CastleUtils


OrderUp CastleUtils


OrderUp CastleUtils


OrderUp CastleUtils

Make sure the Smaller value is <= than the Larger value, by eventually swapping them.

OrderUp CastleUtils

Assign the smaller value from X, Y to Smaller variable, the other one to Larger variable.

OrientationFromDirectionUp CastleTransform


OrientationFromDirectionUp CastleTransform


OrientationFromDirectionUp CastleTransform

Convert camera direction and up vectors into a rotation (X3D "orientation" vector).

OrientationQuaternionFromDirectionUp CastleTransform


OrientationQuaternionFromDirectionUp CastleTransform

Convert camera direction and up vectors into a "rotation quaternion".

OrientationToDirection CastleTransform

Convert rotation (X3D orientation) to a direction vector, reversing the OrientationFromDirectionUp.

OrientationToUp CastleTransform

Convert rotation (X3D orientation) to an up vector, reversing the OrientationFromDirectionUp.

Ortho2DProjectionMatrix CastleProjection


Ortho2DProjectionMatrix CastleProjection


OrthoProjection CastleRenderContext


OrthoProjectionMatrix CastleProjection


OrthoProjectionMatrix CastleProjection

Functions to create 4x4 matrices used in 3D graphics for projection.

OSCheck CastleUtils

If not TrueValue then RaiseLastOSError.

OSCheck CastleUtils


P3DTriangle CastleTriangles


PAnsiCharOrNil CastleStringUtils

PAnsiCharOrNil simply returns a Pointer(S), you can think of it as a NO-OP.

Parameters CastleParameters

Command-line parameters.

ParentPath CastleFilesUtils

Parent directory name.

ParseBoolExpression CastleScriptParser

Parse a CastleScript expression that should be calculated to a boolean value.

ParseConstantFloatExpression CastleScriptParser

Parse constant float expression.

ParseConstantIntExpression CastleScriptParser

Parse constant Int64 expression.

ParseExpression CastleScriptParser

Creates and returns instance of TCasScriptExpression, that represents parsed tree of expression in S.

ParseFloatExpression CastleScriptParser

Parse a CastleScript expression that should be calculated to a float value.

ParseIntExpression CastleScriptParser

Parse a CastleScript expression that should be calculated to a float value.

ParseProgram CastleScriptParser


ParseProgram CastleScriptParser

Parse CastleScript program.

ParseStringExpression CastleScriptParser

Parse a CastleScript expression that should be calculated to a string value.

PathFileSearch CastleFilesUtils

Search a file on $PATH.

PBoolean CastleUtils

Pointer to a boolean.

PBox3D CastleBoxes


PByteArray CastleUtils

Infinite array of bytes.

PCardinal CastleUtils


PCastleColor CastleColors


PCastleColorRGB CastleColors


PCharactersBooleans CastleKeysMouse


PCharOrNil CastleStringUtils

PCharOrNil simply returns a Pointer(S), you can think of it as a NO-OP.

PClipPlane X3DNodes


PCollisionDetailsItem CastleTransform


PConstantStringArray X3DFields


PerfectlyZeroVector CastleVectors


PerfectlyZeroVector CastleVectors


PerfectlyZeroVector CastleVectors


PerspectiveProjection CastleRenderContext

Calculate projection matrix, and set RenderContext.ProjectionMatrix to given value.

PerspectiveProjectionMatrixDeg CastleProjection


PerspectiveProjectionMatrixRad CastleProjection


PFloat CastleUtils


PFloatRectangle CastleRectangles


PFloatRectangleArray CastleRectangles


PFrustum CastleFrustum


PGtkGLArea CastleWindow

For now I use GtkDrawingArea when CASTLE_WINDOW_GTK_2.

Pi2 CastleUtils

Pi * 2.

PInt32Array CastleUtils


PixelsImageClasses CastleGLImages

Part of CastleGLImages unit: miscellneous stuff.

PJoy CastleJoysticks


PJoyInfo CastleJoysticks


PJoyState CastleJoysticks


PKeysBooleans CastleKeysMouse


PKeysBytes CastleKeysMouse


PlaceholderNames CastleShapes


PlaneAntiMove CastleVectors


PlaneDirInDirection CastleVectors


PlaneDirInDirection CastleVectors

Vector orthogonal to plane and pointing in the given direction.

PlaneDirNotInDirection CastleVectors


PlaneDirNotInDirection CastleVectors


PlaneMove CastleVectors

Move a plane by a specifed vector.

PlaneMoveVar CastleVectors


PlaneTransform CastleVectors

Transform plane by a matrix.

Platform CastleUtils

Current platform of the compiled application.

PlatformToStr CastleUtils


PLightInstance X3DNodes


PLongWord CastleUtils


PMatrix2 CastleVectors


PMatrix2Double CastleVectors


PMatrix2Single CastleVectors


PMatrix3 CastleVectors


PMatrix3Double CastleVectors


PMatrix3Single CastleVectors


PMatrix4 CastleVectors


PMatrix4Double CastleVectors


PMatrix4Single CastleVectors


PointerAdd CastleUtils

Pointer arithmetic.

PointerToStr CastleStringUtils

Returns Ptr as 0xXXX...

PointOnLineClosestToLine CastleVectors

Given two 3D lines (both given as an some point + direction in 3D), calculate closest point on 1st line to the 2nd line.

PointOnLineClosestToPoint CastleVectors


PointOnLineClosestToPoint CastleVectors


PointOnPlaneClosestToPoint CastleVectors

Orthogonally project a point on a plane, that is find a closest point to Point lying on a Plane.

PointsDistance CastleVectors


PointsDistance CastleVectors


PointsDistance2DSqr CastleVectors

Distance between points projected on the 2D plane.

PointsDistanceSqr CastleVectors


PointsDistanceSqr CastleVectors


PointsSamePlaneSides CastleVectors

Check if both points are on the same side of given 3D plane.

PointToLineDistanceSqr CastleVectors


PointToNormalizedPlaneDistance CastleVectors

Distance from a point to a plane (with already normalized direction).

PointToPlaneDistance CastleVectors

Distance from a point to a plane.

PointToPlaneDistanceSqr CastleVectors


PointToSegmentDistanceSqr CastleVectors


PointToSimplePlaneDistance CastleVectors


Polygon2dArea CastleTriangles


Polygon2dArea CastleTriangles

Calculate polygon area.

POption CastleParameters


POption_Array CastleParameters


PossibleActivitiesToStr CastleActivityRecognition

Convert TUserActivities to a String, using Delimiter to separate items.

PRayCollisionNode CastleTransform


prBackground CastleScene


prBottom CastleUIControls


prBoundingBox CastleScene


PrefixRemove CastleStringUtils

Removes the prefix, if it is present.

PRenderStatistics CastleTransform


prLeft CastleUIControls


ProcessImageUrl CastleImages

Process URL through events registered by AddLoadImageListener.

ProcessTimer CastleTimeUtils

Current time, local to this process.

ProcessTimerBegin CastleTimeUtils

Simple measure of process CPU time.

ProcessTimerEnd CastleTimeUtils


ProcessTimerNow CastleTimeUtils


ProcessTimerSeconds CastleTimeUtils

Subtract two times obtained from ProcessTimer, A-B, return a difference in seconds.

Profiler CastleTimeUtils

Single instance of TCastleProfiler that you can use for all profiling.

ProgramBreak CastleUtils


ProgramName CastleFilesUtils

The name of our program.

ProjectionTypeToStr CastleProjection


ProposeComponentName CastleClassUtils

Propose a name for given component class, making it unique in given ComponentsOwner.

prRenderClones CastleScene


prRenderSelf CastleScene


prRight CastleUIControls


prShadowVolume CastleScene


prTop CastleUIControls


PShortint CastleUtils


PSingleArray CastleUtils


PTouch CastleUIControls


PTransformation CastleVectors


PTraversingInfo X3DNodes


PTriangle CastleTriangles


PTriangle2 CastleTriangles


PTriangle2Single CastleTriangles


PTriangle3 CastleTriangles


PTriangle3Single CastleTriangles


PTriangle4 CastleTriangles


PTriangle4Single CastleTriangles


PtrObject CastleUtils

Pointer to TObject.

Purple CastleColors


PVector2 CastleVectors


PVector2Array CastleVectors


PVector2Byte CastleVectors


PVector2ByteArray CastleVectors


PVector2Cardinal CastleVectors


PVector2CardinalArray CastleVectors


PVector2Double CastleVectors


PVector2Integer CastleVectors


PVector2IntegerArray CastleVectors


PVector2Single CastleVectors


PVector2SmallInt CastleVectors


PVector3 CastleVectors


PVector3Array CastleVectors


PVector3Byte CastleVectors


PVector3ByteArray CastleVectors


PVector3Cardinal CastleVectors


PVector3CardinalArray CastleVectors


PVector3Double CastleVectors


PVector3Integer CastleVectors


PVector3IntegerArray CastleVectors


PVector3Single CastleVectors


PVector4 CastleVectors


PVector4Array CastleVectors


PVector4Byte CastleVectors


PVector4ByteArray CastleVectors


PVector4Cardinal CastleVectors


PVector4CardinalArray CastleVectors


PVector4Double CastleVectors


PVector4Integer CastleVectors


PVector4IntegerArray CastleVectors


PVector4Single CastleVectors


PVertexJoints X3DNodes


PWideCharOrNil CastleStringUtils

PWideCharOrNil simply returns a Pointer(S), you can think of it as a NO-OP.

PX3DNodeNameRec X3DNodes


PX3DTime X3DTime


Quaternion CastleQuaternions

Quaternion with given vector.

QuatFromAxisAngle CastleQuaternions


QuatFromAxisAngle CastleQuaternions

Calculate unit quaternion representing rotation around Axis by AngleRad angle (in radians).

QuatFromRotationMatrix CastleQuaternions

Initialize rotation quaternion from a 3x3 matrix that contains only rotation.

QuatIdentityRot CastleQuaternions


RadiusToPreferredHeightMin CastleTransform

Multiply radius by this to get sensible "preferred height".

RadiusToProjectionNear CastleTransform

Following X3D spec of NavigationType: "It is recommended that the near clipping plane be set to one-half of the collision radius as specified in the avatarSize field."

RandomBoolean CastleUtils


RandomFloatRange CastleUtils


RandomFloatRange CastleUtils

Random Float value in the given range, result is between RangeBegin and RangeEnd.

RandomIntRange CastleUtils


RandomIntRange CastleUtils

Random integer value in the given range, result is always >= RangeBegin and < RangeEnd.

RandomIntRangeInclusive CastleUtils


RandomIntRangeInclusive CastleUtils

Random int value in the given range, result is always >= RangeBegin and <= RangeEnd.

RandomPlusMinus CastleUtils

Random -1 or +1.

RandomString CastleStringUtils


RawUriDecode CastleUriUtils

Replace all sequences like %xx with their actual 8-bit characters.

ReadGrowingStream CastleClassUtils

Read a growing stream, and append it to another destination stream.

ReadGrowingStreamToDefaultString CastleClassUtils

Read a growing stream, and returns it's contents as a string.

ReadGrowingStreamToString CastleClassUtils

Read a growing stream, and returns it's contents as a string.

RebaseRelativeUrlsInPrototypes X3DNodes

Whether to resolve relative URLs within X3D prototypes with respect to the file that instantiated the prototype (false, default, compatible with Instant Player) or to the file that defined the prototype (true, compatible with BS Contact).

Rectangle CastleRectangles


Rectangle CastleRectangles


Red CastleColors


Red3Single CastleColors

Deprecated, use RedRGB.

RedRGB CastleColors


Register CastleControl


Register CastleDialogs


Register CastlePropEdits


Register Fmx.CastleControl


Register Vcl.CastleControl


RegisterClipboard CastleControls

Register custom TCastleClipboard implementation, that replaces the global Clipboard.

RegisteredComponents CastleComponentSerialize

Read-only list of currently registered (using RegisterSerializableComponent) components.

RegisteredUrlProtocol CastleDownload

Is given protocol name registered with RegisterUrlProtocol.

RegisterModelFormat X3DLoad

Register given model format, to enable loading and/or saving it using LoadNode, SaveNode and all routines on top of them, like TCastleSceneCore.Load.

RegisterSerializableComponent CastleComponentSerialize


RegisterSerializableComponent CastleComponentSerialize


RegisterSerializableComponent CastleComponentSerialize

Register a component that can be serialized and edited using CGE editor.

RegisterUrlProtocol CastleDownload

Register how we can load and/or save the URLs with given protocol.

RegularFileExists CastleFilesUtils

Returns True if file exists and is a "regular" file.

RelativeToCastleDataUrl CastleUriUtils

If this URL indicates something inside the CGE data directory then return URL relative to this data directory.

RemoveLoadImageListener CastleImages

Remove listener added by AddLoadImageListener.

RemoveNonEmptyDir CastleFilesUtils

Remove the directory DirName, recursively, unconditionally, with all the files and subdirectories inside.

RenderContext CastleRenderContext

Current OpenGL / OpenGLES context state.

RenderControlToImage CastleUIControls

Render control contents to an RGBA image, using off-screen rendering.

RequiredSeparateFirstCount CastleParameters


RequiredSeparateLastCount CastleParameters


ResizeForTextureSize CastleGLImages

Resize the image to a size accepted as GL_TEXTURE_2D texture size for OpenGL.

ResizeToCubeMapTextureSize CastleGLImages


ResizeToTextureSize CastleGLImages


ResizeToTextureSize CastleGLImages


ResolveCastleDataUrl CastleUriUtils

If the given URL uses "castle-data:..." protocol, resolve it, returning a URL that does not use "castle-data:..." protocol any more.

RestOf3DCoords CastleUtils

Remaining 3D coordinates (0, 1 or 2) except the given coordinate, in the ascending order.

RestOf3DCoordsCycle CastleUtils

Remaining 3D coordinates (0, 1 or 2) except the given coordinate, in order to cycle.

RestrictedAccessTypes X3DNodes


rfOffScreen CastleTransform


RgbToHsv CastleColors


RgbToHsv CastleColors


RootDir CastleUtils

Root dir name.

RotatePoint2D CastleVectors

Rotate point in 2D, in a counter-clockwise fashion.

RotatePointAroundAxis CastleVectors

Rotate Point around the given axis by a given angle.

RotatePointAroundAxis90 CastleVectors

Rotate Point around the Axis by 90 degrees.

RotatePointAroundAxisDeg CastleVectors


RotatePointAroundAxisMinus90 CastleVectors

Rotate Point around the Axis by -90 degrees.

RotatePointAroundAxisRad CastleVectors

Rotate Point around the Axis by given Angle.

RotationAngleRadBetweenVectors CastleVectors


RotationAngleRadBetweenVectors CastleVectors

Signed angle between two vectors, in radians.

RotationMatricesRad CastleVectors


RotationMatricesRad CastleVectors


RotationMatrix CastleVectors


RotationMatrixDeg CastleVectors


RotationMatrixDeg CastleVectors


RotationMatrixRad CastleVectors


RotationMatrixRad CastleVectors


RotationNegate CastleVectors

Negate a rotation expressed as axis-angle (3 components for axis, 1 for angle).

RoundClamp255 CastleUtils


RoundUpToMultiply CastleUtils

Smallest multiple of Multiplicator that is still >= Value.

SameMethods CastleUtils


SAnsiCompare CastleStringUtils

Compare strings, taking into account current locale.

SAnsiSame CastleStringUtils

Check if strings are equal, taking into account current locale.

SAppendData CastleStringUtils

Appends to a string S DataSize bytes from Data.

SAppendPart CastleStringUtils

If S = '' then returns NextPart, else returns S + PartSeparator + NextPart.

SaveImage CastleImages


SaveImage CastleImages

Save image to a file.

SaveImage_FileFilters CastleImages


SaveNode X3DLoad


SaveNode X3DLoad

Save model to a file.

SaveNode_FileFilters X3DLoad

File filters for files saved by SaveNode.

SaveScreenDepth_NoFlush CastleGLImages

Save depth buffer contents.

SaveScreenPath CastleFilesUtils

Recommended path where to put screenshots on the current platform.

SaveScreenToGL_NoFlush CastleGLImages

Captures current screen as a TDrawableImage instance, ready to be drawn on 2D screen.

SaveScreen_NoFlush CastleGLImages


SaveScreen_NoFlush CastleGLImages


SaveScreen_NoFlush CastleGLImages

Save the current color buffer contents to image.

SaveTextureContents CastleGLImages

Save OpenGL texture contents to TCastleImage.

ScaleFromMatrix CastleVectors

Extract scale from matrix.

ScalingMatrices CastleVectors


ScalingMatrix CastleVectors


SCannotOpenUrl CastleOpenDocument

Indicates units like X, XLib are available on this platform.

SCastleEngineProgramHelpSuffix CastleUtils


SChar CastleStringUtils

A pointer to S[CharNum], that is just @S[CharNum], avoiding range checking.

SCharIs CastleStringUtils


SCharIs CastleStringUtils

Check whether S[Index] = C, also checking is Index within S length.

SCharsCount CastleStringUtils


SCharsCount CastleStringUtils


SCheckChars CastleStringUtils

Check that all characters are within a given set.

SCompilerDescription CastleUtils

Name and version of the Pascal compiler used to compile this unit.

SCompressWhiteSpace CastleStringUtils

Replace any number of consecutive whitespace (including newlines) with a single whitespace.

ScriptVerboseMessages CastleScript

In case of warnings/errors, output more verbose information about the script in which it occurred.

SDeleteChars CastleStringUtils

Returns S with all chars in ExcludedChars deleted.

SearchFileHard CastleFindFiles

Search for a file, ignoring the case.

SEnding CastleStringUtils

Returns suffix of S starting from position P.

SeparateArgsToVector3 CastleParameters


SeparateArgsToVector3Single CastleParameters


SetCurrentProgram CastleGLShaders


SetEnableNetwork CastleDownload


SetTextureFilter CastleGLImages

Set current texture minification and magnification filter.

SetToStr CastleStringUtils

Convert a set to a string representation, in somewhat hacky way.

ShaderTypeName CastleRenderOptions


ShadowSamplingNames CastleRenderOptions


ShareText CastleOpenDocument

Share a text/link through user-choosen application.




Constants for TShapeHintsNode_1.FdShapeType.Value.

Silver CastleColors


SimpleAsciiCharacters CastleStringUtils


SimpleHtmlQuote CastleFonts

Protect characters from being interpreted as special HTML sequences by TCastleAbstractFont.Print with Html = True parameter.

SingleEpsilon CastleVectors

Epsilon used by default when compating Single (Single-precision float values).

SingleEqualityEpsilon CastleVectors


SizeToStr CastleStringUtils

Format size of file, in bytes / megabytes / and so on, whatever looks nice.

SLerp CastleQuaternions


SLerp CastleQuaternions

Interpolate between two rotations, along the shortest path on the unit sphere, with constant speed.

Smallest2Exponent CastleUtils

Smallest exponent such that 2ˆthis exponent is >= Value.

Smallest2Power CastleUtils

Smallest power of 2 that is >= Value.

SmallFactorial CastleUtils

Trivial factorial with Int64 result.

SmoothStep CastleUtils

Hermite interpolation between two values.

SmoothTowards CastleVectors


SmoothTowards CastleVectors


SmoothTowards CastleVectors

Smoothly change Source to Target.

SortAbsVectorCoord CastleVectors


SoundEngine CastleSoundEngine

The sound engine.

SPad CastleStringUtils

Pad (fill from the left with character C) string S, until length of resulting string is at least Len.

SpecialDirName CastleUtils

Checks is the directory name special, like "." or "..".

SPercentReplace CastleStringUtils


SPercentReplace CastleStringUtils

Searches for %x patterns and replaces them with specified strings.

SPlatformDescription CastleUtils

Describe current platform, OS, CPU.

SplitString CastleStringUtils

Split a string by a character delimiter.

Sqrt2 CastleUtils


Sqrt3 CastleUtils


SQuoteLCLCaption CastleLCLUtils

Make each '&' inside string '&&', this way the string will not contain special '&x' sequences when used as a TMenuItem.Caption and such.

SQuoteMenuEntryCaption CastleWindow

Returns S with each underscore '_' replaced by two underscores, '__'.

SReadableForm CastleStringUtils


SReadableForm CastleStringUtils

Replace typically unreadable characters in string S with #number notation.

SRemoveMnemonics CastleWindow

Returns S with each '__' replaced with single '_', any other '_' removed.

SReplaceChars CastleStringUtils


SReplaceChars CastleStringUtils


SReplaceChars CastleStringUtils

Replace all occurrences of characters in FromChars with the new string / character.

SReplacePatterns CastleStringUtils


SReplacePatterns CastleStringUtils


SReplacePatterns CastleStringUtils

Replace all strings in Patterns with corresponding strings in Values.

SRight CastleStringUtils

Return rightmost RPart characters from S.

ssDynamicCollisions CastleScene


ssRendering CastleScene


ssStaticCollisions CastleScene


ssVisibleTriangles CastleScene


StdErrStream CastleClassUtils

Streams to read/write a standard input/output/error of the program.

StdInStream CastleClassUtils

Streams to read/write a standard input/output/error of the program.

StdOutStream CastleClassUtils

Streams to read/write a standard input/output/error of the program.

stMenuClick CastleSoundEngine

Sounds used by TCastleOnScreenMenu.

stMenuCurrentItemChanged CastleSoundEngine

Sounds used by TCastleOnScreenMenu.

stPlayerDies CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerDropItem CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerDrowning CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerFootstepsDefault CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerInteractFailed CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerPickItem CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerSuddenPain CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerSwimming CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerSwimmingChange CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerToxicPain CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

Str2ToInt CastleStringUtils

Convert string representing binary number to an integer.

StreamReadChar CastleClassUtils

Read one character from stream.

StreamReadString CastleClassUtils


StreamReadUpto_EOS CastleClassUtils


StreamReadUpto_EOS CastleClassUtils


StreamReadUpto_EOS CastleClassUtils


StreamReadUpto_EOS CastleClassUtils

Read stream, until you find some character in EndingChars, or end of stream.

StreamReadUpto_NotEOS CastleClassUtils


StreamReadUpto_NotEOS CastleClassUtils


StreamReadUpto_NotEOS CastleClassUtils


StreamReadUpto_NotEOS CastleClassUtils

Read stream, until you find some character in EndingChars.

StreamReadZeroEndString CastleClassUtils


StreamSaveToFile CastleDownload

Save the contents of given Stream to an Url.

StreamToString CastleClassUtils

Convert whole Stream to a string.

StreamWriteString CastleClassUtils

Encode / decode a string in a binary stream.

StrHexToInt CastleStringUtils

Convert string with hexadecimal number to an integer.

StringCopy CastleUnicode

Copy a number of given Unicode characters from given string.

StringLength CastleUnicode

Length of the string, in Unicode characters.

StringReplaceAllVar CastleStringUtils

Replace all occurrences of FromPattern string to ToPattern string, within another string S.

StringsAdd CastleClassUtils

Add some strings.

Strings_AddSplittedString CastleClassUtils

Splits S by Splitter, and adds each splitted part to Strings.

Strings_SetText CastleClassUtils

Use this instead of SList.Text := S to workaround FPC 2.0.2 bug.

Strings_Trim CastleClassUtils

Make sure we don't have more than MaxCount strings on a list.

StringToAlpha CastleImages


StringToComponent CastleComponentSerialize


StringToFile CastleFilesUtils


StringToTextureCompression CastleImages

Convert string to TTextureCompression enum.

StringToUtf16 CastleStringUtils

Convert String to UTF-16 (UnicodeString).

StrToActivity CastleActivityRecognition

Convert between lowercase activity name and TUserActivity type.

StrToActivityConfidence CastleActivityRecognition

Convert between lowercase activity confidence name and TUserActivityConfidence type.

StrToCapabilities CastleGLUtils

Convert a string (like command-line argument) to TGLRequestCapabilities.

StrToFloatDef CastleStringUtils


StrToFloatDefDot CastleUtils

Like standard StrToFloatDef, but always uses dot (.) as a decimal separator for the floating point numbers, regardless of the user's locale settings.

StrToFloatDot CastleUtils

Like standard StrToFloat, but always uses dot (.) as a decimal separator for the floating point numbers, regardless of the user's locale settings.

StrToKey CastleKeysMouse

Convert string value back to a key name, reversing KeyToStr.

StrToOrientationType CastleTransform


StrToPlatform CastleUtils

Convert string to a platform name.

STruncateHash CastleStringUtils

Remove from the string S everything after the first hash "#" character.

SuffixRemove CastleStringUtils

Like PrefixRemove, but checks for and removes Suffix.

SUnformattable CastleStringUtils

Return the value to reproduce exactly string S by Format procedure.

SupportedTextureCompression CastleImages

Which texture compression values are supported by the renderer (like OpenGL context).

SupportedTextureCompressionKnown CastleImages

Is the value of SupportedTextureCompression determined by the renderer (like OpenGL context) parameters.

Swap32 CastleUtils

Utility functions to control the endianess of Single and Double values; no support for Extended though as such values have yet to be encountered when read from a file

Swap64 CastleUtils


SwapEndian CastleUtils


SwapEndian CastleUtils


SwapEndian CastleVectors

Endianess swapping for vectors.

SwapEndian CastleVectors


SwapEndian CastleVectors


SwapValues CastleUtils


SwapValues CastleUtils


SwapValues CastleUtils


SwapValues CastleUtils


SwapValues CastleUtils


SwapValues CastleUtils


SwapValues CastleUtils


SwapValues CastleUtils


SwapValues CastleUtils

Swap variables values.

SwapValues CastleVectors


SwapValues CastleVectors


SwapValues CastleVectors

Replace contents of 2 variables.

SystemDefaultLanguage CastleSystemLanguage


SystemDefaultLocale CastleSystemLanguage


SystemLanguage CastleSystemLanguage

Returns the language code of the system language.

SystemLocale CastleSystemLanguage

Returns the locale code of the system locale.

SZeroPad CastleStringUtils

Pad (fill from the left) with zeros string S, until length of resulting string is at least Len.

T3BoolInputs CastleCameras


T3DAxis CastleUtils

Index of axis in 3D.

T3DCoord CastleRenderOptions


T3DCoords CastleRenderOptions


T3DTriangle CastleTriangles


T3DTriangleGeometry CastleTriangles


T3DTriangleIgnoreFunc CastleTriangles


TAbstract3DBackgroundNode X3DNodes

Abstract type from which 3D backgrounds inherit.

TAbstractAppearanceChildNode X3DNodes

Base node type for the child nodes of TAbstractAppearanceNode.

TAbstractAppearanceNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all Appearance nodes.

TAbstractBackgroundNode X3DNodes

Abstract type from which all backgrounds inherit.

TAbstractBindableNode X3DNodes

Abstract base type for all bindable children nodes.

TAbstractCameraNode_1 X3DNodes

Common base class for all cameras in VRML 1.0.

TAbstractChildNode X3DNodes

Abstract node type that indicates that the node may be used as a child of a grouping node, e.g.

TAbstractColorNode X3DNodes

Base node for color specifications.

TAbstractCommonInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Common base class for all implemented interpolator nodes.

TAbstractComposedGeometryNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all composed 3D geometry.

TAbstractCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all coordinate node types.

TAbstractCubicBezierInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Copyright 2002-2022 Michalis Kamburelis.

TAbstractDirectionalLightNode X3DNodes

Base class for all directional lights.

TAbstractDragSensorNode X3DNodes

Base type for all drag-style pointing device sensors.

TAbstractEnvironmentalSensorNode X3DNodes

Base type for all the environmental sensor nodes.

TAbstractEnvironmentTextureNode X3DNodes

Base type for cubic environment map textures.

TAbstractFontStyleNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all font style nodes.

TAbstractGeometricPropertyNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all geometric property node types.

TAbstractGeometryNode X3DNodes

Base node for a visible geometry in X3D.

TAbstractGeometryNodeClass X3DNodes


TAbstractGeometryNode_1 X3DNodes

Geometry node allowed only in VRML <= 1.0.

TAbstractGroupingNode X3DNodes

Base node that contains children nodes.

TAbstractIndexedNode_1 X3DNodes

Common base class for VRML 1.0 indexed nodes (IndexedFaceSet, IndexedTriangleMesh, IndexedLineSet).

TAbstractInfoNode X3DNodes

Base class for all nodes that contain only information without visual semantics.

TAbstractInternalGroupingNode X3DNodes

Base node that may contain children nodes.

TAbstractInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Basis for all nodes interpolating (animating) values.

TAbstractKeyDeviceSensorNode X3DNodes

Base type for all sensor node types that operate using key devices.

TAbstractLightNode X3DNodes

Base class for all the light nodes.

TAbstractMaterialNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all Material nodes.

TAbstractMetadataNode X3DNodes

Basis for all metadata nodes.

TAbstractNetworkSensorNode X3DNodes

Basis for all sensors that generate events based on network activity.

TAbstractNode X3DNodes

Base X3D node that can have some metadata.

TAbstractNormalNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all normal node types.

TAbstractNurbsControlCurveNode X3DNodes

Base type for nodes that provide control curve information in 2D space.

TAbstractNurbsSurfaceGeometryNode X3DNodes

Abstract geometry type for all types of NURBS surfaces.

TAbstractOneSidedMaterialNode X3DNodes


TAbstractParametricGeometryNode X3DNodes

Base type for all geometry node types that are created parametrically and use control points to describe the final shape of the surface.

TAbstractPointingDeviceSensorNode X3DNodes

Base type for all pointing device sensors.

TAbstractPointLightNode X3DNodes

Point light source, that shines from a given point in all directions around, for all VRML and X3D versions.

TAbstractPositionalLightNode X3DNodes

Base class for all positional lights.

TAbstractProductStructureChildNode X3DNodes

Abstract class for (most) nodes that are valid product structure children.

TAbstractPunctualLightNode X3DNodes

Base class for all "punctual" light nodes (that have a position and/or direction).

TAbstractScriptNode X3DNodes

Abstract node type for all scripting nodes.

TAbstractSensorNode X3DNodes

Base abstract class for most (but not all) sensors.

TAbstractSeparatorNode_1 X3DNodes

Base class for VRML 1.0 nodes that push / pop all attributes and matrices.

TAbstractSequencerNode X3DNodes

Base node type from which all sequencers (like TIntegerSequencerNode and TBooleanSequencerNode) are derived.

TAbstractShaderNode X3DNodes

Base type for all node types that specify a programmable shader.

TAbstractShapeNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all Shape nodes.

TAbstractSingleTextureCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Base for all nodes which specify a texture coordinate, but not MultiTextureCoordinate.

TAbstractSingleTextureNode X3DNodes

Base for all nodes which specify a texture, but not multi-texture.

TAbstractSingleTextureTransformNode X3DNodes

Base for all nodes which specify a texture coordinate transform, but not MultiTextureTransform.

TAbstractSoundNode X3DNodes

Base for all sound nodes.

TAbstractSoundSourceNode X3DNodes

Base class for most (but not all) nodes that can emit audio data.

TAbstractTexture2DNode X3DNodes

2D texture.

TAbstractTexture3DNode X3DNodes

Base type for all node types that specify 3D sources for texture images.

TAbstractTextureCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Base for all nodes which specify texture coordinates.

TAbstractTextureNode X3DNodes

Base for all nodes which specify a texture, possibly multi-texture.

TAbstractTextureTransformNode X3DNodes

Base for all nodes which specify a transformation of texture coordinates.

TAbstractTimeDependentNode X3DNodes

Abstract node from which most (but not all) time-dependent nodes are derived.

TAbstractTouchSensorNode X3DNodes

Base type for all touch-style pointing device sensors.

TAbstractTransformationNode_1 X3DNodes

Common base class for all VRML 1 nodes that modify the transformation.

TAbstractTriggerNode X3DNodes

Base type from which all trigger nodes are derived.

TAbstractVertexAttributeNode X3DNodes

Base type for all node types that specify per-vertex attribute information to the shader.

TAbstractViewpointNode X3DNodes

Base type for viewpoints in X3D, which are locations from which the user may view the scene.

TAbstractX3DGeometryNode X3DNodes


TAbstractX3DGroupingNode X3DNodes


TAbstractX3DTexture2DNode X3DNodes


TAbstractX3DViewpointNode X3DNodes


TActivityRecognition CastleActivityRecognition

Activity recognition (detects user stationary, walking, running and so on) (TActivityRecognition).

TAdClosedEvent CastleAds


TAdNetwork CastleAds


TAds CastleAds

Advertisements in game.

TAdWatchStatus CastleAds


TAimAvatar CastleThirdPersonNavigation

Used by TCastleThirdPersonNavigation.AimAvatar.

taLeft CastleMessages


TAllowedChildren X3DNodes

Copyright 2002-2022 Michalis Kamburelis.

TAlphaChannel CastleImages

See TCastleImage.AlphaChannel.

TAlphaMode X3DNodes

Alpha mode, for TAppearanceNode.AlphaMode.

taMiddle CastleMessages


TAnalytics CastleAnalytics

Gathering analytics through Google Analytics and / or Game Analytics .

TAnalyticsProgress CastleAnalytics

Status for TAnalytics.Progress.

TAnchorNode X3DNodes

Load the URL when the user activates (clicks) some geometry contained within the Anchor node's children.

TAntiAliasing CastleWindow

Anti-aliasing values for TCastleWindow.AntiAliasing.

TAppearanceNode X3DNodes

Visual properties of geometry.

TArc2DNode X3DNodes

Circular arc in 2D.

TArcClose2DNode X3DNodes

Closed circular arc in 2D.

TArcClosureType X3DNodes

Type of TArcClose2DNode.ClosureType.

taRight CastleMessages


TAsciiTextNode_1 X3DNodes


TAudioClipNode X3DNodes

Buffer for sound data, which can be played by the TSoundNode.

TAutoAlphaChannel CastleImages

How is the alpha channel of an image treated.

TAutoMagnificationFilter CastleRenderOptions

Texture magnification filter (what happens when a single texture pixel in stretched over many screen pixels).

TAutoMinificationFilter CastleRenderOptions

Texture minification filter (what happens when many texture pixels are squeezed in one screen pixel).

TAvailableProduct CastleInAppPurchases

Information about product possible to be bought given to TInAppPurchases.SetAvailableProducts.

TBackgroundNode X3DNodes

3D background of a scene, comprised of sky and ground colors (gradients) and optional six textures (skybox).

TBackgroundSide X3DNodes

Side of the background (skybox), used with TBackgroundNode.

TBackgroundStack CastleSceneCore


TBaseShadowVolumeRenderer CastleTransform

Shadow volumes helper, not depending on OpenGL.

TBeforeShapeRenderProc CastleScene


TBillboardNode X3DNodes

Grouping node that transforms the coordinate system of its children so that they always turn towards the viewer.

TBlendingDestinationFactor CastleRenderOptions


TBlendingSort CastleRenderOptions


TBlendingSourceFactor CastleRenderOptions


TBlendModeNode X3DNodes

Customize blending (partial transparency) mode.

TBooleanFilterNode X3DNodes

Filters boolean events, allowing for selective routing of TRUE or FALSE values and negation.

TBooleanList CastleUtils

List of booleans.

TBooleanSequencerNode X3DNodes

Generate sequential boolean events.

TBooleanToggleNode X3DNodes

Stores a boolean value for toggling on/off.

TBooleanTriggerNode X3DNodes

Trigger node that generates Boolean events upon receiving time events.

TBorder CastleUIControls


TBorder CastleVectors

Configurable border size for TCastleUserInterface.Border.

TBoundaryMode X3DNodes

Boundary modes for texture coordinates.

TBox3D CastleBoxes

Axis-aligned box.

TBox3DBool CastleBoxes


TBox3DEvent CastleBoxes


TBox3DList CastleBoxes


TBoxCorners CastleBoxes


TBoxNode X3DNodes

Rectangular box.

TBufferedReadStream CastleClassUtils

Read another stream, sequentially, always being able to back one character, and buffering it.

TBumpMapping CastleRenderOptions

Possible bump mapping options.

TByteArray CastleUtils


TCADAssemblyNode X3DNodes

Holds a set of assemblies or parts grouped together.

TCADFaceNode X3DNodes

Holds the geometry representing a face of a part.

TCADLayerNode X3DNodes

Hierarchy of nodes used for showing layer structure for the CAD model.

TCADPartNode X3DNodes

Represents the location and faces that constitute a part in the CAD model.

TCamera CastleCameras


TCameraInput CastleCameras


TCameraInputs CastleCameras


TCaptionPart CastleWindow


TCardinalList CastleUtils

List of Cardinal (unsigned) values.

TCasScriptAbs CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptAdd CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptAnd CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptArcCos CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptArcCotan CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptArcSin CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptArcTan CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptArrayD CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptArrayFun CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptArrayGet CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptArrayGetCount CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptArraySet CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptArraySetCount CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptAssignment CastleScript

CastleScript assignment operator.

TCasScriptBool CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptBoolean CastleScript


TCasScriptBooleanArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptCatmullRomSpline CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptCeil CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptCharacterFromCode CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptCoalesce CastleScript


TCasScriptCos CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptCosh CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptCotan CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptCotanh CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptCurve CastleCurves

Curve defined by explicitly giving functions for Point(t) = x(t), y(t), z(t) as CastleScript expressions.

TCasScriptDeg CastleScriptCoreFunctions

CastleScript function deg that converts degrees to radians.

TCasScriptDoubleArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptEnvironment CastleScript

Various information that may be useful for implementing some function handlers, but that should be supplied from outside of CastleScript.

TCasScriptEqual CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptExp CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptExpression CastleScript


TCasScriptExpressionList CastleScript


TCasScriptFloat CastleScript


TCasScriptFloatDivide CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptFloatFun CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptFloor CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptFor CastleScript


TCasScriptFunction CastleScript


TCasScriptFunctionClass CastleScript


TCasScriptFunctionHandler CastleScript

Calculate result on given function arguments Arguments.

TCasScriptFunctionHandlers CastleScript

This specifies for each type combination (array of TCasScriptValue classes) and for each function (TCasScriptFunction class) how they should be handled.

TCasScriptGrayscale CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptGreater CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptGreaterEq CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptHermiteSpline CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptHermiteTenseSpline CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptIf CastleScript


TCasScriptImage CastleScriptImages

TODO: Depends on CastleVectors, which is not for Delphi now

TCasScriptImageComponents CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageFun CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageGet CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageGetAlpha CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageGetColor CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageHeight CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageLoad CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageSet CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageSetAlpha CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageSetColor CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageWidth CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptInt CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptInt32Array CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptIntDivide CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptInteger CastleScript


TCasScriptLerp CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptLesser CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptLesserEq CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptLexer CastleScriptLexer


TCasScriptLn CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptLog CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptLog2 CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptMatrix CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrix3d CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrix3dArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptMatrix3f CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrix3fArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptMatrix4d CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrix4dArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptMatrix4f CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrix4fArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptMatrixFun CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrixGet CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrixGetCount CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrixSet CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMax CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptMessage CastleScript


TCasScriptMin CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptModulo CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptMultiply CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptNegate CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptNot CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptNotEqual CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptOr CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptOrientationFromDirectionUp CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptOrientationToDirection CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptOrientationToUp CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptParameterValue CastleScript

This is a very special CastleScript value, used to represent user-defined function parameter.

TCasScriptPower CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptPower2 CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptProgram CastleScript


TCasScriptRandom CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptRegisteredHandler CastleScript


TCasScriptRotate CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptRound CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptSearchArgumentClassesCache CastleScript


TCasScriptSequence CastleScript


TCasScriptSgn CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptShortcut CastleScriptCoreFunctions

CastleScript function shortcut, see [].

TCasScriptSin CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptSingleArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptSinh CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptSlerp CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptSqr CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptSqrt CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptString CastleScript


TCasScriptStringArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptStringFun CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptSubtract CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptTan CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptTanh CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptUserFunction CastleScript

CastleScript user function definition.

TCasScriptUserFunctionList CastleScript


TCasScriptValue CastleScript


TCasScriptValueClass CastleScript


TCasScriptValueClassArray CastleScript


TCasScriptValueList CastleScript


TCasScriptValuesArray CastleScript


TCasScriptVec CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVec2d CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVec2dArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptVec2f CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVec2fArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptVec3d CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVec3dArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptVec3f CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVec3fArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptVec4d CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVec4dArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptVec4f CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVec4fArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptVector CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorCross CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorD CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorDot CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorGet CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorGetCount CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorLength CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorSet CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorSqrLength CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptWhen CastleScript


TCasScriptWhile CastleScript


TCasScriptWriteln CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCastle2DNavigation CastleCameras

Navigation most suitable for 2D viewports (with orthographic projection and standard direction/up: -Z/+Y).

TCastleAbstractFont CastleFonts

Abstract class for a font that can be used to render text.

TCastleAbstractJoint CastleTransform

Base class for physics joints, that connects two physics bodies and constraints their relative movement.

TCastleAbstractLight CastleScene

Base class to express lights that can be easily added and adjusted inside TCastleViewport.

TCastleAbstractOneBodyJoint CastleTransform

Abstract class for joints that use only one TCastleTransform.

TCastleAbstractPrimitive CastleScene

Base class to express primitives that can be easily added and adjusted inside TCastleViewport.

TCastleAbstractRootTransform CastleTransform

Root of transformations and scenes (tree of TCastleTransform and TCastleScene).

TCastleAbstractSlider CastleControls

An abstract slider user interface.

TCastleAbstractTwoBodiesJoint CastleTransform

Abstract class for joints that connect two TCastleTransform instances.

TCastleAliveBehavior CastleBehaviors

Behavior that tracks life points, and determines being alive/dead for game purposes.

TCastleApplication CastleWindow

Application, managing all open TCastleWindow (OpenGL windows).

TCastleApplicationMode CastleUtils

Application mode.

TCastleApplicationProperties CastleApplicationProperties

Events and properties of the Castle Game Engine application, usually accessed through the ApplicationProperties singleton.

TCastleAutoNavigationViewport CastleViewport

Automatically create and switch between various navigation classes on a viewport.

TCastleBackground CastleScene

Background, a skybox with a color gradient to represent sky and ground behind.

TCastleBallJoint CastleTransform

Ball joint allows to freely rotate the transformation of one object relative to another (rotate in any axis) but does not allow any movement.

TCastleBehavior CastleTransform

Behaviors can be attached to TCastleTransform to perform specific logic, for example implement creature movement.

TCastleBehaviorClass CastleTransform


TCastleBehaviorList CastleTransform


TCastleBillboard CastleBehaviors

Behavior to make parent TCastleTransform a billboard, that always rotates to face the current camera.

TCastleBitmapFont CastleFonts

Bitmap font, where each character is just drawn (and may be multi-color) on a raster image.

TCastleBox CastleScene

Box with configurable size, position and material.

TCastleBoxCollider CastleTransform

Collide as a box.

TCastleButton CastleControls

Clickable button.

TCastleButtonImageLayout CastleControls

Possible image placement for a button, see TCastleButton.ImageLayout.

TCastleCamera CastleTransform

Camera determines viewer position and orientation in the viewport.

TCastleCapsuleCollider CastleTransform

Collide as a capsule.

TCastleCheckbox CastleControls

Checkbox with a caption.

TCastleClipboard CastleControls

Clipboard to cut / copy / paste the text.

TCastleCollider CastleTransform

Abstract collider that determines the shape used to determine collisions with physics bodies.

TCastleColor CastleColors


TCastleColorHelper CastleColors


TCastleColorPersistent CastleColors

TCastleColor record represented as a TPersistent descendant, to be able to visually edit it (in Lazarus and Delphi visual designer, and Castle Game Engine visual designer) and to serialize it.

TCastleColorRGB CastleColors


TCastleColorRGBHelper CastleColors


TCastleColorRGBPersistent CastleColors

TCastleColorRGB record represented as a TPersistent descendant, to be able to visually edit it (in Lazarus and Delphi visual designer, and Castle Game Engine visual designer) and to serialize it.

TCastleComponent CastleClassUtils

Component with various CGE extensions: can be a parent of other non-visual components (to display them in CGE editor and serialize them to files), can be translated, can have custom logic when serializing/deserializing (CustomSerialization).

TCastleComponentEditorDesigner CastleEditorAccess

Access instance of this from TComponentEditor descendants, using GetDesigner.

TCastleComponentFactory CastleComponentSerialize

Load a serialized component (from a design file, like .castle-user-interface, .castle-transform, .castle-component) and instantiate it multiple times.

TCastleComponentFactoryHelper CastleViewport

Helper methods extending TCastleComponentFactory.

TCastleCone CastleScene

Cone with configurable size, position and material.

TCastleConfig CastleConfig


TCastleConfig CastleXMLConfig

Store configuration in XML format.

TCastleConfigEvent CastleXMLConfig


TCastleConfigEventList CastleXMLConfig


TCastleConfigKeysMouseHelper CastleKeysMouse


TCastleConfigScriptHelper CastleScriptXML

Class helper to read CastleScript expressions from XML config files.

TCastleContainer CastleUIControls

Abstract user interface container.

TCastleContainer CastleWindow


TCastleControl CastleControl

Control to render everything (3D or 2D) with Castle Game Engine.

TCastleControl Fmx.CastleControl

Control rendering "Castle Game Engine" on FMX form.

TCastleControl Vcl.CastleControl

Control rendering OpenGL on VCL form.

TCastleControlBase CastleControl

Note: we need this deprecated class to be a separate class, not just an alias for TCastleControl, to be able to register it using RegisterNoIcon, to support in old projects.

TCastleControlContainer CastleControl

TCastleContainer that cooperates with TCastleControl.

TCastleControlCustom CastleControl


TCastleCrosshair CastleControls

Display a simple crosshair in the middle of the parent control.

TCastleCrosshairShape CastleControls

Possible crosshair shape, for TCastleCrosshair.Shape.

TCastleCylinder CastleScene

Cylinder with configurable size, position and material.

TCastleDesign CastleControls

Contents of this user-interface control are loaded from an indicated file (by the Url property).

TCastleDirectionalLight CastleScene

Directional light shines along a direction in 3D space, simulating a light source far away (like a sun).

TCastleDistanceJoint CastleTransform

Distance joint tries to maintain a certain distance between two rigid bodies, with certain flexibility (like a spring).

TCastleDownload CastleDownload

Download an URL (possibly making an HTTP(S) request) asynchronously, without blocking the application.

TCastleEdit CastleControls

Edit box to input a single line of text.

TCastleExamineNavigation CastleCameras

Navigate the 3D model in examine mode, like you would hold a box with the model inside.

TCastleFlashEffect CastleFlashEffect

Fade out, flash, and similar screen effects done by blending screen with given color.

TCastleFloatEdit CastleControls

Descendant of TCastleEdit specialized for editing floating-point numbers.

TCastleFloatSlider CastleControls

Slider to change a float value within a given range.

TCastleFog CastleScene

Control fog in 3D world.

TCastleFont CastleFonts

Font loaded from a font file, like ttf or otf.

TCastleFontFamily CastleFonts

Font family, with possible different subfonts for Regular, Bold, Italic, BoldItalic variants.

TCastleFrameProfiler CastleTimeUtils

Profiler gathering statistics about each game frame.

TCastleGrabJoint CastleTransform

Grab joint pulls the rigid body Anchor towards a TargetWorld defined in the world coordinates.

TCastleHingeJoint CastleTransform

Hinge joint allows to rotate the transformation around a given axis, like a door attached using hinges to the frame.

TCastleHorizontalGroup CastleControls

Container that packs the children horizontally.

TCastleImage CastleImages

An abstract class representing image as a simple array of pixels.

TCastleImageClass CastleImages


TCastleImageControl CastleControls

Image control.

TCastleImageList CastleImages


TCastleImagePersistent CastleGLImages

Image that can be easily loaded from URL (possibly reusing a cache), drawn, and serialized to/from file.

TCastleImageTransform CastleScene

Image (that you can place within TCastleViewport) with configurable size and repeat.

TCastleIntegerEdit CastleControls

Descendant of TCastleEdit specialized for editing integer numbers.

TCastleIntegerSlider CastleControls

Slider to change an integer value within a given range.

TCastleLabel CastleControls

Label with possibly multiline text.

TCastleLayerCollisions CastleTransform


TCastleLayerNames CastleTransform


TCastleMask CastleControls

Limit the visibility of children by an arbitrary (defined using an arbitrary UI) mask.

TCastleMeshCollider CastleTransform

Collide as a set of triangles determined by Mesh.

TCastleMOFile CastleLocalizationGetText

TMOFile descendant that allows iterating through all strings.

TCastleMouseButton CastleKeysMouse


TCastleMouseButtons CastleKeysMouse


TCastleMouseLookNavigation CastleCameras

Abstract navigation class that can utilize mouse look, during which mouse cursor is hidden and we look at MouseLookDelta every frame.

TCastleNavigation CastleCameras

Handle user input to modify viewport's camera.

TCastleNotifications CastleNotifications

Notifications displayed on the screen.

TCastleObjectList CastleClassUtils

Extended TObjectList for Castle Game Engine.

TCastleObjectQueue CastleClassUtils

Extended TObjectQueue for Castle Game Engine.

TCastleObjectStack CastleClassUtils

Extended TObjectStack for Castle Game Engine.

TCastleOpen3DDialog CastleDialogs

Dialog to open scene (select a file that can be loaded using TCastleScene.Load).

TCastleOpenDialog CastleDialogs

General open dialog that uses URL.

TCastleOpenImageDialog CastleDialogs

Image open dialog.

TCastleOpenPascalUnitDialog CastleDialogs


TCastleOrthographic CastleTransform

Subcomponent used in TCastleCamera.Orthographic to set orthographic projection parameters.

TCastlePackedGroup CastleControls

Abstract ancestor for containers that pack children, like TCastleHorizontalGroup and TCastleVerticalGroup.

TCastlePanel CastleControls

Panel or a toolbar control.

TCastlePerspective CastleTransform

Subcomponent used in TCastleCamera.Perspective to set perspective projection parameters.

TCastlePlane CastleScene

Plane with configurable size, position and material.

TCastlePlaneCollider CastleTransform

Push everything to be above the given static plane, like a floor.

TCastlePlatform CastleUtils

Possible platforms supported by CGE.

TCastlePlatforms CastleUtils


TCastlePlayingSound CastleSoundEngine

Controls a sound playback.

TCastlePlayingSoundSource CastleBehaviors

Controls a sound playback initiated by TCastleSoundSource.Play.

TCastlePointLight CastleScene

Point light is a point in 3D space that shines uniformly in all directions.

TCastleProfiler CastleTimeUtils

Profiler, to measure the speed of execution of your code.

TCastleProfilerTime CastleTimeUtils

Structure obtained by calling TCastleProfiler.Start.

TCastlePunctualLight CastleScene

Ancestor class for all punctual lights: point, spot, directional.

TCastleRecentFiles CastleLCLRecentFiles

Manage a list of recently opened files, and show a menu in Lazarus.

TCastleRectangleControl CastleControls

Fill a rectangle on screen with given color or theme image.

TCastleRenderOptions CastleRenderOptions

Options that control rendering, available at every scene through TCastleScene.RenderOptions.

TCastleRenderOptionsClass CastleRenderOptions


TCastleRenderOptionsEvent CastleRenderOptions


TCastleRenderUnlitMesh CastleRenderPrimitives

Render a set of vertexes, with optional indexes.

TCastleRigidBody CastleTransform

Use this behavior to be affected by physics collisions and forces.

TCastleRigidBodyList CastleTransform


TCastleRootTransform CastleScene

Root of transformations and scenes (tree of TCastleTransform and TCastleScene).

TCastleRopeJoint CastleTransform

Rope joint connects two bodies by an invisible rope that prevents the distance between them to grow beyond specfied Distance.

TCastleSaveDialog CastleDialogs

General save dialog that uses URL.

TCastleSaveImageDialog CastleDialogs

Image save dialog.

TCastleScene CastleScene

Complete loading, processing and rendering of a scene.

TCastleSceneClass CastleScene


TCastleSceneCore CastleSceneCore

Loading and processing of a scene.

TCastleSceneCore.TVisibilitySensors CastleSceneCore


TCastleSceneList CastleScene


TCastleSceneManager CastleViewport

Deprecated way to manage transformations and scenes.

TCastleScreenEffects CastleScreenEffects

Screen effects are shaders that post-process the rendered screen.

TCastleScrollArea CastleControls

Class that represents scrollable area inside TCastleScrollView.ScrollArea.

TCastleScrollView CastleControls

Container for a user interface children that can be scrolled vertically.

TCastleScrollViewCustom CastleControls

Abstract user interface with a scrollbar.

TCastleScrollViewManual CastleControls

Control with a scrollbar.

TCastleShape CastleControls

Draw a simple shape (rectangle, circle, triangle) with given color and optional outline.

TCastleSimpleBackground CastleControls

Fill the whole window with a simple color.

TCastleSocket CastleClientServer


TCastleSound CastleSoundEngine

Sound that can be loaded from Url (possibly reusing a cache, possibly using streaming) and played.

TCastleSoundSource CastleBehaviors

Behavior to play spatial sounds, that automatically follow the parent TCastleTransform transformation.

TCastleSphere CastleScene

Sphere with configurable size, position and material.

TCastleSphereCollider CastleTransform

Collide as a sphere.

TCastleSpotLight CastleScene

Spot light shines a cone of light, from a given location, along a direction (-Z in local coordinates).

TCastleStickToSurface CastleBehaviors

Behavior to make parent TCastleTransform stick to a surface of another TCastleTransform Target.

TCastleStringList CastleStringUtils

List of strings.

TCastleSwitchControl CastleControls

Touch-friendly checkbox control representing on/off state.

TCastleTCPClient CastleClientServer


TCastleTCPClientThread CastleClientServer


TCastleTCPServer CastleClientServer


TCastleTenjin CastleTenjin

Tenjin ( ) integration.

TCastleTerrain CastleTerrain


TCastleTerrainCombine CastleTerrain

Combine (add, multiply, do maximum or minimum) two other terrain data sources.

TCastleTerrainCombineOperation CastleTerrain

Operation used by TCastleTerrainCombine to combine heights from 2 terrain data sources.

TCastleTerrainData CastleTerrain

Terrain (height map) data that can be used for TCastleTerrain.Data.

TCastleTerrainImage CastleTerrain

Terrain (height map) data taken from intensities in an image.

TCastleTerrainLayer CastleTerrain

Layer of a terrain properties.

TCastleTerrainNoise CastleTerrain

Terrain heights are generated from a smooth noise, combined with some terrain-specific improvements (Heterogeneous).

TCastleText CastleScene

Text that is displayed and transformed as TCastleTransform, inside TCastleViewport, and can be manipulated in 3D.

TCastleTheme CastleUIControls

Theme for user interface controls.

TCastleThirdPersonNavigation CastleThirdPersonNavigation

3rd-person (with visible avatar) navigation.

TCastleThirdPersonNavigationAnimationEvent CastleThirdPersonNavigation


TCastleTiledMap CastleTiledMap

Display a map created in Tiled in a viewport.

TCastleTiledMapControl CastleTiledMap

Display a map created in Tiled (

TCastleTiledMapData CastleTiledMap

Loading and manipulating "Tiled" map files (

TCastleTiledMapData.TAnimation CastleTiledMap

Contains a list of animation frames.

TCastleTiledMapData.TData CastleTiledMap

Binary data definition.

TCastleTiledMapData.TFrame CastleTiledMap

Single frame of animation.

TCastleTiledMapData.TImage CastleTiledMap

Image definition.

TCastleTiledMapData.TImageLayer CastleTiledMap


TCastleTiledMapData.TLayer CastleTiledMap


TCastleTiledMapData.TObjectGroupLayer CastleTiledMap


TCastleTiledMapData.TProperty CastleTiledMap


TCastleTiledMapData.TPropertyList CastleTiledMap

List of properties.

TCastleTiledMapData.TTerrain CastleTiledMap


TCastleTiledMapData.TTile CastleTiledMap


TCastleTiledMapData.TTiledObject CastleTiledMap

Object definition.

TCastleTiledMapData.TTileset CastleTiledMap

Tileset definition.

TCastleTimer CastleControls

Timer, running the OnTimer event periodically.

TCastleTouchControl CastleControls

Touch user interface to navigate in a 3D world.

TCastleTouchCtlMode CastleControls

Possible touch control UI, for TCastleTouchControl.TouchMode.

TCastleTouchNavigation CastleViewport

Show draggable controls in the corner, to navigate in the viewport comfortably on touch devices.

TCastleTouchPosition CastleControls


TCastleTransform CastleTransform

Group and transform (move, rotate, scale) children objects.

TCastleTransformClass CastleTransform


TCastleTransformDesign CastleTransform

Contents are loaded from an indicated castle-transform file (by the Url property).

TCastleTransformList CastleTransform

List of TCastleTransform instances.

TCastleTransformReference CastleTransform

Reference another TCastleTransform instance, to render one TCastleTransform multiple times within the same viewport.

TCastleUserInterface CastleUIControls

Basic user-interface class.

TCastleUserInterfaceChange CastleUIControls

Things that can cause TCastleUserInterface.VisibleChange notification.

TCastleUserInterfaceChangeEvent CastleUIControls


TCastleUserInterfaceChanges CastleUIControls


TCastleUserInterfaceClass CastleUIControls


TCastleUserInterfaceFont CastleControls

Base class for all user interface controls using a font.

TCastleUserInterfaceList CastleUIControls

List of TCastleUserInterface instances.

TCastleUserInterfaceRect CastleUIControls


TCastleVector2Persistent CastleVectors

TVector2 record represented as a TPersistent descendant, to be able to visually edit it (in Lazarus and Delphi visual designer, and Castle Game Engine visual designer) and to serialize it.

TCastleVector3Persistent CastleVectors

TVector3 record represented as a TPersistent descendant, to be able to visually edit it (in Lazarus and Delphi visual designer, and Castle Game Engine visual designer) and to serialize it.

TCastleVector4Persistent CastleVectors

TVector4 record represented as a TPersistent descendant, to be able to visually edit it (in Lazarus and Delphi visual designer, and Castle Game Engine visual designer) and to serialize it.

TCastleVector4RotationPersistent CastleVectors

TCastleVector4Persistent descendant for castle editor to display angle component nicer (as 'Angle (W)' and 'Deg(90)' instead of as 'W' and in radians).

TCastleVerticalGroup CastleControls

Container that packs the children vertically.

TCastleView CastleUIControls

"View" represents the current state of your application user interface.

TCastleViewList CastleUIControls


TCastleViewport CastleViewport

Viewport displays a tree of scenes and transformations (TCastleTransform and descendants of it, like TCastleScene).

TCastleViewportList CastleViewport


TCastleWalkNavigation CastleCameras

Navigation by walking or flying (classic first-person shooter navigation) in a 3D scene.

TCastleWindow CastleWindow

Window to render everything (3D or 2D) with Castle Game Engine.

TCastleWindowBase CastleWindow


TCastleWindowClass CastleWindow


TCastleWindowCustom CastleWindow


TChangeTransformation CastleThirdPersonNavigation

How does the avatar change transformation (for movement and rotations).

TCharactersBooleans CastleKeysMouse


TCircle2DNode X3DNodes

Circle in 2D.

TClassicRayTracer CastleRayTracer

Classic Whitted-style ray-tracer.

TClearBuffer CastleRenderContext


TClearBuffers CastleRenderContext


TClientConnection CastleClientServer


TClientConnectionEvent CastleClientServer


TClientContextList CastleClientServer


TClientMessageReceivedEvent CastleClientServer


TClipPlane X3DNodes

Clipping plane, along with a transformation.

TClipPlaneList X3DNodes


TClipPlaneNode X3DNodes

Clip the geometry with a plane.

TCodeBreaker CastleUtils

Special class to raise an exception that is always catched.

TCollisionDetails CastleTransform

Represents a collision with a 3D objects tree.

TCollisionDetailsItem CastleTransform

Detailed information about collision with a single 3D object.

TCollisionDetection CastleTransform


TCollisionEvent CastleTransform


TCollisionNode X3DNodes

Grouping node that specifies the collision detection properties for its children.

TColorBuffer CastleGLImages

Color buffer to grab, used by SaveScreen_NoFlush.

TColorChannel CastleRenderOptions

Possible color channel to write, see TCastleRenderOptions.InternalColorChannels.

TColorChannels CastleRenderOptions

Possible subset of color channels to write, see TCastleRenderOptions.InternalColorChannels.

TColorInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a single color.

TColorMode CastleRenderOptions

Type of TAbstractColorNode.Mode.

TColorModulatorByteFunc CastleColors

Function that processes RGB colors, used by TCastleImage.ModulateRGB.

TColorNode X3DNodes

Set of RGB colours.

TColorRGBANode X3DNodes

Set of RGBA colours.

TColorSetInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of colors, for example to animate a set of TBackgroundNode or TColorNode colors.

TColorSpace CastleRenderOptions

Color space.

TCommonSurfaceShaderNode X3DNodes

Advanced material that can be heavily configured using textures (specular maps, normal maps and much more).

TComponentHelper CastleComponentSerialize


TComposedCubeMapTextureNode X3DNodes

Cube environment map texture defined as a six individual 2D texture nodes.

TComposedShaderNode X3DNodes

OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) shader container, which should be composed from multiple TShaderPartNode instances.

TComposedTexture3DNode X3DNodes

3D texture defined as a collection of 2D texture sources at various depths.

TConeNode X3DNodes


TConeNode_1 X3DNodes


TConeNode_2 X3DNodes


TConnectionEvent CastleClientServer


TConstantStringArray X3DFields

Array of strings used with TSFStringEnum and TSFEnum.

TContainerEvent CastleUIControls


TContainerObjectEvent CastleUIControls


TContour2DNode X3DNodes

Groups a set of curve segments for a composite contour, for X3D.

TContourPolyline2DNode X3DNodes

Piecewise linear curve segment as a part of a trimming contour in the u, v domain of a surface.

TControlInputMotionEvent CastleLCLUtils


TControlInputPressReleaseEvent CastleLCLUtils


TControlPointsCurve CastleCurves

A basic abstract class for curves determined my some set of ControlPoints.

TControlPointsCurveClass CastleCurves


TControlPointsCurveList CastleCurves


TConverterNode X3DNodes


TCoordinate3Node_1 X3DNodes


TCoordinateDoubleNode X3DNodes

3D coordinates defines using double precision floating point values.

TCoordinateInterpolator2DNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of 2D positions, for example to animate 2D texture coordinates.

TCoordinateInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of 3D positions, for example to animate coordinates of a mesh.

TCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Set of 3D coordinates to be used in the Coord field of vertex-based geometry nodes.

TCoordRangeHandler X3DNodes


TCubeNode_1 X3DNodes


TCubicBezier2DOrientationInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of 2D rotations, using cubic Bezier curve instead of linear interpolation.

TCubicBezier2DPoints CastleCurves


TCubicBezier3DPoints CastleCurves


TCubicBezier3DPointsArray CastleCurves


TCubicBezierCoordinateInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of 3D vertices, using cubic Bezier curve instead of linear interpolation.

TCubicBezierPositionInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of 3D positions, using cubic Bezier curve instead of linear interpolation.

TCurve CastleCurves

3D curve, a set of points defined by a continuous function Point for arguments within [TBegin, TEnd].

TCurveList CastleCurves


TCustomizedFont CastleFonts

Font that uses another TCastleAbstractFont for rendering and sizing, but modifies the underlying font size.

TCylinderNode X3DNodes


TCylinderNode_1 X3DNodes


TCylinderNode_2 X3DNodes


TCylinderSensorNode X3DNodes

Pointing device sensor to rotate objects around a constrained axis.

TDebugArrow CastleDebugTransform

3D arrow, as an X3D node, to easily visualize debug things.

TDebugAxis CastleDebugTransform

3D axis, as an X3D node, to easily visualize debug things.

TDebugBox CastleDebugTransform

3D box, as an X3D node, to easily visualize debug things.

TDebugSphere CastleDebugTransform

3D sphere, as an X3D node, to easily visualize debug things.

TDebugTransform CastleDebugTransform

Like TDebugTransformBox, but visualizes also additional properties.

TDebugTransformBox CastleDebugTransform

Visualization of a bounding volume of a TCastleTransform instance.

TDecompressTextureFunction CastleImages


TDepthFunction CastleRenderContext

Possible values of TRenderContext.DepthFunc.

TDesignURLPropertyEditor CastlePropEdits

Property editor for URL that refers to a file readable by UserInterfaceLoad.

TDirectionalLightNode X3DNodes

Light source that shines along a given direction, like a sun.

TDirectionalLightNode_1 X3DNodes


TDirectionalLightNode_2 X3DNodes


TDisk2DNode X3DNodes

Disc (filled circle) in 2D.

TDisplacerNode X3DNodes


TDOMCharacterDataHelper CastleXmlUtils


TDOMElementHelper CastleXmlUtils


TDOMElementScriptHelper CastleScriptXML

Class helper to read CastleScript expressions from DOM (XML files).

TDOMNodeHelper CastleXmlUtils


TDoubleList CastleUtils

List of Double (double-precision floating point) values.

TDownloadFinishedEvent CastleDownload


TDownloadStatus CastleDownload

See TCastleDownload.Status.

TDrawableImage CastleGLImages

Image that can be drawn.

TDrawableImageRenderStatistics CastleGLImages

Statistics to measure TDrawableImage rendering impact.

TDrawMode CastleImages

Drawing mode used by image-on-image drawing methods (TCastleImage.DrawFrom and TCastleImage.DrawTo).

TDropFilesFunc CastleWindow


TDynamicStringArray CastleStringUtils


TDynLib CastleDynLib

Load functions from dynamic libraries.

TDynLibHandle CastleDynLib

With FPC, use cross-platform DynLibs unit.

TDynLibSymbolError CastleDynLib


Teal CastleColors


TEaseInEaseOutNode X3DNodes

Support controlled gradual transitions by modifying TimeSensor node fractions.

TEffectNode X3DNodes

Shader effect, that can be composed with other effect or standard rendering.

TEffectPartNode X3DNodes

Part of a shader effect, used with TEffectNode.

TElevationGridNode X3DNodes

Uniform rectangular grid of varying height above the Y=0 plane, aka "height map".

TEncodedImage CastleImages

Abstract class for an image with unspecified, possibly compressed, memory format.

TEncodedImageClass CastleImages


TEncodedImageList CastleImages


TEnumerateChildrenFunction X3DNodes


TEnumerateReplaceNodesFunction X3DNodes


TEnumerateShapeTexturesFunction CastleShapes


TEnvironmentLightNode X3DNodes


TEnvironmentNode X3DNodes

Not implemented: Bindable node to setup rendering and culling parameters.

TestAdMobBannerUnitId CastleAds

Test banner ad "unit id".

TestAdMobInterstitialUnitId CastleAds

Test interstitial static ad "unit id".

TestAdMobInterstitialVideoUnitId CastleAds

Test interstitial video ad "unit id".

TestAdMobRewardedUnitId CastleAds

Test rewarded video ad "unit id".

TExamineCamera CastleCameras


TexParameterMaxAnisotropy CastleGLImages

Call glTexParameterf to set GL_TEXTURE_MAX_ANISOTROPY_EXT on given texture target.

TExtrusionNode X3DNodes

2D cross-section shape extruded along a 3D spine.

Texture2DClampToEdge CastleGLImages

Return wrap GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE in both directions.

Texture2DRepeat CastleGLImages

Part of CastleGLImages unit: texture wrapping modes.

TextureCache CastleTextureImages

Cache of texture images, equal to X3DCache and automatically initialized / finalized if you use X3DNodes unit.

TextureCompressionInfo CastleImages


TextureCompressionToString CastleImages

Convert TTextureCompression enum to string.

TextureFilter CastleGLImages

Part of CastleGLImages unit: texture filtering (TTextureFilter and friends).

TextureImageClasses CastleTextureImages

Image classes that are handled by absolutely all OpenGL versions.

TextureImageClassesAll CastleTextureImages

All image classes that may be handled by OpenGL.

TextureLoadingScale CastleTextureImages

Use the auto-generated alternative downscaled images.

TextureMemoryProfiler CastleGLImages

OpenGL texture memory profiler, to detect which textures use up the GPU texture memory.

TFacebook CastleFacebook

Facebook SDK integration.

TFaceIndex CastleTriangles

Describe a range of indexes where the face (polygon and such) is located.

TFaceIndexesList CastleTriangles


TFallNotifyFunc CastleCameras

See TCastleNavigation.OnFall.

TFieldOfViewAxis CastleTransform

Value of TCastlePerspective.FieldOfViewAxis.

TFileFilter CastleFileFilters


TFileFilterList CastleFileFilters


TFileInfo CastleFindFiles

Information about a single file or directory collected by FindFiles.

TFileInfoList CastleFindFiles


TFillPropertiesNode X3DNodes

Additional visual properties to be applied to all polygonal areas.

TFindFilesOption CastleFindFiles


TFindFilesOptions CastleFindFiles


TFindNodeOption X3DNodes


TFindNodeOptions X3DNodes


TFingerIndex CastleKeysMouse


TFloatList CastleUtils

List of Float values (defined in Math unit as float with maximum precision).

TFloatRectangle CastleRectangles

2D rectangle with float coordinates.

TFloatRectangleArray CastleRectangles


TFloatRectangleList CastleRectangles


TFloatRectanglePersistent CastleRectangles


TFloatTime CastleTimeUtils

Time in seconds.

TFloatTime X3DTime


TFloatVertexAttributeNode X3DNodes

Per-vertex single-precision floating point attributes, available to shaders.

TFogCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Provide explicit fog depths on a per-vertex basis.

TFogFunctionality X3DNodes

Functionality of node that describes a fog (blend objects with a fog color).

TFogNode X3DNodes

Simulate atmospheric fog effects (for the whole scene) by blending with the fog colour, based on the distance from the viewer.

TFogStack CastleSceneCore


TFogType X3DNodes


TFogTypeOrNone X3DNodes


TFontStyleNode X3DNodes

Defines the size, family, style and other properties used for TTextNode.

TFontStyleNode_1 X3DNodes


TFontStyleNode_2 X3DNodes


TFontURLPropertyEditor CastlePropEdits

Property editor for URL that refers to a font file.

TFoundFileMethod CastleFindFiles


TFoundFileProc CastleFindFiles

Called for each file found.

TFrameId CastleTimeUtils

Part of CastleTimeUtils unit: TFramesPerSecond.

TFrameMetric CastleTimeUtils

Various possible per-frame times measured by TCastleFrameProfiler.

TFramesPerSecond CastleTimeUtils

Measure frames per second.

TFreeNotificationEvent CastleClassUtils

Notification from TFreeNotificationObserver.

TFreeNotificationObserver CastleClassUtils

Observe when something is freed, and call an event then.

TFrustum CastleFrustum

Viewing frustum, defined as 6 plane equations.

TFrustumCollisionPossible CastleFrustum

See TFrustum.SphereCollisionPossible for description what each value of this type means.

TFrustumPlane CastleFrustum

Order of planes of TFrustum.

TFrustumPoints CastleFrustum


TFrustumPointsDouble CastleFrustum


TFrustumPointsSingle CastleFrustum


TFullScreenAdType CastleAds


TGameService CastleGameService

Integration with a game service, that can be used to show achievements, leaderboards, and store save games "in the cloud".

TGameServiceStatus CastleGameService

Status of TGameService sign-in.

TGeneratedCubeMapTextureNode X3DNodes

Cube environment map texture generated by rendering the 3D world, useful for real-time mirrors.

TGeneratedShadowMapNode X3DNodes

Generate texture by rendering a depth (shadow) map.

TGeneratedTextureFunctionality X3DNodes

Functionality for all X3D nodes that represent generated textures.

TGenericGLVersion CastleGLVersion

OpenGL(ES) library version information.

TGenericMatrix2 CastleVectorsInternalDouble

2x2 matrix of floating-point values.

TGenericMatrix2 CastleVectorsInternalSingle

2x2 matrix of floating-point values.

TGenericMatrix3 CastleVectorsInternalDouble

3x3 matrix of floating-point values.

TGenericMatrix3 CastleVectorsInternalSingle

3x3 matrix of floating-point values.

TGenericMatrix4 CastleVectorsInternalDouble

4x4 matrix of floating-point values.

TGenericMatrix4 CastleVectorsInternalSingle

4x4 matrix of floating-point values.

TGenericScalar CastleVectorsInternalDouble

Internal type, always means Double within the CastleVectorsInternalDouble unit.

TGenericScalar CastleVectorsInternalSingle

Internal type, always means Single within the CastleVectorsInternalSingle unit.

TGenericVector2 CastleVectorsInternalDouble

Vector of 2 floating-point values.

TGenericVector2 CastleVectorsInternalSingle

Vector of 2 floating-point values.

TGenericVector3 CastleVectorsInternalDouble

Vector of 3 floating-point values.

TGenericVector3 CastleVectorsInternalSingle

Vector of 3 floating-point values.

TGenericVector4 CastleVectorsInternalDouble

Vector of 4 floating-point values.

TGenericVector4 CastleVectorsInternalSingle

Vector of 4 floating-point values.

TGeometryChange CastleSceneCore


TGetFloatRectangleEvent CastleRectangles

TFloatRectanglePersistent type wrapped as a TCastleComponent instance.

TGetIndexFromIndexNumFunc CastleBoxes


TGetVector2Event CastleVectors

CastleVectors types wrapped as a TCastleComponent instance.

TGetVector3Event CastleVectors


TGetVector4Event CastleVectors


TGetVertexFromIndexFunc CastleVectors

CastleVectors routines (global functions, procedures) for Single precision of vectors and matrices.

TGLApplication CastleWindow

Deprecated name for TCastleApplication.

TGLbitfield CastleGLUtils


TGLBitmapFont CastleFonts


TGLBitmapFontAbstract CastleFonts


TGLboolean CastleGLUtils


TGLbyte CastleGLUtils


TGLclampd CastleGLUtils


TGLclampf CastleGLUtils


TGLContextEvent CastleApplicationProperties


TGLContextEventList CastleApplicationProperties


TGLContextRetryOpenFunc CastleWindow


TGLdouble CastleGLUtils


TGLenum CastleGLUtils


TGLFeatures CastleGLUtils

OpenGL(ES) features, analyzed based on extensions and version.

TGLfloat CastleGLUtils


TGLImage CastleGLImages


TGLImageCore CastleGLImages


TGLImageManaged CastleGLImages


TGLImageOnDemand CastleGLImages


TGLint CastleGLUtils


TGLMemoryInfo CastleGLUtils

OpenGL memory information.

TGLRenderToTexture CastleGLImages

Rendering to texture with OpenGL.

TGLRenderToTextureBuffer CastleGLImages


TGLRequestCapabilities CastleGLUtils

OpenGL(ES) capabilities to request at context creation.

TGLshort CastleGLUtils


TGLsizei CastleGLUtils


TGLSLAttribute CastleGLShaders

GLSL attribute provides per-vertex information to the shader.

TGLSLAttributeList CastleGLShaders


TGLSLProgram CastleGLShaders

Manage (build, use) a program in GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language).

TGLSLProgramList CastleGLShaders


TGLSLUniform CastleGLShaders

GLSL uniform provides information to shader that is constant for a given shader execution.

TGLTextureId CastleGLImages

type - don't add type Delphi can't parse that correctly

TGLubyte CastleGLUtils


TGLuint CastleGLUtils


TGLuintList CastleGLShaders


TGLushort CastleGLUtils


TGLVendorType CastleGLVersion

Recognized OpenGL(ES) vendor names.

TGLVersion CastleGLVersion


TGLVideo CastleGLImages

Video as a sequence of OpenGL textures that can be easily played.

TGLVideo2D CastleGLImages

Video expressed as a series of TDrawableImage, to play as 2D GUI control.

TGLVideo3D CastleGLImages

Video expressed as a series of textures, to play as texture on any 3D object.

TGPUCompressedImage CastleImages

Image compressed using one of the GPU texture compression algorithms.

TGrayscaleAlphaImage CastleImages

Grayscale image with an alpha channel.

TGrayscaleImage CastleImages

Grayscale image.

TGroupNode X3DNodes

Contains children nodes without introducing a new transformation.

TGroupNode_1 X3DNodes


TGroupNode_2 X3DNodes


THAnimDisplacerNode X3DNodes

Alter the shape of coordinate-based geometry within parent H-Anim nodes.

THAnimHumanoidNode X3DNodes

Central node for moving the animated humanoid.

THAnimJointNode X3DNodes

Joint of an animated humanoid.

THAnimMotionNode X3DNodes

Motion animation of humanoid (THAnimHumanoidNode) characters.

THAnimSegmentNode X3DNodes

Visible segment of an animated humanoid, always a child of a TJointNode.

THAnimSiteNode X3DNodes

An attachment point of an animated humanoid, to attach something that held, worm or such by a humanoid.

THelpshift CastleHelpshift

Helpshift ( integration.

Theme CastleUIControls

Theme that you can customize, used by default by all UI controls.

THorizontalPosition CastleRectangles

Horizontal position of one control/rectangle with respect to another.

ThreePlanesIntersectionPoint CastleVectors

Intersection of three 3D planes, results in a single 3D point.

ThreePlanesIntersectionPointDouble CastleVectors

Intersection of three 3D planes, results in a single 3D point.

THttpMethod CastleDownload

See TCastleDownload.HttpMethod.

THumanoidNode X3DNodes


TImageBackgroundNode X3DNodes

Display a 2D image as a background.

TImageCubeMapTextureNode X3DNodes

Cube environment map texture loaded from a single file, like DDS.

TImageTexture3DNode X3DNodes

3D texture loaded from a single file like DDS.

TImageTextureNode X3DNodes

Texture image loaded from a file.

TImageURLPropertyEditor CastlePropEdits

Property editor for URL that refers to an image readable by Castle Game Engine.

Timer CastleTimeUtils

Timer to measure (real) time passed during some operations.

TimerSeconds CastleTimeUtils

Subtract two times obtained from Timer, A-B, return a difference in seconds.

TimeTickDiff CastleTimeUtils

Difference in times between SecondTime and FirstTime.

TimeTickSecondLater CastleTimeUtils

Check is SecondTime larger by at least TimeDelay than FirstTime.

TInAppProduct CastleInAppPurchases

A product that can be bought by in-app purchases (TInAppPurchases).

TInAppPurchases CastleInAppPurchases

Manage in-app purchases in your game.

TIndexedFaceSetNode X3DNodes

Mesh with faces (polygons) constructed from vertices.

TIndexedFaceSetNode_1 X3DNodes


TIndexedFaceSetNode_2 X3DNodes


TIndexedFacesOrTrianglesNode_1 X3DNodes

Common base class for VRML 1.0 indexed polygon nodes (IndexedFaceSet and IndexedTriangleMesh).

TIndexedLineSetNode X3DNodes

Geometry formed by constructing polylines from 3D vertices.

TIndexedLineSetNode_1 X3DNodes


TIndexedLineSetNode_2 X3DNodes


TIndexedPolygonHandler X3DNodes


TIndexedQuadSetNode X3DNodes


TIndexedTriangleFanSetNode X3DNodes

Triangles that form a fan shape around the first vertex.

TIndexedTriangleMeshNode_1 X3DNodes

IndexedTriangleMesh (from Inventor 1.0).

TIndexedTriangleSetNode X3DNodes

A collection of triangles.

TIndexedTriangleStripSetNode X3DNodes

Strips of triangles.

TInfoNode_1 X3DNodes


TInlineLoadControlNode X3DNodes

Embed another X3D scene into the current scene, with additional output event when they are loaded (VRML 97 version).

TInlineNode X3DNodes

Embed another X3D scene into the current scene.

TInputGroup CastleInputs

Type of input, for TInputShortcut.Group.

TInputGroupNotLocal CastleInputs


TInputIgnoreEvent X3DFields


TInputInspector CastleUIControls

How to invoke the inspector, see TCastleContainer.InputInspector.

TInputListener CastleUIControls


TInputMotion CastleKeysMouse

Motion (movement) of mouse or a finger on a touch device.

TInputMotionEvent CastleUIControls


TInputPressRelease CastleKeysMouse

Input press or release event.

TInputPressReleaseEvent CastleUIControls


TInputPressReleaseType CastleKeysMouse


TInputShortcut CastleInputs

A keyboard and/or mouse shortcut for activating some action.

TInputShortcutList CastleInputs

Group of TInputShortcut, to easily manage (search, load, save...) the inputs.

TInt32Array CastleUtils


TInt32List CastleUtils

List of 32-bit signed integer values.

TIntegerList CastleUtils

List of Integer (signed) values.

TIntegerSequencerNode X3DNodes

Generate sequential integer events.

TIntegerTriggerNode X3DNodes

Generate an integer upon receiving any boolean value.

TInternalChildrenControls CastleUIControls

List of UI controls, with a parent control and container.

TInternalDesignNavigationType CastleViewport


TInternalRendererResource X3DNodes


TInternalReusedPixelTextureNode X3DNodes

Internal TPixelTextureNode descendant for nodes that may be used by many scenes at once (right now this just means: FontTexture), Such nodes need special protection to not free their rendering resources too early (e.g.

TInternalSoundSourceEvent CastleSoundEngine

type // allow type declaration to continue

TInternalSoundSourceList CastleSoundEngine


TInterpolation X3DNodes

Interpolation mode, for TAbstractInterpolatorNode.Interpolation.

tiSlider CastleUIControls


tiSliderPosition CastleUIControls


TJointNode X3DNodes


TJoyInfo CastleJoysticks

Joystick information.

TJoyState CastleJoysticks

Joystick state.

TJoystick CastleJoysticks

Properties of a given joystick, use by accessing Joysticks[Index].

TJoystickList CastleJoysticks


TJoysticks CastleJoysticks

TJoysticks is a class for joysticks and gamepads management

TKambiAppearanceNode X3DNodes

Appearance node with a special name KambiAppearance.

TKambiInlineNode X3DNodes

Embed a scene from another file, and replace some of it's nodes.

TKambiNavigationInfoNode X3DNodes

Navigation information with some Castle Game Engine extensions.

TKey CastleKeysMouse

Keys on the keyboard.

TKeysBooleans CastleKeysMouse


TKeysBytes CastleKeysMouse


TKeySensorNode X3DNodes

Generate events when user key presses or releases keys on the keyboard.

TKeysPressed CastleKeysMouse

Tracking the "pressed" state of keys.

TLCLKeyPressHandler CastleLCLUtils

Convert LCL OnKeyDown and OnUTF8KeyPress into a single CGE event OnPress.

TLightInstance X3DNodes

Light source instance in the scene.

TLightInstancesList X3DNodes


TLightScope X3DNodes


TLineMode X3DNodes

Mode for line primitive defined by TIndexedLineSetNode or TLineSetNode.

TLinePropertiesNode X3DNodes

Additional visible properties to be applied to all line geometry.

TLineSetNode X3DNodes


TLineStipple CastleGLUtils


TLineType CastleRenderOptions

Supported line types (patterns), for TLinePropertiesNode.LineType or TRenderContext.LineType.

TListSize CastleUtils

Size (signed) used for various list types Count, Capacity, index variables.

TLoadImageEvent CastleImages

Listener type for AddLoadImageListener.

TLoadImageOption CastleImages


TLoadImageOptions CastleImages


TLoadSensorNode X3DNodes

Monitors the progress and success of downloading URL elements over a network.

TLocalFogNode X3DNodes

Simulate atmospheric fog effects (for a part of the scene) by blending with the fog colour, based on the distance from the viewer.

TLocationCache CastleGLShaders


TLODNode X3DNodes

Provides various levels of detail for a given object, only one of which will be visible at a given time.

TLODNode_1 X3DNodes


TLogEvent CastleApplicationProperties


TLogEventList CastleApplicationProperties


TLoggerNode X3DNodes

X3D events logging.

TLogTimePrefix CastleLog

Prefix each log line with optional date/time.

TLoopingChannel CastleSoundEngine

Looping sound management, to easily play music or other looping sounds.

TMagnificationFilter CastleGLImages


TMagnificationFilter CastleRenderOptions


TMailboxTag CastleTriangles

TTriangle ——————————————————————

TMakeX3DViewpoint X3DCameraUtils

Utility class to set various viewpoint properties, and then generate given viewpoint node.

TMaskRendering CastleControls

Effect of mask over rendering, used by TCastleMask.MaskRendering.

TMaterialBindingNode_1 X3DNodes


TMaterialInfo X3DNodes

Abstract class for material information, that define material properties for various lighting equations.

TMaterialNode X3DNodes

Material determines how the geometry looks on the screen, by providing parameters to the lighting equations.

TMaterialNode_1 X3DNodes


TMaterialNode_2 X3DNodes


TMatrix2 CastleVectors

2x2 matrix of floating-point values (Single precision).

TMatrix2Double CastleVectors

2x2 matrix of floating-point values (Double precision).

TMatrix2Single CastleVectors


TMatrix3 CastleVectors

3x3 matrix of floating-point values (Single precision).

TMatrix3Double CastleVectors

3x3 matrix of floating-point values (Double precision).

TMatrix3DoubleList CastleVectors

List of TMatrix3Double.

TMatrix3List CastleVectors

List of TMatrix3.

TMatrix3Single CastleVectors


TMatrix3SingleList CastleVectors


TMatrix3VertexAttributeNode X3DNodes

Per-vertex 3x3 matrix attributes, available to shaders.

TMatrix4 CastleVectors

4x4 matrix of floating-point values (Single precision).

TMatrix4Double CastleVectors

4x4 matrix of floating-point values (Double precision).

TMatrix4DoubleList CastleVectors

List of TMatrix4Double.

TMatrix4List CastleVectors

List of TMatrix4.

TMatrix4Single CastleVectors


TMatrix4SingleList CastleVectors


TMatrix4VertexAttributeNode X3DNodes

Per-vertex 4x4 matrix attributes, available to shaders.

TMatrixTransformNode X3DNodes

Transform children by an explicit 4x4 matrix.

TMatrixTransformNode_1 X3DNodes

VRML 1.0 MatrixTransform node.

TMatrixTransformNode_2 X3DNodes


TMenu CastleWindow

TMenuEntry that contains a list of menu entries.

TMenuClickFunc CastleWindow


TMenuEntry CastleWindow

A basic class representing basic menu building block.

TMenuEntryList CastleWindow


TMenuEntryWithCaption CastleWindow


TMenuItem CastleWindow

TMenuEntry that is a simple, clickable menu item.

TMenuItemChecked CastleWindow

TMenuItem that should visualize Checked state somehow to the user.

TMenuItemRadio CastleWindow

Menu radio item.

TMenuItemRadioGroup CastleWindow

A group of radio buttons.

TMenuItemToggleFullScreen CastleWindow

Menu item that toggles TCastleWindow.FullScreen.

TMenuSeparator CastleWindow

TMenuEntry that acts as a visual separator (horizontal line or something like that) between menu items.

TMessageClientList CastleClientServer


TMessageClientRecord CastleClientServer


TMessageReceivedEvent CastleClientServer


TMessageReceivedEvent CastleMessaging

Called by TMessaging when a new message from service is received.

TMessageReceivedEventList CastleMessaging

Used by TMessaging to manage a list of listeners.

TMessaging CastleMessaging

Message system to communicate between native code (Pascal) and other languages (Java on Android, Objective-C on iOS) that possibly run in other thread.

TMetadataBooleanNode X3DNodes

A metadata (extra, custom information at a node) with a boolean type.

TMetadataDoubleNode X3DNodes

A metadata (extra, custom information at a node) with a double-precision floating point number type.

TMetadataFloatNode X3DNodes

A metadata (extra, custom information at a node) with a single-precision floating point number type.

TMetadataIntegerNode X3DNodes

A metadata (extra, custom information at a node) with an integer type.

TMetadataSetNode X3DNodes

A metadata (extra, custom information at a node) set, to reference of collection of other metadata nodes.

TMetadataStringNode X3DNodes

A metadata (extra, custom information at a node) with a string type.

TMFBool X3DFields


TMFBoolEvent X3DFields


TMFColor X3DFields


TMFColorEvent X3DFields


TMFColorRGBA X3DFields


TMFColorRGBAEvent X3DFields


TMFDouble X3DFields


TMFDoubleEvent X3DFields


TMFFloat X3DFields


TMFFloatEvent X3DFields


TMFInt32 X3DFields


TMFInt32Event X3DFields


TMFLong X3DFields


TMFLongEvent X3DFields


TMFMatrix3d X3DFields


TMFMatrix3dEvent X3DFields


TMFMatrix3f X3DFields


TMFMatrix3fEvent X3DFields


TMFMatrix4d X3DFields


TMFMatrix4dEvent X3DFields


TMFMatrix4f X3DFields


TMFMatrix4fEvent X3DFields


TMFNode X3DNodes

VRML/X3D field holding a list of nodes.

TMFNodeEvent X3DFields


TMFRotation X3DFields


TMFRotationEvent X3DFields


TMFString X3DFields


TMFStringEvent X3DFields


TMFTime X3DFields


TMFTimeEvent X3DFields


TMFVec2d X3DFields


TMFVec2dEvent X3DFields


TMFVec2f X3DFields


TMFVec2fEvent X3DFields


TMFVec3d X3DFields


TMFVec3dEvent X3DFields


TMFVec3f X3DFields


TMFVec3fEvent X3DFields


TMFVec4d X3DFields


TMFVec4dEvent X3DFields


TMFVec4f X3DFields


TMFVec4fEvent X3DFields


TMilisecTime CastleTimeUtils

To measure time, better use Timer + TimerSeconds or ProcessTimer + ProcessTimerSeconds

TMinificationFilter CastleGLImages

We recommend using CastleRenderOptions unit to get these types.

TMinificationFilter CastleRenderOptions


TModelFormat X3DLoad

Information about a model format, used with RegisterModelFormat.

TModelLoadEvent X3DLoad


TModelSaveEvent X3DLoad


TModifierKey CastleKeysMouse

Modifier keys are keys that, when pressed, modify the meaning of other keys.

TModifierKeys CastleKeysMouse


TMouseCursor CastleKeysMouse

Look of the mouse cursor.

TMouseDragMode CastleCameras

What mouse dragging does in TCastleWalkNavigation.

TMouseWheelDirection CastleKeysMouse


TMoveAllowedFunc CastleCameras

See TCastleNavigation.MoveAllowed and TCastleNavigation.OnMoveAllowed

TMovieTextureNode X3DNodes

Movie file, that can be played and displayed as a texture.

TMultiGeneratedTextureCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Generated texture coordinates for multi-texturing.

TMultiTextureCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Multiple texture coordinates per vertex, to be used with multi-texturing by TMultiTextureNode.

TMultiTextureNode X3DNodes

Application of several individual textures on top of each other, used instead of a single texture when desired.

TMultiTextureTransformNode X3DNodes

Multiple texture transforms, to be used with multi-texturing by TMultiTextureNode.

TMusicPlayer CastleSoundEngine


TNavigationInfoNode X3DNodes

Describe the physical characteristics of the viewer's avatar and navigation.

TNavigationInfoStack CastleSceneCore


TNavigationInput CastleCameras

Possible navigation input types for TCastleNavigation.Input.

TNavigationInputs CastleCameras


TNavigationType CastleViewport

Navigation type that determines various navigation properties, used by TCastleAutoNavigationViewport.NavigationType.

TNodeChangeEvent X3DNodes


TNodeDestructionNotification X3DNodes

Copyright 2002-2018 Michalis Kamburelis.

TNodeDestructionNotificationList X3DNodes


TNodeFunctionality X3DNodes

Simple component system inside TX3DNode.

TNodeFunctionalityClass X3DNodes


TNodeFunctionalityList X3DNodes


TNodesManager X3DNodes

Manages X3D non-abstract node classes, that can be used in X3D files.

TNodeTransformationChange X3DNodes


TNoiseInterpolation CastleTerrain


TNoParameterlessContructor CastleUtils

Descend from this to hide a parameterless constructor.

TNormalBindingNode_1 X3DNodes


TNormalInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of 3D directions, for example normal vectors.

TNormalNode X3DNodes

Normal (information for lighting) node.

TNotifyEventList CastleClassUtils


TNurbsCurve2DNode X3DNodes

Trimming segment that is expressed a NURBS curve and is part of a trimming contour in the u,v domain of the surface.

TNurbsCurveNode X3DNodes

Visible NURBS curve in 3D.

TNurbsCurveNode_3 X3DNodes


TNurbsOrientationInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) orientations as tangent vectors of the 3D NURBS curve.

TNurbsPatchSurfaceNode X3DNodes

Visible NURBS 3D surface.

TNurbsPositionInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) positions along the 3D NURBS curve.

TNurbsPositionInterpolatorNode_3 X3DNodes


TNurbsSetNode X3DNodes

Groups a set of NURBS surface nodes to a common group for rendering purposes, to ensure a common tesselation within the group.

TNurbsSurfaceInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) by sampling a position and normal at 3D NURBS surface from an input 2D surface parameters.

TNurbsSweptSurfaceNode X3DNodes

Path in 2D space (that can be constructed from NURBS curves, or straight segments) extruded along a 3D NURBS curve.

TNurbsSwungSurfaceNode X3DNodes

Path in 2D space (that can be constructed from NURBS curves, or straight segments) extruded along a 2D NURBS curve.

TNurbsTextureCoordinateNode X3DNodes

NURBS surface existing in the parametric domain of its surface host specifying the mapping of the texture onto the surface.

TNurbsTrimmedSurfaceNode X3DNodes

Visible 3D NURBS surface (like a TNurbsPatchSurfaceNode) that is trimmed by a set of trimming loops.

ToneMapping CastleRenderOptions

Change the colors you render, to make them visually better.

TOnJoyAxisMove CastleJoysticks

Joystick axis move event.

TOnJoyButtonEvent CastleJoysticks

Joystick button action event.

TOnOpenRecent CastleRecentFiles


TOption CastleParameters

Command-line option specification, for TParameters.Parse.

TOptionArgument CastleParameters


TOptionArguments CastleParameters


TOptionProc CastleParameters

Callback used by TParameters.Parse to notify about new option.

TOptionSeparateArgument CastleParameters


TOption_Array CastleParameters


TOrientationInterpolator2DNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a 2D orientation, during which angle changes but axis remains constant.

TOrientationInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) an orientation, for example to animate TTransformNode.Rotation.

TOrientationType CastleTransform

Orientation of the model is 3D world, determining where is the conceptual "up" direction of the model, and where is it facing.

TOrthographicCameraNode_1 X3DNodes


TOrthoViewpointNode X3DNodes

Viewpoint that provides an orthographic view of the scene.

TPackagedShaderNode X3DNodes

Single file that may contain a number of shaders and combined effects.

TParameters CastleParameters

Storing and processing command-line parameters and options.

TPartialSend X3DFields

Send along with the animation that should be applied only partially (because it fades-out or fades-in).

TPathTracer CastleRayTracer

Path tracer.

TPeekCharStream CastleClassUtils

Abstract class to read another stream, always being able to back one character.

TPercentReplace CastleStringUtils


TPerspectiveCameraNode_1 X3DNodes


TPhongMaterialInfo X3DNodes

Material information that defines parameters for Phong lighting equations.

TPhotoService CastlePhotoService

TPhotoService enables to store/retrieve images to/from the system Photos app.

TPhysicalMaterialInfo X3DNodes

Material information that defines parameters for physical lighting equations.

TPhysicalMaterialNode X3DNodes


TPhysicsCollisionDetails CastleTransform

Information send along with TCollisionEvent event, like TCastleRigidBody.OnCollisionEnter, TCastleRigidBody.OnCollisionExit.

TPhysicsLayer CastleTransform


TPhysicsLayers CastleTransform


TPhysicsProperties CastleTransform

Configure physics simulation calculation.

TPhysicsRayCastResult CastleTransform

Result of TCastleAbstractRootTransform.PhysicsRayCast and TCastleRigidBody.PhysicsRayCast.

TPiecewiseCubicBezier CastleCurves

Piecewise (composite) cubic Bezier curve.

TPixelsMadeNotifierFunc CastleRayTracer


TPixelTexture3DNode X3DNodes

3D texture defined as an explicit array of pixel values inside the X3D file.

TPixelTextureNode X3DNodes

Texture specified as an explicit array of pixel values (see FdImage field).

TPlaceholderName CastleShapes

Detect the 3D placeholder name set in the external modeler, like 3D object name set in Blender or 3DS Max.

TPlaceholderNames CastleShapes


TPlaneCollision CastleBoxes

State of collision between a plane and some other object.

TPlaneNode X3DNodes

Alternative (deprecated) version of TRectangle2DNode, compatible with InstantReality X3D browser.

TPlaneSensorNode X3DNodes

Pointing device sensor to move objects on a plane.

TPlayAnimationParameters CastleSceneCore

Parameters to use when playing animation, see TCastleSceneCore.PlayAnimation.

TPlayerBestScoreEvent CastleGameService

Event for TGameService.OnPlayerBestScoreReceived.

TPointingDeviceSensorList X3DNodes

List of pointing device sensors.

TPointLightNode X3DNodes

Point light source, that shines from a given point in all directions around, for X3D.

TPointLightNode_1 X3DNodes


TPointLightNode_2 X3DNodes


TPointSetNode X3DNodes


TPointSetNode_1 X3DNodes


TPointSetNode_2 X3DNodes


TPolygonOffset CastleRenderContext


TPolyline2DNode X3DNodes

Series of line segments in 2D.

TPolypoint2DNode X3DNodes

Set of vertices in 2D.

TPositionInterpolator2DNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a 2D position.

TPositionInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a 3D position, for example to animate TTransformNode.Translation.

TPositionRelative CastleUIControls

Position for relative layout of one control in respect to another.

TPrepareParams CastleTransform

Information that a TCastleTransform object needs to prepare rendering.

TPrepareResourcesOption CastleScene


TPrepareResourcesOption CastleTransform

Various things that TCastleTransform.PrepareResources may prepare.

TPrepareResourcesOptions CastleScene


TPrepareResourcesOptions CastleTransform


TPrimitiveMaterial CastleScene

Primitive material type, used by TCastleAbstractPrimitive.Material.

TPrimitiveMode CastleGLUtils

Primitive to draw using DrawPrimitive2D.

TProcedureObject CastleClientServer


TProcessTimerResult CastleTimeUtils

Current time from ProcessTimer.

TProgramShaderNode X3DNodes

Shader that can consist of one or more individually programmable, self-contained pieces in TShaderProgramNode, like a Microsoft HLSL shader.

TProjectedTextureCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Generate texture coordinates by projection.

TProjection CastleProjection

Projection determines how does the 3D world map onto 2D screen.

TProjectionEvent CastleViewport

Event for TCastleViewport.OnProjection.

TProjectionType CastleProjection


TProjectionTypeCore CastleProjection

Projection type, used by TProjection.ProjectionType.

TPropertySection CastleClassUtils

Used by TCastleComponent.PropertySections.

TPropertySections CastleClassUtils


TProportionalScaling CastleControls

Indicate stretching approach for TCastleImageControl.ProportionalScaling.

TProtectedSidesScaling CastleGLImages

How is TCastleImagePersistent.ProtectedSides applies.

TProximitySensorInstance CastleShapes


TProximitySensorNode X3DNodes

Generate events when the viewer enters, exits, and/or moves within a region of 3D space.

TQuadSetNode X3DNodes

Quads, not indexed.

TQuaternion CastleQuaternions

Quaternions are useful to represent rotations in 3D that can be easily applied and combined with other rotations.

TransformCoordsMatrices CastleVectors

Calculate matrix to convert to given coordinate system (like TransformToCoordsMatrix) and it's inverse (like TransformFromCoordsMatrix).

TransformFromCoordsMatrix CastleVectors


TransformFromCoordsMatrix CastleVectors


TransformFromCoordsNoScaleMatrix CastleVectors


TransformLoad CastleTransform


TransformMatricesMult CastleTransform


TransformSave CastleTransform

Save / load TCastleTransform (or descendant) to a .castle-transform file.

TransformToCoords CastleVectors

Transform vector into new coordinate space.

TransformToCoordsMatrix CastleVectors


TransformToCoordsMatrix CastleVectors

Transform coordinates to / from a coordinate system.

TransformToCoordsNoScaleMatrix CastleVectors


TranslateAllDesigns CastleLocalizationGetText

Translate all future designs (component hierarchies) loaded using CastleComponentSerialize using the given GetText MO file.

TranslateDesign CastleLocalizationGetText

Translate all possible properties in the given component hierarchy with given translation file.

TranslateProperties CastleClassUtils

Enumerate all properties that are possible to translate in this component and its children.

TranslationFromMatrix CastleVectors

Extract translation from matrix.

TranslationMatrices CastleVectors


TranslationMatrices CastleVectors


TranslationMatrix CastleVectors


TranslationMatrix CastleVectors

Functions to create common 4x4 matrices used in 3D graphics.

TRayCollision CastleTransform

Represents a ray collision with TCastleTransform (TCastleTransform that may have parents).

TRayCollisionNode CastleTransform

Information about ray collision with a single 3D object.

TRayTracer CastleRayTracer


TRayTracerKind CastleRayTracer


TRecentFiles CastleRecentFiles

Manage a list of recently open files.

TRectangle CastleRectangles

2D rectangle with integer coordinates.

TRectangle2DNode X3DNodes

Rectangle in 2D.

TRectangleList CastleRectangles


TRegisteredComponent CastleComponentSerialize

Describes a component registered using RegisterSerializableComponent, enumerated using RegisteredComponents list.

TRegisteredComponents CastleComponentSerialize


TRemoveType CastleTransform


TRenderContext CastleRenderContext

The OpenGL / OpenGLES context state.

TRenderedTextureNode X3DNodes

Texture with contents created by rendering the scene from a specific viewpoint.

TRenderFromViewFunction CastleTransform


TRenderingAttributesEvent CastleScene


TRenderingMode CastleRenderOptions

Possible values of TCastleRenderOptions.Mode.

TRenderLayer CastleRenderOptions

Render layer for TCastleTransform.RenderLayer.

TRenderOnePassEvent CastleViewport


TRenderParams CastleTransform

Information that a TCastleTransform object needs to render.

TRenderStatistics CastleTransform

Statistics about what was rendered during last frame.

TRepoSoundEngine CastleSoundEngine

Sound engine that keeps a repository of sounds, defined in a nice XML file.

TResizeAllowed CastleWindow


TResizeInterpolation CastleImages

Resize interpolation modes, see TCastleImage.Resize and TCastleImage.MakeResized.

TResizeInterpolationFpImage CastleImages


TResizeInterpolationInternal CastleImages


TRGBAlphaImage CastleImages


TRGBFloatImage CastleImages

Image with high-precision RGB colors encoded as 3 floats.

TRGBImage CastleImages

Image with pixel represented as a TVector3Byte (red, green, blue).

Triangle2 CastleTriangles


Triangle3 CastleTriangles


TriangleArea CastleTriangles


TriangleBoundingBox CastleBoxes


TriangleCollisionTestsCounter CastleTriangles

Counter of collision tests done by TTriangle when the actual collision calculation had to be done.

TriangleDir CastleTriangles


TriangleDir CastleTriangles


TriangleDirection CastleTriangles


TriangleNormal CastleTriangles


TriangleNormal CastleTriangles


TriangleNormPlane CastleTriangles


TrianglePlane CastleTriangles


TrianglePlane CastleTriangles


TriangleToNiceStr CastleTriangles


TriangleTransform CastleTriangles


TriangulateConvexFace CastleTriangulate

Triangulate convex polygon.

TriangulateFace CastleTriangulate


TriangulateFace CastleTriangulate

Triangulate potentially non-convex face.

TrimEndingNewline CastleStringUtils

Remove one newline from the end of the string, if any.

TRotationNode_1 X3DNodes


TRotationXYZNode_1 X3DNodes

RotationXYZ node (from Inventor).

TryCylinderRayIntersection CastleVectors

Intersection between an (infinitely tall) cylinder and a ray.

TryDeFormat CastleStringUtils


TryInverseHarder CastleVectors

Try to inverse single-precision matrix using double-precision, if necessary.

TryMatrixInverse CastleVectors


TryMatrixInverse CastleVectors


TryMatrixInverse CastleVectors


TryPlaneLineIntersection CastleVectors


TryPlaneLineIntersection CastleVectors

Plane and line intersection.

TryPlaneRayIntersection CastleVectors


TryPlaneRayIntersection CastleVectors


TryPlaneSegmentDirIntersection CastleVectors


TryPlaneSegmentDirIntersection CastleVectors


TrySimplePlaneRayIntersection CastleVectors


TrySimplePlaneRayIntersection CastleVectors


TrySimplePlaneRayIntersection CastleVectors

Plane and ray intersection.

TrySimplePlaneSegmentIntersection CastleVectors


TrySimplePlaneSegmentIntersection CastleVectors


TrySimplePlaneSegmentIntersection CastleVectors

Plane and line segment intersection.

TrySphereRayIntersection CastleVectors


TryStrToFloatDot CastleUtils


TryStrToFloatDot CastleUtils

Like standard TryStrToFloat, but always uses dot (.) as a decimal separator for the floating point numbers, regardless of the user's locale settings.

TryTriangleRayCollision CastleTriangles


TryTriangleRayCollision CastleTriangles

Calculate triangle with ray collision.

TryTriangleSegmentCollision CastleTriangles

Calculate triangle with line segment collision.

TryTriangleSegmentDirCollision CastleTriangles


TryTriangleSegmentDirCollision CastleTriangles


TS3TCImage CastleImages

Deprecated alias for TGPUCompressedImage

TSaveGameChoice CastleGameService

User choice at "save game" dialog displayed by TGameService.ShowSaveGames.

TSaveGameChosenEvent CastleGameService

Event for TGameService.OnSaveGameChosen.

TSaveGameLoadedEvent CastleGameService

Event for TGameService.OnSaveGameLoaded.

TSaveStreamOption CastleDownload

Options for the UrlSaveStream function.

TSaveStreamOptions CastleDownload


TSaveToXmlMethod X3DFields


TScalarInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a single floating-point value, for example to animate TMaterialNode.Transparency.

TScaleNode_1 X3DNodes


TSceneFreeResource CastleSceneCore

These are various features that may be freed by TCastleSceneCore.FreeResources.

TSceneFreeResources CastleSceneCore


TSceneGeometryChanged CastleSceneCore

Callback for TCastleSceneCore.OnGeometryChanged.

TSceneLoadOption CastleSceneCore

Possible options for TCastleSceneCore.Load.

TSceneLoadOptions CastleSceneCore


TSceneManagerWorld CastleTransform

Copyright 2017-2022 Michalis Kamburelis.

TSceneRenderingAttributes CastleScene


TSceneSpatialStructure CastleSceneCore

Possible spatial structures that may be managed by TCastleSceneCore, see TCastleSceneCore.Spatial.

TSceneSpatialStructures CastleSceneCore


TSceneURLPropertyEditor CastlePropEdits

Property editor for URL that refers to something that can be loaded by LoadNode or TCastleSceneCore.Load.

TScissor CastleRenderContext

Scissor to clip displayed things, in addition to the global scissor affected by TRenderContext.ScissorEnable / TRenderContext.ScissorDisable.

TScreenEffectNode X3DNodes

Screen-space shader effect.

TScriptNode X3DNodes

Program behavior in a scene using scripts.

TSearchOptions CastleStringUtils


TSector CastleSectors


TSectorList CastleSectors


TSegmentNode X3DNodes


TSeparateArgs CastleParameters


TSeparatorNode_1 X3DNodes


TSerializationProcess CastleClassUtils

Call methods of this class within TCastleComponent.CustomSerialization override.

TSerializationProcessColorsHelper CastleColors

Helper methods you can use from TCastleComponent.CustomSerialization to manage reading/writing of colors.

TSerializationProcessVectorsHelper CastleVectors

Helper methods you can use from TCastleComponent.CustomSerialization to manage reading/writing of vectors.

TSerializedComponent CastleComponentSerialize


TSetFloatRectangleEvent CastleRectangles


TSetOfChars CastleStringUtils

A set of Chars.

TSetVector2Event CastleVectors


TSetVector3Event CastleVectors


TSetVector4Event CastleVectors


TSFBitMask X3DFields

VRML 1.0 (deprecated) field representing a bitmask, where a number of "flags" can be "on" or "off".

TSFBool X3DFields

X3D field containing a single boolean value.

TSFBoolEvent X3DFields

TX3DEvent descendants with comfortable Send methods.

TSFColor X3DFields

X3D field containing an RGB color.

TSFColorEvent X3DFields


TSFColorRGBA X3DFields

X3D field containing an RGBA color (with an alpha).

TSFColorRGBAEvent X3DFields


TSFDouble X3DFields

X3D field containing a floating-point value with Double precision.

TSFDoubleEvent X3DFields


TSFEnum X3DFields

VRML 1.0 (deprecated) field representing an enumerated value, which means that you choose one (named) value from a set of possible values.

TSFFloat X3DFields

X3D field containing a floating-point value with Single precision.

TSFFloatEvent X3DFields


TSFGenericMatrix X3DFields

Generic class for an X3D field containing a single matrix value.

TSFGenericVector X3DFields

X3D field containing a vector.

TSFImage X3DFields

X3D field containing an image that is "embedded" in the X3D file.

TSFImageEvent X3DFields


TSFInt32 X3DFields

X3D field containing an single integer 32-bit value.

TSFInt32Event X3DFields


TSFLong X3DFields

X3D field containing an single integer 32-bit value.

TSFLongEvent X3DFields


TSFMatrix X3DFields

VRML 1.0 SFMatrix field.

TSFMatrix3d X3DFields

X3D field containing a 3x3 matrix with Double precision.

TSFMatrix3dEvent X3DFields


TSFMatrix3f X3DFields

X3D field containing a 3x3 matrix with Single precision.

TSFMatrix3fEvent X3DFields


TSFMatrix4d X3DFields

X3D field containing a 4x4 matrix with Double precision.

TSFMatrix4dEvent X3DFields


TSFMatrix4f X3DFields

X3D field containing a 4x4 matrix with Single precision.

TSFMatrix4fEvent X3DFields


TSFNode X3DNodes

X3D field holding a reference to a single node.

TSFNodeEvent X3DFields


TSFNodeEventHelper X3DNodes


TSFRotation X3DFields

X3D field representing a 3D rotation around an arbitrary axis.

TSFRotationEvent X3DFields


TSFString X3DFields

X3D field containing a single string.

TSFStringEnum X3DFields

X3D field that contains a value from a specified set.

TSFStringEvent X3DFields


TSFTime X3DFields

X3D field containing a time, expressed as seconds that passed since some moment.

TSFTimeEvent X3DFields


TSFVec2d X3DFields

X3D field containing a 2D vector with Double precision.

TSFVec2dEvent X3DFields


TSFVec2f X3DFields

X3D field containing a 2D vector with Single precision.

TSFVec2fEvent X3DFields


TSFVec3d X3DFields

X3D field containing a 3D vector with Double precision.

TSFVec3dEvent X3DFields


TSFVec3f X3DFields

X3D field containing a 3D vector with Single precision.

TSFVec3fEvent X3DFields


TSFVec4d X3DFields

X3D field containing a 4D vector with Double precision.

TSFVec4dEvent X3DFields


TSFVec4f X3DFields

X3D field containing a 4D vector with Single precision.

TSFVec4fEvent X3DFields


TShaderLanguage X3DNodes

Shader language used for TAbstractShaderNode.Language and TEffectNode.Language.

TShaderPartNode X3DNodes

OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) shader part, used inside TComposedShaderNode.

TShaderProgramNode X3DNodes

Self-container shader part used with TProgramShaderNode, for example with Microsoft HLSL shader language.

TShadersRendering CastleRenderOptions


TShaderTextureNode X3DNodes

Procedural texture defined by shaders.

TShaderType CastleRenderOptions

Shader types.

TShading X3DNodes


TShadowMapCompareMode X3DNodes


TShadowSampling CastleRenderOptions

Values for TCastleRenderOptions.ShadowSampling.

TShape CastleShapes

Shape is a geometry node Geometry instance and it's State.

TShapeCollision X3DNodes


TShapeHintsNode_1 X3DNodes


TShapeList CastleShapes


TShapeNode X3DNodes

Shape is a rendered object in the world, with an appearance and geometry.

TShapesHash CastleShapes


TShapeSort CastleRenderOptions

Various ways to sort the shapes.

TShapeSortEvent CastleShapes

Used for TCastleViewport.OnCustomShapeSort.

TShapeSortNoAuto CastleRenderOptions

Like TShapeSort, but doesn't allow sortAuto value.

TShapeSpatialStructure CastleShapes

Possible spatial structure types that may be managed by TShape, see TShape.Spatial.

TShapeSpatialStructures CastleShapes


TShapeTraverseFunc CastleShapes


TShapeTree CastleShapes

Tree of shapes.

TShapeTreeGroup CastleShapes

Internal (non-leaf) node of the TShapeTree.

TShapeTreeIterator CastleShapes

Iterates over all TShape items that would be enumerated by Tree.Traverse.

TShapeTreeList CastleShapes


TShapeTreeLOD CastleShapes

Node of the TShapeTree representing the LOD (level of detail) alternative.

TShapeTreeSwitch CastleShapes

Node of the TShapeTree representing an alternative, choosing one (or none) child from it's children list as active.

TShapeTreeTransform CastleShapes

Node of the TShapeTree transforming it's children.

TShapeType CastleControls

Possible shape type, for TCastleShape.ShapeType.

TSimpleNotifyEvent CastleUtils

Simple notify event with no Sender

TSimplePeekCharStream CastleClassUtils

Read another stream, sequentially, always being able to back one character.

TSimpleTextureFont CastleFonts


TSingleArray CastleUtils


TSingleList CastleUtils

List of Single (single-precision floating point) values.

TSiteNode X3DNodes


TSound CastleSoundEngine


TSoundAllocator CastleSoundEngine

Manager of allocated sounds.

TSoundBuffer CastleSoundEngine


TSoundDataFormat CastleSoundBase

Sound sample format.

TSoundDevice CastleSoundBase


TSoundDevice CastleSoundEngine


TSoundDeviceList CastleSoundBase


TSoundDistanceModel CastleSoundBase

How does distance affect spatial sounds, used for TSoundEngine.DistanceModel.

TSoundDistanceModel CastleSoundEngine


TSoundEngine CastleSoundEngine

Sound engine, responsible for loading and playing sounds.

TSoundLoading CastleSoundBase

How to load a sound buffer.

TSoundNode X3DNodes

3D sound emitter.

TSoundParameters CastleSoundEngine


TSoundType CastleSoundEngine

Unique sound type identifier for sounds used within TRepoSoundEngine.

TSoundURLPropertyEditor CastlePropEdits

Property editor for URL that refers to a sound file.

TSphereNode X3DNodes


TSphereNode_1 X3DNodes


TSphereNode_2 X3DNodes


TSphereSensorNode X3DNodes

Pointing device sensor to rotate objects.

TSplinePositionInterpolator2DNode X3DNodes

Non-linearly interpolate (animate) a 2D position.

TSplinePositionInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Non-linearly interpolate (animate) a 3D position.

TSplineScalarInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Non-linearly interpolate (animate) a single floating-point value.

TSpotLightNode X3DNodes

Light source that emits light from a specific point along a specific direction constrained within a cone.

TSpotLightNode_1 X3DNodes


TSpotLightNode_2 X3DNodes


TSprite CastleGLImages

Sprite is an animation composed from frames arranged in rows and columns inside a single image.

TSpriteAnimation CastleGLImages

Custom animation of a sprite.

TSpriteAnimationFrame CastleGLImages

A frame of a custom animation.

TSquadOrientationInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Non-linearly interpolate (animate) a rotation.

TStaticGroupNode X3DNodes

Children nodes which cannot be modified.

TStopAnimationEvent CastleSceneCore


TStreamHelper CastleStreamUtils

Helper class for streams that allows to correctly read and write either little or big endian values.

TStreamOption CastleDownload

Options for the Download function.

TStreamOptions CastleDownload


TStringIntegerMap X3DNodes

Map String->Integer.

TStringListCaseSens CastleClassUtils

TStringList that is case sensitive.

TStringSensorNode X3DNodes

Generates events as the user inputs a longer string on the keyboard, useful for example to simulate "input fields" in 3D.

TStringsHelper CastleDownload

Copyright 2013-2020 Michalis Kamburelis.

TStringsHelper CastleStringUtils


TStringStringMap CastleStringUtils

String-to-string map.

TStructList CastleUtils

List of structures.

TSubPropertiesEditor CastlePropEdits

Editor for any published SubComponent, you want to be able to expand it in the LCL object inspector.

TSwitchNode X3DNodes

Choose only one (or none) of the child nodes for processing.

TSwitchNode_1 X3DNodes


TSwitchNode_2 X3DNodes


TSynchronisedStringList CastleClientServer


TTangentNode X3DNodes

Tangent vectors information, for bump mapping.

TTeapotNode X3DNodes

Teapot geometry, useful for testing purposes.

TTerrain CastleTerrain


TTerrainCasScript CastleTerrain

Terrain (height for each X, Y) data calculated from CastleScript expression.

TTerrainImage CastleTerrain


TTerrainNoise CastleTerrain


TTestFairy CastleTestFairy

TestFairy integration.

TTestShapeVisibility CastleShapes


TText3DNode X3DNodes

Text with 3D depth.

TTextAlign CastleMessages

Position of text in message dialogs.

TTextNode X3DNodes

Multiline text, visualized as a set of flat and textured polygons.

TTextReader CastleDownload

Read any stream like a text file.

TTextReaderWriter CastleDownload

Common class for reading or writing a stream like a text file.

TTexture2Node_1 X3DNodes


TTexture2TransformNode_1 X3DNodes


TTextureBackgroundNode X3DNodes

3D background of a scene, comprised of sky and ground colors (gradients) and optional six textures (skybox), with flexible texture nodes.

TTextureCompression CastleImages

Possible compression of textures for GPU.

TTextureCompressionInfo CastleImages


TTextureCompressions CastleImages


TTextureCoordinate2Node_1 X3DNodes


TTextureCoordinate3DNode X3DNodes

3D texture coordinates, partcularly useful with 3D textures.

TTextureCoordinate4DNode X3DNodes

4D (homogeneous 3D) texture coordinates, partcularly useful with 3D textures.

TTextureCoordinateGeneratorNode X3DNodes

Automatic generation of texture coordinates.

TTextureCoordinateNode X3DNodes

2D texture coordinates used by vertex-based geometry nodes.

TTextureFilter CastleGLImages


TTextureFont CastleFonts


TTextureFontData CastleTextureFontData

Data for a 2D font initialized from a FreeType font file, like ttf.

TTextureFontData.TGlyph CastleTextureFontData

Information about a particular font glyph.

TTextureFontData.TGlyphDictionary CastleTextureFontData

Map Unicode code to a TGlyph representation.

TTextureMemoryProfiler CastleGLImages

OpenGL texture memory profiler.

TTexturePropertiesNode X3DNodes

Adjust the texture application properties.

TTextureSizing CastleGLImages

Constraints on texture size, used by ResizeToTextureSize and IsTextureSized.

TTexturesVideosCache CastleTextureImages

A cache of loaded images for textures.

TTextureTransform3DNode X3DNodes

Transformation of texture coordinates in 3D, partcularly useful with 3D textures.

TTextureTransformMatrix3DNode X3DNodes

Transformation of texture coordinates by a 4x4 matrix, particularly useful with 3D textures.

TTextureTransformNode X3DNodes

2D transformation that can be applied to texture coordinates (e.g.

TTextureUpdate X3DNodes

Possible update modes for generated textures (like TGeneratedCubeMapTextureNode.Update).

TTextureWrap2D CastleGLImages


TTextureWrap3D CastleGLImages


TTextWriter CastleDownload

Write to a stream like to a text file.

TThemeImage CastleUIControls

Type of theme image, use of TCastleTheme.ImagesPersistent.

TThreadSynchronisationHandler CastleClientServer

Because Indys version isn't generic in FPC.

TTiledMap CastleTiledMap


TTiledMapURLPropertyEditor CastlePropEdits

Property editor for URL that refers to a Tiled Map file.

TTimeDependentFunctionality X3DNodes

Functionality of all time-dependent nodes.

TTimeFunction X3DNodes

Copyright 2008-2022 Michalis Kamburelis.

TTimerResult CastleTimeUtils

Current time from Timer.

TTimeSensorNode X3DNodes

Generate events as time passes.

TTimeTriggerNode X3DNodes

Generate time events upon receiving any boolean value.

TTogglerNode X3DNodes

Utility for setting and observing a boolean value in various ways.

TToken CastleScriptLexer


TToneMapping CastleRenderOptions

Type of ToneMapping.

TTouch CastleUIControls

Tracking of a touch by a single finger, used by TTouchList.

TTouchInterface CastleViewport

Value for TCastleTouchNavigation.TouchInterface.

TTouchList CastleUIControls

Tracking of multi-touch, a position of each finger on the screen.

TTouchSensorNode X3DNodes

Sensor to catch clicks on 3D objects.

TTransformation CastleVectors

Describe transformation in a way comfortable to apply it in both ways.

TTransformationList CastleVectors


TTransformDesignURLPropertyEditor CastlePropEdits

Property editor for URL that refers to a file readable by TransformLoad.

TTransformFunctionality X3DNodes

Node functionality for all X3D transformation nodes.

TTransformNode X3DNodes

Grouping node that transforms (moves, rotates, scales) it's children.

TTransformNode_1 X3DNodes


TTransformNode_2 X3DNodes


TTransformSensorNode X3DNodes

Generates events when the target object enters, exits, and moves within a region of 3D space.

TTransformSeparatorNode_1 X3DNodes


TTranslatePropertyEvent CastleClassUtils

Use by TCastleComponent.TranslateProperties.

TTranslationNode_1 X3DNodes


TTraversingAfterFunc X3DNodes


TTraversingFunc X3DNodes

Used as a callback by TX3DNode.Traverse.

TTraversingInfo X3DNodes


TTriangle CastleTriangles

Triangle in 3D.

TTriangle2 CastleTriangles

Triangle in 2D space.

TTriangle2Single CastleTriangles


TTriangle3 CastleTriangles

Triangle in 3D space.

TTriangle3List CastleTriangles


TTriangle3Single CastleTriangles


TTriangle4 CastleTriangles

Triangle in 4D (or 3D homogeneous) space.

TTriangle4List CastleScene


TTriangle4Single CastleTriangles


TTriangleEvent CastleTriangles

Triangle information, called by TShape.LocalTriangulate and such.

TTriangleFanSetNode X3DNodes

Triangles that form a fan shape around the first vertex.

TTriangleGeometry CastleTriangles

Triangle expressed in particular coordinate system, for TTriangle.

TTriangleHelper CastleShapes

Triangle in a 3D model.

TTriangleIgnoreFunc CastleTriangles

Return for given Triangle do we want to ignore collisions with it.

TTriangleList CastleTriangles


TTriangleSet2DNode X3DNodes

Set of triangles in 2D.

TTriangleSetNode X3DNodes

A collection of triangles.

TTriangleStripSetNode X3DNodes

Strips of triangles.

TTriangulatorProc CastleTriangulate


TTwoSidedMaterialNode X3DNodes

Note: Whether the shape is visible from both sides depends on the geometry TAbstractGeometryNode.Solid field, and is independent of whether you use this or other (one-sided) material nodes.

TUIContainer CastleUIControls


TUIContainer CastleWindow


TUIControl CastleUIControls


TUIControlChange CastleUIControls


TUIControlChangeEvent CastleUIControls


TUIControlChanges CastleUIControls


TUIControlFont CastleControls


TUIControlList CastleUIControls


TUIControlPos CastleUIControls


TUIControlSizeable CastleUIControls


TUiMotionEvent CastleUIControls


TUiNotifyEvent CastleUIControls


TUInt16List CastleUtils


TUInt32List CastleUtils

List of 32-bit unsigned values.

TUiPressReleaseEvent CastleUIControls


TUIRectangularControl CastleUIControls


TUIScaling CastleUIControls

Possible values for TCastleContainer.UIScaling.

TUiUpdateEvent CastleUIControls


TUnicodeChar CastleUnicode


TUnicodeCharList CastleUnicode


TUniformMissing CastleRenderOptions

What to do when shader uniform variable is set but doesn't exist in the shader.

TUniversalCamera CastleCameras


TUnlitMaterialInfo X3DNodes

Material information that defines parameters for unlit lighting equations.

TUnlitMaterialNode X3DNodes


TUpdateFunc CastleWindow


TUriExists CastleUriUtils

Result of the UriExists query.

TUrlAsynchronousReader CastleDownload

Implement this class, and pass to RegisterUrlProtocol, to read protocols asynchronously (such that TCastleDownload can read them asynchronously).

TUrlAsynchronousReaderClass CastleDownload


TUrlFunctionality X3DNodes

Functionality used by all nodes that contain data located on the World Wide Web.

TUrlReadEvent CastleDownload

Event called when Download function wants to download URL with this protocol.

TUrlWriteEvent CastleDownload

Event called when URLSaveStream function wants to save URL with this protocol.

TUseHeadlight CastleScene

Possible value of TCastleRootTransform.UseHeadlight.

TUserActivities CastleActivityRecognition


TUserActivity CastleActivityRecognition

Current user activity, used by TActivityRecognition.Activity.

TUserActivityConfidence CastleActivityRecognition

Current user activity, used by TActivityRecognition.ActivityConfidence.

TUserRenderingPass CastleTransform

Rendering pass, for user purposes.

TValueTriggerNode X3DNodes

Generate events upon receiving a boolean TRUE value.

TVector2 CastleVectors

Vector of 2 floating-point values (Single precision).

TVector2Array CastleVectors


TVector2Byte CastleVectors

Vector of 2 Byte values.

TVector2ByteArray CastleVectors


TVector2Cardinal CastleVectors

Vector of 2 Cardinal values.

TVector2CardinalArray CastleVectors


TVector2Double CastleVectors

Vector of 2 floating-point values (Double precision).

TVector2DoubleList CastleVectors

List of TVector2Double.

TVector2Integer CastleVectors

Vector of 2 Integer values.

TVector2IntegerArray CastleVectors


TVector2List CastleVectors

List of TVector2.

TVector2Single CastleVectors


TVector2SingleList CastleVectors


TVector2SmallInt CastleVectors

Vector of 2 SmallInt values.

TVector2SmallIntList CastleVectors

List of TVector2SmallInt.

TVector3 CastleVectors

Vector of 3 floating-point values (Single precision).

TVector3Array CastleVectors


TVector3Byte CastleVectors

Vector of 3 Byte values.

TVector3ByteArray CastleVectors


TVector3Cardinal CastleVectors

Vector of 3 Cardinal values.

TVector3CardinalArray CastleVectors


TVector3CardinalList CastleVectors

List of TVector2Cardinal.

TVector3Double CastleVectors

Vector of 3 floating-point values (Double precision).

TVector3DoubleList CastleVectors

List of TVector3Double.

TVector3Integer CastleVectors

Vector of 3 Integer values.

TVector3IntegerArray CastleVectors


TVector3List CastleVectors

List of TVector3.

TVector3Single CastleVectors


TVector3SingleList CastleVectors


TVector4 CastleVectors

Vector of 4 floating-point values (Single precision).

TVector4Array CastleVectors


TVector4Byte CastleVectors

Vector of 4 Byte values.

TVector4ByteArray CastleVectors


TVector4Cardinal CastleVectors

Vector of 4 Cardinal values.

TVector4CardinalArray CastleVectors


TVector4Double CastleVectors

Vector of 4 floating-point values (Double precision).

TVector4DoubleList CastleVectors

List of TVector4Double.

TVector4Integer CastleVectors

Vector of 4 Integer values.

TVector4IntegerArray CastleVectors


TVector4IntegerList CastleVectors

List of TVector4Integer.

TVector4List CastleVectors

List of TVector4.

TVector4Pointer CastleVectors

Vector of 4 Pointers.

TVector4Single CastleVectors


TVector4SingleList CastleVectors


TVectorInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of floats, for example to animate TElevationGridNode heights.

TVertexArrayObject CastleGLUtils

Vertex array object.

TVertexJoints X3DNodes


TVertexJointsList X3DNodes


TVerticalPosition CastleRectangles

Vertical position of one control/rectangle with respect to another.

TVideo CastleVideos


TVideosCache CastleVideos

A cache of loaded videos.

TViewDialog CastleDialogViews

Abstract class for a modal dialog user-interface view.

TViewDialogChoice CastleDialogViews

Ask user to choose from a number of options.

TViewDialogInput CastleDialogViews

Ask user to input a string, or cancel.

TViewDialogKey CastleDialogViews

Ask user a press any key, and return this key.

TViewDialogOK CastleDialogViews

Wait for simple confirmation ("OK") from user.

TViewDialogPressEvent CastleDialogViews

Ask user a press anything (key, mouse button, mouse wheel), for example to configure a keybinding for a game.

TViewDialogYesNo CastleDialogViews

Ask user a simple "yes" / "no" question.

TViewpointGroupNode X3DNodes

Group of viewpoints.

TViewpointMirrorNode X3DNodes

Viewpoint for making reflections on flat objects.

TViewpointNode X3DNodes

Viewpoint that provides a perspective view of the scene.

TViewpointStack CastleSceneCore


TViewVectors CastleVectors

Express a 3D transformation as position, direction and up 3D vectors.

TVisibilitySensorInstance CastleShapes


TVisibilitySensorNode X3DNodes

Detects visibility changes of a rectangular box as the user navigates the world.

TVisibleChange CastleTransform

Describe what visible thing changed for TCastleTransform.VisibleChangeHere.

TVisibleChangeEvent CastleTransform


TVisibleChanges CastleTransform


TVRML1State X3DNodes

Nodes that are saved during VRML/X3D traversing.

TVRML1StateNode X3DNodes

Node types used with TVRML1State.

TWalkCamera CastleCameras


TWarningEvent CastleApplicationProperties


TWarningEventList CastleApplicationProperties


TWaypoint CastleSectors


TWaypointList CastleSectors


TWindowContainer CastleWindow

Container suitable to be used in TCastleWindow.

TWindowList CastleWindow


TWindowMessageType CastleWindow

Type of message box, for TCastleWindow.MessageOK and TCastleWindow.MessageYesNo.

TWindowRecentFiles CastleWindowRecentFiles

Manage a list of recently opened files, and show a menu in TCastleWindow.

TWireframeEffect CastleRenderOptions

Values for TCastleRenderOptions.WireframeEffect.

TwoPlanesIntersectionLine CastleVectors

Intersection of two 3D planes.

TWordList CastleUtils

List of Word (16-bit unsigned) values.

TWorldInfoNode X3DNodes

Information about the world.

TWWWAnchorNode_1 X3DNodes


TWWWInlineNode_1 X3DNodes

VRML 1.0 WWWInline node.

TX3DAccessType X3DNodes


TX3DAccessTypes X3DNodes


TX3DBindableStack CastleSceneCore

Stack of bindable nodes (only the top, bound, node is used for rendering/navigation).

TX3DBindableStackBasic X3DNodes


TX3DCameraVersion X3DCameraUtils

Version of VRML/X3D camera definition.

TX3DChange X3DFields

Possible things that happen when given field is changed.

TX3DChanges X3DFields


TX3DEncoding X3DNodes


TX3DEvent X3DFields

X3D event.

TX3DEventList X3DFields


TX3DEventReceive X3DFields

Called when TX3DEvent is received, see TX3DEvent.AddNotification.

TX3DEventsEngine X3DNodes

Abstract class representing a scene that renders and processed events of the X3D nodes.

TX3DEventsEngineList X3DNodes


TX3DExport X3DNodes


TX3DExportList X3DNodes


TX3DExternalPrototype X3DNodes

X3D external prototype (referencing another file).

TX3DField X3DFields

Base class for all VRML/X3D fields.

TX3DFieldClass X3DFields


TX3DFieldList X3DFields


TX3DFieldOrEvent X3DFields

Base class for VRML/X3D field or event.

TX3DFieldOrEventList X3DFields


TX3DFieldsManager X3DFields

Stores information about available VRML/X3D field classes.

TX3DFileItem X3DFields

Base class for any item within X3D file: a node, a field, a route, a prototype etc.

TX3DFileItemList X3DFields


TX3DFontFamily X3DNodes

Font family that can be specified by a TFontStyleNode.

TX3DFontJustify X3DNodes

Font justification that can be specified by a TFontStyleNode.

TX3DFontStyle X3DNodes

Font style that can be specified by a TFontStyleNode.Style.

TX3DFontTexturesCache X3DNodes

Cache for font texture nodes (TPixelTextureNode that we need for each font).

TX3DGraphTraverseState X3DNodes

Current state (transformation and such) when traversing VRML/X3D graph.

TX3DGraphTraverseStateStack X3DNodes

Stack of TX3DGraphTraverseState.

TX3DImport X3DNodes

Copyright 2002-2023 Michalis Kamburelis.

TX3DImportableNames X3DNodes


TX3DInterfaceDeclaration X3DNodes

Interface declaration, used in VRML/X3D (exposed) prototypes and for nodes with dynamic fields (Script, ComposedShader).

TX3DInterfaceDeclarationList X3DNodes


TX3DMaterialInfoAbstract X3DNodes


TX3DMultField X3DFields

X3D field with a list of values.

TX3DNode X3DNodes

X3D node.

TX3DNodeClass X3DNodes


TX3DNodeClassesList X3DNodes

Copyright 2002-2018 Michalis Kamburelis.

TX3DNodeDeepCopyState X3DNodes

Private stuff for TX3DNode.DeepCopy and friends implementation.

TX3DNodeList X3DNodes


TX3DNodeNameRec X3DNodes


TX3DNodeNames X3DNodes

List to track node names while parsing VRML/X3D file.

TX3DNodeProc X3DNodes


TX3DNodesCache X3DNodes

Cache for X3D nodes.

TX3DNodeSearchProc X3DNodes


TX3DPrototype X3DNodes

X3D non-external prototype (describing how to expand the prototype into other nodes).

TX3DPrototypeBase X3DNodes

Common class to represent X3D external prototypes (referencing another file) or non-external prototypes (describing how to expand the prototype into other nodes).

TX3DPrototypeBaseList X3DNodes


TX3DPrototypeNames X3DNodes


TX3DPrototypeNode X3DNodes

Node with information about X3D prototype.

TX3DReader X3DFields

Reading of VRML/X3D from stream.

TX3DReaderNames X3DNodes

Container tracking VRML/X3D node and prototype names during parsing.

TX3DRootNode X3DNodes

A top-level VRML/X3D node.

TX3DRoute X3DNodes

Route makes a connection between two X3D events, making the destination event occur when the source event happened.

TX3DRouteList X3DNodes


TX3DSimpleMultField X3DFields

X3D field with a list of values.

TX3DSingleField X3DFields

Copyright 2002-2018 Michalis Kamburelis.

TX3DSingleFieldClass X3DFields


TX3DSingleFieldList X3DFields


TX3DTime X3DTime

Complete timestamp for X3D events.

TX3DTimeList X3DTime


TX3DUnknownNode X3DNodes

Not recognized VRML/X3D node type.

TX3DVersion X3DNodes


TX3DViewpointClassNode X3DNodes


TX3DWriter X3DFields

Writer of VRML/X3D to stream.

TXFAnyEvent X3DFields

Universal input event that can receive value of any type.

TXMLCDataIterator CastleXmlUtils

Iterate over all CDATA nodes of given XML element.

TXMLElementFilteringIterator CastleXmlUtils

Iterate over children elements of given XML element, that have matching TagName.

TXMLElementIterator CastleXmlUtils

Iterate over all children elements of given XML element.

UIFont CastleControls

The default font, used throughout the engine as a fallback.

UnicodeToUTF8 CastleUnicode

function UTF8CharacterToUnicode(const S: string): TUnicodeChar;

UnicodeToUTF8Inline CastleUnicode


UnitVector2Single CastleVectors


UnitVector3Single CastleVectors


UnitVector4Single CastleVectors


UnknownFaceIndex CastleTriangles


UnregisterUrlProtocol CastleDownload

Unregister protocol, reverting the RegisterUrlProtocol.

UriCaption CastleUriUtils

Convert URI to a nice form for a short caption.

UriCurrentPath CastleUriUtils

Current working directory of the application, expressed as URL, including always final slash at the end.

UriDeleteAnchor CastleUriUtils

Return URI with anchor (if was any) stripped.

UriDeleteProtocol CastleUriUtils

Remove the protocol part from URI.

UriDisplay CastleUriUtils

Convert URI to a nice form for display (to show in messages and such).

UriExcludeSlash CastleUriUtils

Ensure URL does not end with slash.

UriExists CastleUriUtils

Does a file or directory exist under this URL.

UriExtractAnchor CastleUriUtils

Extracts #anchor from URI.

UriFileExists CastleUriUtils

Does a file exist, that is: whether it makes sense to load it with the Download function.

UriGetAnchor CastleUriUtils

Like UriExtractAnchor, but URI remains unchanged.

UriGetSettingsFromAnchor CastleUriUtils

Calculate #anchor from an URI, and split it into a key-value map.

UriIncludeSlash CastleUriUtils

Ensure URL ends with slash.

UriMimeExtensions CastleUriUtils

Map from an extension to a MIME type, used by UriMimeType.

UriMimeType CastleUriUtils


UriMimeType CastleUriUtils

Get MIME type for content of the URI without downloading the file.

UriProtocol CastleUriUtils

Get protocol from given URI.

UriProtocolIs CastleUriUtils

Check does URI contain given Protocol.

UriToFilenameSafe CastleUriUtils

Convert URI (or filename) to a filename.

UriToFilenameSafeUTF8 CastleLCLUtils


UriValidProtocol CastleUriUtils

Is the S a valid protocol scheme.

UrlReadXML CastleXmlUtils


UrlReadXML CastleXmlUtils


UrlReadXML CastleXmlUtils


UrlReadXML CastleXmlUtils

Replacements for standard ReadXMLFile and WriteXMLFile that operate on URLs.

UrlSaveStream CastleDownload

Create a stream to save (write to) a given URL.

UrlWriteXML CastleXmlUtils


UrlWriteXML CastleXmlUtils


UseFMODSoundBackend CastleFMODSoundBackend

Use this to set sound engine backend to FMOD.

UseOpenALSoundBackend CastleOpenALSoundBackend

Use this to set sound engine backend to OpenAL.

UserConfig CastleConfig

User preferences.

UserConfigFile CastleFilesUtils

Filename to store user configuration.

UserConfigPath CastleFilesUtils

Path to store user configuration files.

UserInterfaceLoad CastleUIControls


UserInterfaceSave CastleUIControls

Save / load TCastleUserInterface (or descendant) to a .castle-user-interface file.

Utf16ToString CastleStringUtils

Convert UTF-16 (UnicodeString) to String.

UTF8CharacterLength CastleUnicode


UTF8CharacterToUnicode CastleUnicode

Return unicode character pointed by P.

UTF8CharStart CastleUnicode


UTF8Copy CastleUnicode


UTF8Length CastleUnicode


UTF8Length CastleUnicode


UTF8SEnding CastleUnicode


UTF8ToHtmlEntities CastleUnicode

Convert all special Unicode characters in the given UTF-8 string to HTML entities.

Vector2 CastleVectors

Construct an initialized TVector2 value.

Vector2 CastleVectors


Vector2 CastleVectors


Vector2 CastleVectors


Vector2Byte CastleVectors


Vector2Byte CastleVectors

Convert float vectors into byte vectors.

Vector2Cardinal CastleVectors


Vector2Double CastleVectors

Construct an initialized TVector2Double value.

Vector2FromStr CastleVectors

Convert string to vector.

Vector2Integer CastleVectors


Vector2Single CastleVectors

Construct an initialized TVector2 value.

Vector2Single CastleVectors


Vector2SingleCut CastleVectors


Vector2SingleFromStr CastleVectors


Vector2SmallInt CastleVectors


Vector3 CastleVectors


Vector3 CastleVectors


Vector3 CastleVectors


Vector3 CastleVectors

Construct an initialized TVector3 value.

Vector3Byte CastleVectors


Vector3Byte CastleVectors


Vector3Cardinal CastleVectors


Vector3Double CastleVectors

Construct an initialized TVector3Double value.

Vector3Double CastleVectors


Vector3FromStr CastleVectors


Vector3Integer CastleVectors


Vector3Single CastleVectors


Vector3Single CastleVectors

Construct an initialized TVector3 value.

Vector3Single CastleVectors


Vector3SingleCut CastleVectors


Vector3SingleFromStr CastleVectors


Vector3ToRGBE CastleImages

Encode RGB color as Red + Green + Blue + Exponent format.

Vector4 CastleVectors


Vector4 CastleVectors


Vector4 CastleVectors


Vector4 CastleVectors


Vector4 CastleVectors

Construct an initialized TVector4 value.

Vector4Byte CastleVectors


Vector4Byte CastleVectors


Vector4Cardinal CastleVectors


Vector4Double CastleVectors

Construct an initialized TVector4Double value.

Vector4Double CastleVectors


Vector4Double CastleVectors


Vector4FromStr CastleVectors


Vector4Integer CastleVectors


Vector4Single CastleVectors


Vector4Single CastleVectors

Construct an initialized TVector4 value.

Vector4Single CastleVectors


Vector4SingleFromStr CastleVectors


VectorAdd CastleVectors


VectorAdd CastleVectors


VectorAdd CastleVectors

Various compatibility functions (on vectors and matrices)

VectorAdjustToLength CastleVectors


VectorAdjustToLength CastleVectors


VectorAdjustToLength CastleVectors


VectorAverage CastleVectors


VectorDotProduct CastleVectors


VectorDotProduct CastleVectors


VectorDotProduct CastleVectors


VectorLen CastleVectors


VectorLen CastleVectors


VectorLen CastleVectors


VectorLenSqr CastleVectors


VectorLenSqr CastleVectors


VectorLenSqr CastleVectors


VectorMultiplyComponents CastleVectors


VectorMultiplyComponents CastleVectors


VectorMultiplyComponents CastleVectors


VectorMultTransposedSameVector CastleVectors

Multiply vector by a transposition of the same vector.

VectorProduct CastleVectors


VectorRGBETo3Single CastleImages

Decode Red + Green + Blue + Exponent back into RGB (3 floats).

VectorsEqual CastleVectors


VectorsEqual CastleVectors


VectorsEqual CastleVectors


VectorsEqual CastleVectors


VectorsEqual CastleVectors


VectorsEqual CastleVectors


VectorsParallel CastleVectors

Are the two vectors parallel (one is a scaled version of another).

VectorsPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


VectorsPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


VectorsPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


VectorsPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


VectorsPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


VectorsPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


VectorsPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


VectorsPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


VectorsPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


VectorsPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


VectorsPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


VectorsPerfectlyEqual CastleVectors


VectorsPerp CastleVectors


VectorsSamePlaneDirections CastleVectors


VectorsSamePlaneDirections CastleVectors

Check if both directions indicate the same side of given 3D plane.

VectorSubtract CastleVectors


VectorSubtract CastleVectors


VectorSubtract CastleVectors


VectorToNiceStr CastleVectors


VectorToNiceStr CastleVectors


VectorToNiceStr CastleVectors


VectorToNiceStr CastleVectors


VectorToNiceStr CastleVectors


VectorToNiceStr CastleVectors


VectorToNiceStr CastleVectors


VectorToNiceStr CastleVectors


VectorToNiceStr CastleVectors


VectorToNiceStr CastleVectors


VectorToNiceStr CastleVectors


VectorToNiceStr CastleVectors


VectorToRawStr CastleVectors


VectorToRawStr CastleVectors


VectorToRawStr CastleVectors


VendorTypeToStr CastleGLVersion


VersionOptionHelp CastleParameters







Constants for TShapeHintsNode_1.FdVertexOrdering.Value.

Vibrate CastleOpenDocument

Vibrate the device.

vpBottom CastleUIControls


vpMiddle CastleUIControls


vpTop CastleUIControls


VRML1StateClasses X3DNodes

Classes corresponding to nodes on TVRML1State.

VRML1Version X3DNodes


VRML2Version X3DNodes


WarnAboutAbsoluteFilenames X3DNodes

Should we emit a warning when loading data from an URI with an absolute filename, like file:///c:/blah/myimage.png.

WarningWrite CastleUtils


WarningWrite CastleUtils


weNormal CastleScene


weSilhouette CastleScene


weSolidWireframe CastleScene


weWireframeOnly CastleScene


White CastleColors


White3Single CastleColors

Deprecated, use WhiteRGB.

WhiteRGB CastleColors


WhiteSpaces CastleStringUtils


WindowDefaultSize CastleWindow


WindowPositionCenter CastleWindow


WritelnLog CastleLog

Log message.

WritelnLog CastleLog


WritelnLog CastleLog


WritelnLog CastleLog

Format and log a message.

WritelnLogMultiline CastleLog

Log multiline message.

WritelnStr CastleClassUtils


WritelnStr CastleClassUtils


WritelnWarning CastleLog

A shortcut for WritelnWarning(Category, FormatDot(MessageBase, Args)).

WritelnWarning CastleLog


WritelnWarning CastleLog


WritelnWarning CastleLog

Log a warning, and call ApplicationProperties.OnWarning event.

WriteLog CastleLog

Log message, without appending newline at the end (given Message should already contain a final newline).

WriteLogMultiline CastleLog


WriteStr CastleClassUtils


WriteStr CastleClassUtils

Write string contents, encoded as 8-bit (UTF-8), to stream.

X3DCache X3DNodes

Cache, for all the resources not tied with renderer context.

X3DChangesToStr X3DFields


X3DChangeToStr X3DFields


X3DFieldsManager X3DFields


X3DNodeList_FreeUnusedAndNil X3DNodes

Free all unused X3D nodes on the list, then free and Nil the list itself.

X3DVersion X3DNodes

Latest X3D version supported.

xeClassic X3DNodes


xeXML X3DNodes


Yellow CastleColors


YellowRGB CastleColors


Zero CastleVectors


ZeroMatrix2Double CastleVectors


ZeroMatrix2Single CastleVectors


ZeroMatrix3Double CastleVectors


ZeroMatrix3Single CastleVectors


ZeroMatrix4Double CastleVectors


ZeroMatrix4Single CastleVectors


ZeroVector CastleVectors


ZeroVector CastleVectors


ZeroVector CastleVectors


ZeroVector CastleVectors


ZeroVector CastleVectors


ZeroVector CastleVectors


ZeroVector CastleVectors


ZeroVector CastleVectors


ZeroVector CastleVectors


ZeroVector CastleVectors


ZeroVector CastleVectors


ZeroVector CastleVectors


ZeroVector2Byte CastleVectors


ZeroVector2Cardinal CastleVectors


ZeroVector2Double CastleVectors


ZeroVector2Integer CastleVectors


ZeroVector2Single CastleVectors

Vector with all components zero.

ZeroVector3Byte CastleVectors


ZeroVector3Cardinal CastleVectors


ZeroVector3Double CastleVectors


ZeroVector3Integer CastleVectors


ZeroVector3Single CastleVectors


ZeroVector4Byte CastleVectors


ZeroVector4Cardinal CastleVectors


ZeroVector4Double CastleVectors


ZeroVector4Integer CastleVectors


ZeroVector4Single CastleVectors


ZFarInfinity CastleProjection

Special value that you can pass to various perspective-projection functions with the intention to set far plane at infinity.

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